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the DAO has voted to apply to CMC asap - pump incoming?

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flock DAO functioning well now, CMC listing

beta marketplace fully functional

fly north for summer

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Im honking. Cant wait for the application to happen. These geese are coming home to roost

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Based fine art

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nice volume bro. cmc will surely list a shitcoin with 17 transactions in 7 days. you’re gonna need to try harder if you want some exit liq

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what about a shitcoin with extremely autistic and loyal holders that has lasted over 6 months,and of which no whale dumped during the last market crash?

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What’s everyone’s plan for taking profits and shit? Mcap predictions? 50m mcap highest?

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I've held since the beginning..50m is where I'll start taking profits, slowly of course..you dont wanna kill the goose that lays them golden eggs

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This >>50437283
also honk

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Checked, what the end game mcap you think we hit? Realistically I think 500m but I hear everyone spout 1b - 10b

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Not selling till billions all the homies gettin honknancial goosedom

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500m sounds about right imo

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I’m honking bros

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This is the one anon.

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Based honk bros WAGMI

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So how much to put in now for fuck you money at 500mcap

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depends on your risk tolerance, personally I'm scrotum deep in this shit

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Here ya go

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real question is, do you guys think we'll pump after cmc?

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>of which no whale dumped during the last market crash?
There was nothing left to crash.
I dumped during the last rally before it died completely. Good times.
You will never get listed on CMC btw

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>tried to kill GOHO

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shut up fag, you've never held goho, and more importantly, you'll never be a woman

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And your shitcoin rugged

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Kek, gohomos stinking this board up with curry and shit.

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Is this the copium thread? Don't mind if I take a deep breath

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based honkbros bringing back the goose run

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Do you pathetic pajeet mouthbreathers never even feel an ounce of embarrassment when you spam this board pretending to be strangers talking to each other, desperately trying to trick clueless newfags into giving you exit liquidity?
If you aren't a paid pajeet and you have unironically fallen for this shilling then you deserve the inevitable loss

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I bought a few Ts. If you can't afford to lose a few Ks here and there on shitcoin gambling, you are not going to make it anyway. I love geese so much bros.

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Whales don’t need exit liquidity you can’t check their non sells on the last 10x pump. If you really have an issue you should updogg

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>Checked, what the end game mcap you think we hit? Realistically I think 500m but I hear everyone spout 1b - 10b
look at these fucking niggers dreaming of 1b jfc you really are shameless. not only your threads bring in exactly 0 buys but in the last 7.5 hours your tg had only 1 post made by your nigger dev which is, yep, you guessed it, a fucking sticker. but yea sure, cmc will definitely list you bro, 1b is coming, just keep holding.

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Mmmmm keep seething

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A fucking DAO lmao. Somebody should do a case study on crypto bagholder psychology because it's amazing to see these exact same patterns repeat no matter the coin.

Can't wait till this dead cat bounce drops and crypto enters its true winter.

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As long as the DAO has use and funds it makes sense. Also, get back to my latte

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>84 bucks in bnb

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Latte, NOW

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Curry latte is a thing? :)

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It took barista level intelligence to come up with that one anon

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Eat shit, Rajeesh

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Cope seethe and write customers names on little cups after you ring them up

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No reason to get angry or defensive, nobody forced you to hold a low cap dead meme token down into a bear market lmao. Enjoy your latte, sir.

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how heavy are those bags mr. Brandon Lopez ?

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Theres actually loke 5k bucks in a gnosis safe, the link will be uploaded to the website soon

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Wen caramel macchiato
I googled Brandon Lopez and he’s a singer I think. Idk what to do with this

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yeah sure brandon. anyway, how’s the weather in san diego ?

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Kek are you insinuating there’s a famous musician named Brandon that’s a GOHO holder? Would fit the GOHO track record of celebs loving the honk. LGB

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the shitcoin that lived

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It is remarkable that it's still here. But, it doesn't seem to have a lot of life

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Marketplace isn’t even out yet there’s plenty of life in it

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Goho to the fucking moon bros. 1B EOY. Haters keep roping.

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How many new hodlers have you gotten since this thread went up?

That's what I thought. Goose is down and out.

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Very bearish if biz threads are your coins life blood. These threads are for honking, unlike other coins the GOHO team has easy tactics for getting big engagement outside of biz. Especially in bulls. There’s an actual focus on the marketplace btw, it’s like the team actually cares about its community and token instead of pumping and dumping on them

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> the GOHO team has easy tactics for getting big engagement outside of biz
Where's your volume then, ranjeesh? You've lost 13 holders since you crossed 1000 a few weeks ago.

I hold about 400B of this shit by the way

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dont mind me, just gonna leave a picrel here. give up brandon

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forgot picrel

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>desperately holds onto a screenshot from months ago of GOHO
>samefags from multiple IPs
>afraid the coin he married will never forgive him for holding GOHO instead
>has to 4D fud shill GOHO because the holders of the coin he married know his writing style
It’s okay anon. Goose accepts you and appreciates your 4D fud

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this shitcoin just might be what dogecoin was before it become dogecoin na mean ?
on the contrary how many holders have left since this thread went up, none,
geese are here for the long run, still time to throw in a few bucks and enjoy the ride
>I hold about 400B of this shit by the way
ha, t. schizo geese

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can someone tell me srsly what you ACTAULLY think the market cap price will go to within the next year/ or next bullrun whenever the fuck it resumes? I'm at a loss, i want a reaslitic sense of what the flock is thinking bc you (we) preach 1b or 11b mcap but we know youll cash out at 10m mcap. so what is fucking realistic and whats not


he means how much $ to put in now so when it goes to X mcap it will result in his money increasing. so whats the play to put in rn?

>jeet posting
>prob a jeet

cap prediction brazzah?

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I got my 1T eggbasket and holding on to my eggs.

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Nobody on the team is poor. In fact they all bought in, nobody was gifted tokens etc. This can go very high the team doesn’t care about village feeding money. Pretty sure there’s also a rich rich whale

>> No.50449462

>he means how much $ to put in now so when it goes to X mcap it will result in his money increasing. so whats the play to put in rn?

at current mcap 400 bucks for 1mil at 500mcap, 2k for 5mil, 4k for 10mil

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How doable are those mcaps tho

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i actually still have small bag of goho retard. anyway this is my last bump in this shitty thread. but before i go let’s hear some more about brandon shall we ? brandon m. lopez, 31y old from san diego california. claims he’s married which is quite funny because i shit you not, he’s a bit of a faggot, he used to post in the gay kik threads on /soc/ (you know that shit stays in the archive, right?). does your wife knows you like cock brandon ? anyway, im out. have fun bagholding faggot

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lmao who the fuck is brandon lopez dude, your wife's bpc (big puerto rican cock) boyfriend?

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Cope seethe and dilate no honkers

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Bahahahaha wat

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tfw half of biz don't even realize we're just here to meme and shitpost
you fudders take it all too seriously, go outside kek

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no clue to be candid with you, all depends on how the devs are taking up to the tasks and how much diamond handed the community is and their trust in devs

devs been pretty active since november and have continued working on the said utilities the latest one being the nft marketplace and the community seems to be holding the floor decently enough, plus its about 9 months old now and no shitcoin with this low of a mcap would survive this long if the team wasnt serious about it imo

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I fucking hate crypro.

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Yeah they’re getting shit done for the marketplace ie users. Also that cmc application is happening soon since the vote went through

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My take on GOHO is that it won't be the next DOGE or SHIB but it could easily do a 100x while still being a shitcoin

>> No.50451341

What will be the doge or shit

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Picrel is the real next doge

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Based as fuck

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g00h00 5 ever.

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Agreed. My fear is the project will have been around so long that the dumbfuck jeets who invest in shit coins won't have any interest in it because it isn't (((new)))

>> No.50453194

There’s pro marketers on the team + the longevity is a sign of strength. You wanna yolo at the first signs of a bull at a low cap then you already know you can do it with GOHO and not get rugged

>> No.50453916

WSB reddit-speak will get Honkers nowhere.

>> No.50454690

what pro marketers? kek how do u know we have 'pro marketers'

>> No.50454843

Plebbit* and go back there

>> No.50454962

Play in traffic you mong

>> No.50454964

You fags are still holding this garbage? Hahaahahahahaahabahahahahabababaababababahaahahaaaaaaahhahahahaha

>> No.50454986

Where does 1T get u at 500mil lion mcap?

>> No.50455003

Based faggot

>> No.50455076

one of the guys in the team does marketing stuff for a living

>> No.50455125

Would be like 4-5 million but the high burn rate and reflections would net you higher

>> No.50455180

Bro i love you but every general you keep asking the same questions. Get a calculator please.
1T at 500M makes you FUCKING RICH
That is all.

>> No.50455200

Kek this is peak
Once we've made it we need to finance the making of a goose game. Something zelda-esque might be cool, tho an online multiplayer nft-centered may be better for making bucks

>> No.50455347

What’s cool is the treasury should scale up when GOHO does as FLOCK / GHE demand increases so you could fund larger stuff like that after voting on it

>> No.50456743

totally..things are slow now, but once they start picking up its gonna be insane

>> No.50457549

Everything is slow in crypto currently. The market will pick back up and the goose will be ready with a loyal following

>> No.50457552

Insane how

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how the hell is this shitcoin still alive? still have my 83b stack.

>> No.50457683

>how the hell is this shitcoin still alive?
it’s not

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A hundred bumps and this is the volume

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Must be frustrating that no one on biz is falling for your pump and dump for a third time

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the goose that can't be noosed

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>nigga actually stopped posting after this
holy shit its true i guess it takes some special kind of retard to get doxxd on an anonymous board

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seems like the biz that holds is already in and as usual the biz that swing trades is waiting for rise in prices before they buy in, these are your average pump and dumpers so to speak

>> No.50460434

Being a DAO member of a community comes with a lot of edge, one of the reasons I staked my RAIL tokens so I could also have voting rights that will shape the way forward for the project, this will reduce the sell pressure as well because more than 50% of the circulating supply is staked. It is not all about APYs for me all of the time.

>> No.50460680

its been done way more than 3 times. these niggers make 100s of thousands off this shit

>> No.50460998

kek gobaggies

>> No.50461474

absolutely bullish and how much goho do you have anon ?

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BGC energy

>> No.50462514

kek nohonker

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you guys know that if you got eggs, then you nee to sit on top of them, keep them warm for them to hatch?
It just takes time, care and patience.

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Honking futs!!

>> No.50466027

This shitcoin thread is still up? Man /biz/ is slow.

>> No.50466689

Hell yeah it’s up

>> No.50467303

And this thread just got its first buy order. Kek. Only took 48 hours

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congrats gentlegeese

>> No.50468655

They can take it or leave it, there’s what? Like 400k active users on /biz/? Comprised of and counting bots, jeets, scammers? So 300k actual users, think of biz as a small little in the know group, if ppl wanna sit and play penis and let this pass up that’s okay but once normies get a new flavor of the week it’s game time

>> No.50468665

Checked, I got a fat BGC ready to geese some fertile goose

>> No.50468686

Also to add, the BGC knows. But really hop on or hop off cuz we know we iz gin b kangz

>> No.50468728

I've already got Goose dick in my ass. 600 bucks worth. That's enough if this is the next SHIB.

>> No.50468759

I’m honkingly honkish

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wen marketplace?

>> No.50471443

2 weeks

>> No.50472196

Love how the rest of the market dumps but we lose nothing. Nice holding a coin in suspended animation, ain't it?

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>> No.50474823

Amazed we haven't had any Dog with Bat fags in here