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This is from tge innotrive win from 2017
Have anything newer?

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2017 eh? Why make this thread, comrade?

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doing my own researches , the pain you guys must have felt for knowing this since 2017 holy fuck, im here to ask one simple question , WHEN?!

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2 more weeks

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>doing my own researches
good job anon. welcome to the mental asylum

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literal nothingburger

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Some SIBOS 2022 talks I'll be paying attention to:
>Flipping the digital coin: CBDCs, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies
>Is T+1 the goal or a step to instant securities settlement?
>Connecting digital islands: Joining up digital currencies and payment systems
>Bridging digital platforms: Is interoperability a pipedream or possibility?
>A tokenised future: What does it mean for financial services and its customers?
>Should global trade finance go decentralised?
>Servicing digital assets: Who will win the battle?

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Chainlink is all about fake partnerships. Theyve had fake partnerships with swift, Google, oracle, docusign and countless more. Nothing has ever come of it.

The project is literally a scam. They pay low level employees to release some press about a partnership, then nothing happens

Only the lowest IQ cultists haven't realized this yet

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would be cool if more detail started to come out this year

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fuck off linktard

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this fud thread hurts more than any of the usual ones (token not needed, down 90% vs eth)

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From the Chainlink side:
This year
>Enterprise frontend
This year
v0.1 this year. So probably a realistic 2-3 year turnaround to "full staking" which is obviously a core requirement for the game theoretical elements underlying a mature tech stack.
"under development" so hard to say, but say a year or two.
So just from Chainlink's end I would say about 2025 for it all to come together in a meaningful way.

From the wider ecosystem end, we're kind of looking at the birth of a totally new narrative around settlement, which will take a long time to play out. Modular L1s like Celestia and Ethereum, fully functioning L2s like a mature, fully tooled Arbitrum, mature zk rollups, all intercommunicating securely with CCIP.
This is hard to pick as a lot of these things are only just being proposed, but I would say 2-5 years for the settlement side to be "ready" for mass enterprise use.
That's not to say nothing will happen in the meantime, and we may see consortium chains like Hyperledger running institutional loads much sooner than that. But the big world changing global public stack you would have to say 2025 at the earliest, late 2020s at the latest.
Not fudding, I plan on holding LINK and many other assets through that entire period and beyond. Just pointing out how early we are.

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wise post

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Checking those 8's

>Modular L1s like Celestia
no token for Celestia, similar to Arbitrum (no token)? i see they are using cosmos and eth to start

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Celestia will be releasing a token but none is available yet. Arbitrum are still tight-lipped about a token but the general vibe behind The Odyssey is that it will be for airdrop eligibility.

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>Is T+1 the goal or a step to instant securities settlement?
Judging by DTCC’s Project Columbia or whatever, I think I can guess what’s already been decided

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>Bridging digital platforms: Is interoperability a pipedream or possibility?
Also do you have a link to where this will be watchable?

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Thanks Rory, now gimme a fuckin job >:(

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>we may see consortium chains like Hyperledger running institutional loads much sooner than that.

The absolute seethe coming from XRP right now must be exquisite if this is true Lmao

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Xrp holders don't understand tech.

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