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>newfags are unironically falling for link fud in 2022

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token not sneeded

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may god have mercy on their souls

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after 5 years, oldfags still have to fud because many oldfag stacks can be bought by new market entrants

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this. i'm oldfag now. feels based

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what fud there are alternative oracles its just competition will drive the price down thats basic economics

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>he fell for the link has competition fud

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There are unironically people ITT right now who bought LINK sub $1, watched it pump all the way to $50, didn’t sell a single one then rode it all the way back down

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yeah, we've come full circle and now have newfags unironically falling for some pretty basic FUD. pretty weird, desu

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They know they won't convince oldfags so they focus on the newfags.

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Based is not a feeling newfag

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LMAO you won't get me buying this shitcoin that easily, Chainlink is fundamentally flawed because there is a maximum amount of tokens.

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That's why I'm all in on Shiba Inu

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I have been dollar cost averaging into Ripple. Ripple is the new digital gold.

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Everyone needs to learn the hard way

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this is me and I wouldn't have it any other way, I like to roleplay like I'm from the great depression era so current price action really gets me into the role "anyone spare a quarter fo' som' bread?"

not to mention that the great depression created the greatest generation due to character building from overcoming adversity so linkies will literally lead the next generation of greatness WAGTMI

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linkfags are the simps/paypigs of crypto

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It's hard to blame them, the fud has been pretty aggressive recently. The shit price action has demoralized most OGs to the point they won't spoonfeed any more.

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checked and unironically true. ETH fags made it too fast and it turned them into retarded faggots. LINKies have been through the trenches and will be chad lords when they all hit 9 figures.

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How many link for 9+ figures by 2027

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A make it stack is still 60 when it used to be 2k

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its been 5 years, let go of the LINK religion anon

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Except the oldfags are shilling it and trying to get newfags to buy their bags of a dead shitcoin