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Which crypto has the best tokenomics? No meme answers please (or put a real answer with your meme answer).

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whats wrong with that doggy!

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Crazy fucking angle for a minute I was creeped the fuck out but that's cause it's dark in my room

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black thing on right is nose. ears are on bottom

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I had to rotate my screen to see it. fuck.

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No pre mine
21 million supply
POW with 4 year halvings

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This picture fucked my head up no joke

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I thought this was shopped and making fun of that other one but I finally see it now.

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None, better invest in NFTs instead

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lol wtf its a perfectly normal dog

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Now that I see normal dog, I can't see disfigured demon doggo anymore. I want him back. :(

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Here ya go

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This. Accept no substitutions.

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hypermine.club check their litepaper and tell me the tokenomics are not genius

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ICX, FWT, ZIL are my personal choice. You OP should DYOR and don't rely people's random coins. Learn how to walj by yourself.

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ICX, FWT, ZIL are my personal choice. You OP should DYOR and don't rely people's random coins. Learn how to walk by yourself.

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truely based.

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meme: LINK and ETH
real: LINK and ETH

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haha thx, fuck

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link, once staking and ccip gets rolling

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I think the anon makes sense and investing without any research is like you're in a suicidal states.

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Anon doesn't understand the point of researching the coins before investing it. I wont let fucking myself at the end of the day. Fwt is making sense as it has a working product.

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Ccip ????

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I think RAIL has good tokenomics as there would zero inflation for the next 10 years.

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jesus we really are early

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On L1 Etheruem
Has a lifetime supply of 100m tokens
Has a huge percentage of its circulating supply staked by the community showing long term stability.

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More blue and green = better tokenomics

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cursed all of you

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I'll say AxlToken has a good tokenomics as it has burnt 50% of the total supply and planning a buyback soon.

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You're right anon. Nfts have become a thing of interest by big brands and would aid mass adoption. Even athletes are getting involved with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo having their own NFTs.

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QANX has a solid tokenomics
3,3 Billion Max supply
PoR- Mining allowed on mobile phone

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PoR is better than PoW and PoS combined when looking at it, PoW is fucked up with High energy consumption and PoS validation favors highest stake holders
>Proof of randomness- Validators are selected randomly

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This angle is creeping me out anon.

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NFTs are taking over the crypto space and getting more use cases. I can see a practical example in the lion club NFTs on Sportsmetaverse which gives holders exclusive access to real world sports events.

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Holy shit that was strange

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Ok this actually seems like it could blow up.

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BTC until ETH merge

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>NFTs are taking over the crypto space
yes fag, even with so many protocols implementing seamless cross chain transfer, minting and trading of NFTs

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same with ORE, with massive adoption of their ID product, for each account created, 10token is staked, regulating the supply

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That means you have autism

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ZIL, ORE, HOT, all have got good tokenomics