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>What is Everest?

>What does it do?
uses your biometrics as a wallet

It also sends remittances cheaper than MoneyGram and Western Union

>How do I send money to my Tio Pablo?

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bob burning down moneygram

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what do you get for referrals?

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percentage of fees when shits live

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Why no project, no entity no corporation shows interest in everest?
I really want to get in but fuck every single "partnership" is a nothingburger, nothing gets really materialized.
It's like they are trying but not achieving anything, at least that's what I'm seeing.

I mean, the project and everything is great but there were dozens of great projects which were absolutely demolished just because adoption wasn't there for them.

The most important --real-- thing was a multi interview from one guy of chainlink to 3 or 4 devs and which bob happened to be one of those.


tldr I reaaaally want to believe buuuut

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Noone fucking cares.

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same here

I am waiting to see any signs of big player accumulation, 24 trading volume is still absolutely laughable somewhere in the 30-60K range there really is no interest for it yet from any large entity, at least for the Everest token

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I guess anyone not retarded enough who bought id cares.

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your opinion about my message and I'm giving you

Yeah, thats one more point: 0 market interest, I remember chainlink going nuts in the middle of the 2018 bear market or at least resisting the hell out of it.
It's not happening with id at all, not even in a smaller degree or something

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Well, you're right on the nothing burger end
However, I heard these guys are talking with XRP and expanding past Mexico

look, if you don't wanna win, fine, but in a year, you'll regret it

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Someone give me a rundonw on why I should go all in on Everest.

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They're registered as a bank in Malta and send remittances cheaper than moneygram or western union.

It's like XRP, but instead of sending between banks, they can do any individual in the world

Not only that, but they're MICA compliant, meaning when crypto gets regulated, Everest is totally fine and everyone else is fucked

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I guess nobody got really an answer.
Blind faith not my thing.

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sauce of the image you tard.

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>spoonfeed me

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Is this bullish for Everest?

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mate the deal is you tell me your opinion about >>50377358
and I picsauce you

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No coin is going nuts rn... macro is shitty

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Thing is everest could get never used even if all of this stuff really happens. No one mentions everest ffs not even fud

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I cant believe you're blackmailing my cock

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I wonder what are the odds of it happening with everest

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You dont know shit yet, I would sauce you literally her instagram
the pic isn't from her insta tho

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I mean I would say at least 30%, they got the product, the legal side and looks like the best bet for DID's out there.

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Both of you should kys and get out of this thread.

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Reject masturbation
Embrace Enjoying It

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New video covering the remittance flows:

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This is the most interesting real world usecase for smart contracts that currently exists. It's a bit sad.

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Quite frankly Smart Contracts suck if sybil resistance isnt solved properly. Everest is covering the huge stepping stones needed to get there.

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the best memes

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wow no one fucking cares about your blog fuck off

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did you see the video about DAO creation for legal entities?

coming to a neighborhood Homeowner's Association near you soon


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Yes watch this https://youtu.be/ySufQMVOKh4

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doesn't matter, people using remmittances burns ID so gitgud and fuck off

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they're doing an Everest AMA on discord
ask Bob yourself

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wtf this is actually scary.. hows this so under the radar?

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How much ID for her bros?

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lazy OP is laaaazy
>its like XRP
Bob confirmed xrp to and from mexico like an hour ago

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xrp is garbage its amazing its still holding up.

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catch up slowmo

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Bingo these evertards,lol, pretty good one , just don't get it. Go outside and touch grass guys you are loving in the clouds of your mom's basements

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They pay 32% on staking if you use a link from an existing user:



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Get your referral code out of this thread.

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Fuck off referral nigger. Saved if I ever see it posted I'm telling you. U and your mom? Over she's my mom now and I will fuck your father

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Fuck you use mine
I literally deserve it

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cope, seethe, then suck

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The absolute state of /biz/ now trying to gain pesos on poor taco paisa families in the US.

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Exploiting the great replacement instead of letting that money go to the banks is based actually

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imagine not owning 1 billion ID

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I only have 1 million, I am a stacklet.

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I only have 150k I'm ngmi

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Everest is a payment service like coti, cryptoxpress and fuse?

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Everest does much more than that, it's going to be a front end for users and institutions to access blockchain services but remain compliant. Think of it like a digital bank that's also providing projects with a DID solution that's sybil resistant.

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Never buying globohomo coin. Enjoy feeling like a loser when you realize they lost and you sold something that no amount of money was worth and still ended up a poorfag. feelsbadman

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>he doesn't know about the goat

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Bro your line-fu is weak.

If you didn't gno, this is ghastly

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None, everyone else in the space is doing DID based on legacy documents instead of unique biometrics.

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Many are doing pieces of what Everest is doing, none doing a full comprehensive stack, which is required to build a foundational Identity for blockchain and bridge the chasm with TradFi

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I don't even know it

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I think CryptoXpress also offers more than the payment service as they're bridging the real world and the crypto world for users to access the available service like trading, nft marketplace etc.

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You should have checked the web3 payments before saying something so you guys can relate it. A one stop service would be a better a solution for everyone who doesn't want to waste their time.
Why stacklet ? Lol

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bring fiat directly on-chain from your bank without using a CEX.

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You're one of the few who see it.

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I just do it for the memes

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>Well’s Fargo

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>he doesn't know about the superior Well's

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for you

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Yes and many more:

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>well's own ORIGINAL fargo