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we are either witnessing the creation of the stupidest or most enormous currency, with a disgustingly giant and schizophrenic community

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Not my problem.

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Things will get worse and this trash will go the wayside

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Kek this guy is gonna feel really fucking stupid when the jeets rug this in about 2 hours

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Eh, nothing about it screams crypto. He can just claim it's a reference to the classic north korean cartoon "squirrel and hedgehog" if anyone asks.

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Speaking strictly from a business and finance perspective, how do i profit from this?

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the second one, definitely, i could see all of the baggies rich q4 2022, dead by Q1 2023, possibly from crack overdose or killed by the cops from embezzlement most likely

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i mean, it do be aesthetic

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>the coin has been pumping for the past week
uh anon?

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>artificial dev pump
uh jeet?

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>be me
>hold 3k changpump (7/07)
>a week passes
>everyone tells me it will be rugged
>meanwhile i've experienced a 1130% on my savings
Why do i keep winning bros, is this not unfair for the rest of you?

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who the fuck cares then, this is why swingies make far more money than the rest of you, they know when to enter and when to profit

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uh yeah sure good argument but, how about, shut the fuck up and make money, how about that?

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and? wasn't the point to make money? lmao

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the rest of the projects, even the big ones, do the same

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dubs and I get this tattoo

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looks like your regular 2021 dogcoin, kys

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Sell signal

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i bet you're too much of a pussy to do it

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You think so? i just went all in, knowing that we just did a minor correction and it seems stable enough to go up again

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coin is up 300x in a week, you're gonna get rekt

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not if i can become a millionaire first lmao

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i have 100 million
will i make it bros?

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The first one

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rerolling for you

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as an XRP holder nothing makes me seethe harder than the fact that DOGE and SHIB holders have gotten rich while i've been living off rice and beans

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What are the business implications of glow in the dark mods forcing me to get a lewd wownerochan tattoo

I'll do it if it hits $4.20 :3

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It has dogbat vibes I put 100 in now have 600 i don't think the pump has even begun we're not even on cmc or gecko yet, buy in biz niggers.

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Looks infected.

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