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trying to make it with crypto


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Lmao at society

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Isn’t the bottom of society 90% niggers?

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they actually think they will get rich from buying random numbers on a glorified spreadsheet
might as well just buy lottery tickets

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I know, first they go on about how we must bring traditional masculinity and male roles back, then they put their money on digital coins called dogelonshitpisscunt and hope to get rich. Full blown schitzophrenia and denial.

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if instead of posting this retarded stuff you did your research, you wouldn't be poorfags and wagies. bue hey. who am I to judge low IQ people

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go eat some bugs man

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LOL try turning it off.

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I pity my friends who cling to their $1-2k poorfolio spread across like btc eth and a basket of top 20 alts. They watch it like a hawk and freak out at the meager unrealized losses. Literally could make that stack or more with 10 bucks on a dog shit coin last year.

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Kek what research? Nothing has pumped in crypto for over a year now.

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lottery tickets have worse odds

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nice demoralization threads.

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>Delicious looking cheddar jalapeno cheesy poofs
>Brand name = actually foods
>Ingredient list = crickets, cricket flour (who knew there was such a thing)
What's next, the yeast is actually vaginal yeast?

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>for over a year now

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why are you seething?
what made you create this thread?
did you feel better after typing it?
everything going well?
i'm a bear but feel no hate towards others