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Previously Nuked by Jannies Edition

>What is $ID?

If you don’t know now, you don’t deserve to know.

> what does it do?

It’s a way to earn fat returns investing in authoritarian trends.

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I been hearing more about this coin with all these threads. Is it really that good? pls provide reasons for yes or no
ty frens

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>Marketing Major
Why don't you buy bobs drop shipping course while you're at it kek. He's not even good at marketing, the only reason I even know about Evershit is because I like Mexican food.

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The Everest threads are like the only decent threads on biz right now. Besides maybe monero general and the boomer rock generals.

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1 link = 1 id

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They are registered as a bank. I am a double snow leopard inner circle 200k+ chad but I do not know a great deal about the technology.

They are positioned to be globally useful if and when Soros makes us eat the bugs

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oh and also EverWallet is the securest place to store my Linkies and HEX, and it fully and immediately replaces Uniswap and any other coin changer.

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post pictures of jace

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TradFi Banks <-> Crosschain Dapps/DeFi payments are being teased. Could be sooner than we'd think, the background APIs are already built and live.

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Well it's been 2 years and nothing has been done so I think we all deserve to know it's a scam, nigger

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I must get this hat

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Have a rare one fren

Fuck off retard

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Do this like op pic thanks

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on it

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What's up Everknights?

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here's a simple overlay. I'll get a better/different version soon with customized detail

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can someone put the Bob Wojak laughing at bunch of moneygram and WU cucks?

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It shall be done.

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Jace Sparks
the ultimate degen

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Paid ebook leak

Thanks for purchasing my ebook, if you leak it or resell you will be reported and your data will be made public on the forum

In this method we will be using a RuneScape private server that pays money for voting on it on toplists

Go tohttps://mega.nz/file/gd8DmJ6R#UAx0Swi713V0PS5azKcWGPAK8QNTAeN5RCqRRuedOew on your PC
Unzip the file
Install java if you already don't have it installed on your PC
Run the client.jar file
Wait for the RuneScape private server load
Create an account (no email needed)
Click on the vote button on the right hand bottom corner
It will open a list of 10 sites to vote for the Private server
Each vote gives you $5, after voting 10 times you will have $50 that you can cash out to BTC, PayPal or your Payeer account.
Repeat this process every 12 hours
An easy $100 per day

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ahhh yes, download this zip, unzip it and install the file in it to make infinite free money yes

what could possibly go wrong

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Wtf when I clicked this link my everwallet scanned my face, unstaked my tokens and drained the wallet.

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Great start

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god damned this OP is so fucking based i just had to bump

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Dump alpha not memes REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Everest's utilities will be marketed to Oracle: Financial Services' customers, for global KYC + access to crypto services.

Oracle FS: Customers =/= every bank that matters, and those banks can then onboard their customers which is every pleb in the first world.

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Heard about some of your exploits. Glad to find another CotSG fan

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Schloppy needs to stay out of ID, he already made bad calls with RSR

Fuck off don't wreck this token

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Fuck off retard!!!!!!! Ok how's your investment going? 80% down? 90%? Retard bet you have less than 300k too faggot nigger fuck

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Kys yourself

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become an hero faggot

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he also games with chainlink team

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The Everknights meme is a bit of a CERN fuck up. It is an accidental fork of a meme that hasn't been unleashed yet. Everknights is a subdivision of another order of knights. This is deep lore and goes beyond Everest.