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I want to tell you that I lost everything I've owned by doing the leverage. I own nothing, gonna eat bugs and live a good life - without happiness or even purpose. Thank you Mr. Schwab

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im going to kill myself if there isnt another chance to make it

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They won't let you. Drones have to endure new brave world.

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Did u leverage or just held shit lol

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Good, what else you gonna do little poppy?

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You WILL eat the bugs anon, is this a problem to you?

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I wouldn't mind assimilating into the pod life desu, there's nothing left in thisaterial world for me. My portfolio is ded and I don't think I can wait another 2 years for a reversal

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based Klaus, is He the new Elon?

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He wants to make a world a better place unlike you. He actually cares.

Pathetic rascist chuds.

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How much are you retards getting paid to shill for WEF?

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Apparently their is actually a WEF shitcoin that just started but I am just an avid fan and fetishest of Klaus and his reset if I'm gonna be honest

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i will work for bugz then :(

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What chain sir? I don’t buy BSC Indian coins wealthy eat Zionist only here

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pretty sure its on ETH you kike, not sure if I remember anything else though so find the TG yourself

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hahahahha you will NOT kill yourself and you WILL use your consciousness to produce it a factory for centuries. It's already too late anon, you and pepe should have stopped him when you had the chance

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It's literally free to look up relevant info anon use your fucking brain

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dubs of truth but I can't find it either does it have some gay fucking greek letter in it?

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that looks like something straight out of Rick and Morty, fucking based

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If this moons like Ultrasafe, I'll get a Matt Ultrasafe tattoo.

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WEF please give us morality pills.

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But you will be happy.

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Glad I got a bag of RESET. Probably the next shitcoin to pump.

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Sucks to suck lol, should had been more intelligent, now you re gonna be a slave, retard

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How many human babies did the wimpy man eat?

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b8 or tranny
if tranny nigger do you realize how shitty everything would get or do you not care as long as you soulless nigger monster get what you want your hedonistic pleasures but know that when it is time they will get you torture very long and sadistically and discard of you disgusting body for another goyim niggers to slurp up because you always supported their atrocities no matter how abominable and you were the one against death sentence for terrorists murderers and other scum you were supporting wars in the name of your lgbt nigger agenda

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/r/neoliberal unironically thinks these are good idea.

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you are a faggot for browsing /neoliberal
not even mentioning going to reddit in the first place.

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Reddit is NWO propaganda machine fr no cap

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Imagine not buying a bag after seeing this chart

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I don't trust a single thing coming out of those centralized mod heavy shits. Everyone on the net is bot but me afaik

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most of the early movers are still holding so it's a safe play for this bera market

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20000 dollers

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These are all men???

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real schizo hours

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They're reptilians

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these are qts i want to collect every skin like these.

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>own nothing
I pretty much do not, only real possesions I have is some gold and silver
Pretty sure my own books don't count, especially the ecchi ones.
I'm only going to autistically eat shrimps, maybe one of those scorpion suckers as a threat from time to time.
I can live like this as long as there is a public library nearby. I assume if I will not own nothing, at the very least you guys at the WEF will expand the public library system, no?
Preferably kill the homeless, please.
Eh, I think I cannot do so because of my fucked up chemical balance in my brain, but I will do my best.

Guess you have to be a specific kind of autistic to be able to live in a post-Rest world, huh?

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Once you lose everything on leverage the only way to make it is with more leverage though

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Happiness not sneeded


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Damn now I want some reptilian bussy

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Yea don't worry, you will get to own lots of stuff in the metaverse

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This is 80's dystopian future shit. Don't they see how they sound at least?

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Probably an eulogy for openness to experience? Perhaps the best example on the thesis of this article is how climbing Mt. Everest, while making you happy by simply climbing it, you also get "psychological richness" when you get that sense of fear of fucking it up and the adrenaline that comes with it.

However, their mention of war is a very scary mention; sure, the Greatest Generation essentially created modern institutions and culture after WWII that are still up to this day - even after CRT and related that wants to destroy it.
And yet, if us zoomers ever went to war, which is probably the implication here (2021/08) and is already happening with Ukrainian and Russian zoomers right now, I don't believe we will have the creative spark that the Greatest Generation had on the basis of how easily manipulated, addicted to technology, consumeristic, unmotivated and unoriginal we are.

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Wait, WAIT!

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They don't care anymore, somewhere around 2018 a switch was flipped and they had to rapidly accelerate. Now that we've alerted the masses (the wef hates 4chan and us specifically so fucking much it's hilarious), we put them on a clock where they even need to give up, or push the gas before the nooses are put around their necks. They're going with option b.

Gonna be a wild ride, fren

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Can i get a introductory course from you real quick? How do i make it in this weird twilight zone economy? What should i hoard and what can i read to prepare for the worst?

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I know that you won't like to read this but... we NEED the Great Reset.
The average global temperature is rising, heatwaves are plaguing the most important continent in the world (Europe) and rainstorms are intensifying which causes devastating floods. Klaus understands this and he's trying to lead us to a green world, it's nothing to do with taking things away from you. Far from it, he's GIVING something... He's giving us a a future.

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Its over anon, there is too many people in the world, if you are not wealthy enough we will connect you to the machine forever and feed you bugs with a tube

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We will take as much as you as possible, then we will dispose of you when you are useless

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Shut the fuck up you stupid nwo shill kys

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imagine being this close minded when the world is literally suffocating. anon, do you even realise how destructive climate change really is?

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Go for it anon

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>new brave world
our dystopia is nothing like the dystopia in brave new world. the brave new world dystopia is full of white chads segregated from bottom class niggermonkeys, where all needs are taken care of and all diseases are cured. we dont have any of the good parts of the brave new world dystopia, just the bad parts. our reality is much worse than the dystopias that people in the past tried to imagine.

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desu this is worse than anything has ever been imagined, reality surpasses fiction

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I feel like the WEF's entire hustle boils down to two things.

1: They stroke the ego of sociopathic elites that like to fantasize and daydream about the masses living poor, malnourished lives, being dependent on the guiding hand of a ruling class.

2. They bait schizocels for clickbait and clout.

Everything they publish comes down to
>Environmental problems necessitates normalizing [egregious thing[. It's important for governments to help transition the economy towards [egregious thing].

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Who’s behind this dystopian shit?

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This guy. He is 'fixing' capitalism

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You can't trust bald people

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Yea fr, that motherfucker is a fucking demon

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yeah, just seems like another agitation op. even out of touch insane elites can't play this shit straight.

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I think not even the elites know how to handle this shit right now lol, everything is going to shit

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>I own nothing, gonna eat bugs

did you think we were going to give you bugs for free?

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loool ok satan, you not only will have to eat bugs, you will have to work for them

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I genuinly feel like they're gonna make a huge bug farm

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He's always watching us

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are we gonna eat people at some point?

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Nah, we are gonna be feed to the bugs, then said bugs will be feed to the people.

yep, its dystopic as that, even your corpse will be used as fuel for the nwo

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It's already happening. Why do you think Big Macs taste so good?

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>fuel for nwo

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I hate mcdonalds

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Big mac is not thaat bad, maybe region issues. where you from anon?

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Get reset and live a happy life

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No you wont lol, they are following you with their camaras, you will be bugs food and you will be happy

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Personally I like it, don't give a fuck how it is made lol

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Already have ser, wagmi

We'll be laughing at the plebs in a few years

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I honestly think the great reset is bullshit and not gonna happen

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Thank you Mr. Schwab.

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I can’t wait to happy and eating bugs.

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Thank you Mr. Schwab

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>hiring think tanks to create many differing solutions to problems they manufacture and/or propagandize
Pretty bullish. Its a great business model.

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WEF green policy fertilizer ban did this.

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andrew tate literally said that 2020-2021 was a hole in the matrix and they patched it up. it's too late now

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That's what they want you to think. Don't be a retard.

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do you want some cummies for schwabie?

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Big Mac from anywhere but the US is good. burgers literally miss out on good burgers

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This Jew World Order isn’t working

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Hahaha, only if you want to see the West destroyed you'll make a WEF appreciation post. Real smart.

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Why the fuck are you schizos schreeching about this crappy soon dead dude or a goddamn FORUM of all things. ON 4FORUM

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That's actually really sad to see because without green policies we are certainly going extinct. They have to try.

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Andrew Tate is a fucking beta cuck disguised as a chad I bet he likes to get pegged on the down low

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Leveraged trading is not for me. I just stake my geeq, vechain, kgo and ebox. Don't want to stress my life jeet.

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>I lost everything by DOING LEVERAGE
serves you right ser.

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Very risky

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We're trading reset, not leverages nigger

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Bullshit. They hide clean energy systems from humanity and sell you Green lies.

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Probably LONGED the market. Poor feller.

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>Big Macs taste so good
americans are an utterly lost cause

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Too risky anon and that's why holding and staking are my best bets in this roller coaster. Ofc, the one that can solve real problems will be the top priority like geeq and ebox

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I'm sick of fighting. Maybe it's time to just give up and support Klaus.

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My advise is to buy ZE GREAT RESET

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You guys give these fags WAY too much credit. Every board has a thread flipping out about the WEF. They are just a bunch of boomers trying to live out their corporatist/neofeudal fantasy. They are not gods, they are men, and not particularly intelligent men either.

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Sri Lanka's "green policy" was utterly stupid. Overnight they banned industrial fertilizer and pesticides and mandated organic farming. They needed to spend like a decade implementing all of that.

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Leverage trading is REAL REAL risky. You could just make more money by just doing shitcoins instead. You ought to have a keen eye for good ones though.

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Even an unexperienced chef can make a good burger with just ground beef + some spices. Y'all just lazy

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>you give these fags WAY too much credit
I agree. Heck even Schwab is not an economist himself, he is an engineering graduate. One could even say that WEF is just a congregation of rich men trying to get richer.

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Imagine needing an economics degree to say that I should put money on crypto. College is dumb and unnecessary anons

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>One could even say that WEF is just a congregation of rich men trying to get richer.
Is it a cue for the secret societies?

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Reset makes me feel like we're not in the bera anymore lol