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What’s the best “coin starter pack” for someone who doesn’t have much experience with crypto such as myself?

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THis but unironically

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U already have the digits to join.

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BTC 50 %
ETH 20 %
LINK 20 %

smattering of shitcoins other 10%

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forgot to add, ur a faggot if u don't

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So the big 3. Which shitcoins do you recommend (if any)?

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If you are unwilling to do any research then just buy btc.

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hello fren. do not listen to these other anons

you want BTC, ETH, LINK and QNT. 25% in each.

then sell some random month in 2026

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LunaC and only LunaC

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Paxg and usdc

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This is the "biz" package.
The % of total folio Is up to (you)

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I don't know but I need help, I need that BTC goes down again, I need help OMGHFSDKALFHN

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if u are a tru fren, buy LunaC

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Buy AVAX you dumb fucking niggers

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Anything on $SOL should be enough if you're feeling like gambling your money on gimmicks such as NFTs and such. One of their most trending projects (gmt) literally relies on it so there's that

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There are still people buying this? Damn, what happened with the shoes? somebody told me that minting shoes is very profitable taking in consideration the cost of the minting of the sneakers and the sell cost of these sneakers in the marketplace

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25% BTC
45% ETH
30% HEX

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>There are still people buying this?
Yes, you can make a lot of profit with that coin in the short term

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GMT was my salvation in bear market

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maybe the people who are staking GMT are having benefits in their shoes by staking them or by just holding them?

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welp ... stable money every day, the investment pays for itself.

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Why those % ? Should I match my folio to have those

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just get into something that is decentralized and has liquidity and keep holding. you’ll be safe for the long term
think something like BitDAO or anything similar

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Kek, people still hold lunc? I'd rather invest for long term profits with privacy crypto like RAIL and SCRT.

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one that gets you a gf

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not a bad list for a starter i guess

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100% this

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i think it is best to look out for projects that would get a chance at surviving the bear, not a projects that resurrected suddenly after a major rug

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50% BTC
30% ETH
20% link/quant/grt/xrp/algo/rose/whatever you want

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>all these SOL shills
Kek they smelt blood

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The objective thing to do is buy the top 10 coins, weighted by market cap, and rebalance quarterly

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Spend your money before the nuclear war makes it worthless

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yea sure

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I would say, go for the tokens that possess both present and future utilities. For example, Xpress is a staking project, building a payment gateway and developing a metaverse bank. Do you see it now?

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Gemini Dollars

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if you must buy anything, buy bitcoin, but really find a better investment than magic internet coins that don't do anything.

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projects with god products or dapps are likely going to get the chance of survival then

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>I would say, go for the tokens that possess both present and future utilities.

forget 'utility', none of this Ponzi trash is any actual use and nobody in fact uses them.

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This is innovation but how do they intend to do this

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I can see prospect on payment gateway projects. I believe the next big crypto will be centered around projects with real-life utilities

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clearly we can say Ore Network would get a chance to survive the bear

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it cannot be forgotten, it is very important for any project

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well, I'm not a dev. but it is clear to see that metaverse projects might be a big one. judging by how the world is headed

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then there are lots of them to buy, i have my personal interest into projects with cross chain features, web access, these are the next big thing in the crypto space and could have a good team too,

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shill your own shitcoin here (kda)

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well, personally I have my eyes on payment platforms. the next bull run is going to push crypto mainstream.

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Most definitely. Utility is a good pointer to the quality of a platform. That's why Railgun is top on my watch list for delivering on-chain privacy on transactions to users.

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That's the point, I'm also looking forward to its metaverse banking feature launch. Let's see what they got to offer

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the project seems to be building every kind of feature. would need a thousand-man dev team to maintain those when they are done.

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Utility and product wise it's right up there, i heard the team prepares to burn 35% of the 10 million total supply.

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NFTs and the Metaverse have had massive growth over the years and can be taken as good investments. It has also gotten the attention of major sport brands including Nike and Adidas.

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what is railgun

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newfags should explored Raiinmaker, which normies use to stack cryptos, nfts, and digital gift cards for creating and posting content on their existing social platforms.

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At this point it's better just to buy crack

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>50% Bitcoin
>50% Eth
And forget about it for 5 years and stop browsing this hell hole board.

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This Anon is right and wrong at the same time, but don't put your eggs in one basket. Despite the bear market, I'm adding BTC, ETH, COIIN, Matic, and BNB to my portfolio, which I'm stacking by monetizing my social influence using Raiinmaker.

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kek, this is awesome. That is something I can do if I continue to use Raiinmaker to create content and participate in campaigns to earn Coiin, Eth, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies.

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It's the most complete privacy protocol with multichain compatability and plans for nft integration.

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I have a stash of MATIC too. Looking to get assets in other sectors like the land on Sportsmetaverse. Showing good potentials while getting support from celebrities and athletes.

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damn so many totally organic posts in this thread

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The ANKR circle is not mostly talked about because people do not care about the tech. The most innovative tech can be found on ANKR.

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Don't generalise faggot. Coins that don't do anything? Hell, Kolnet will slap your face as they're basically redefining the marketing in web3. Don't be a pussy cat.

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ANRK is a node provider right? Must be the biggest dick

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Ethereum merge is happening real soon faggot

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DYOR bitch don't ask kids on 4chan. but buy ETH and bitDAO.

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You aren't wrong, anon and motherfuckers are going to wish they knew earlier. Realistically, a web3 protocol and a p2e. I

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You're delusional anon. A lucky land owner on Sportsmetaverse would find an ETH gold mine which would generate passive income. So crypto is definitely far from worthless.

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sounds great sign me up

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In that order anon. Your last bit should go into schizo-based coins

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There's nothing like real in web3 and this shitty rub

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Web3 really need more speed and proper decentralization to be effective

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You need to bring your back up statement if you don't like receiving backlash as you're pointing web3 is useless. Don't be so ignorant pajeet.
I think it just needs a working product so KOLs will be able to start participating the IMOs.
Decent list faggot

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Don't listen to those shillers. I would suggest you stick with the high-cap ones and use a simplified platform like Xpress, which offers variety of utilities, including trading, and a whole lot more. They have experts who guide average joe like you.

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We all know majority of the low-caps are not that safe to bet big bucks on except they are trusted and have what it takes to bounce back.

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