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Who's still accumulating ROSE? I am DCAing $200 a week.

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probably no one at this point. how far are we through the unlock stage?

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if the benchods on the discord are right, by 2030 there will be 7.5B tokens unlocked and right now it's at 5 or 6?

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It has already been confirmed that everything the devs said has been a lie. It is dead.

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Wtf are yoi talking about?

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Same, as long as we are at or below 5 cents this is a no-brainer. At 175k right now, my goal is to add 20k a month for hopefully the next year. I don't think Cipher or Sapphire will pump us even if they release in the next month or so, but I do think Oasis may break away from the overall market at some point and go on a run like LINK did in 2019 with mainnet.

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Im also DCAing exactly $200 a week. Cheers, fellow 200'er.

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Incredibly based. WGMI

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>21y old
>210k ROSE
DCAing around $300 a week.

will I make it?

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I've already added 500k this drop, will do another Milly if we hit 3c

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Jesus fuck am I glad I sold at 45c. I was mad that I missed 60c but better than holding kek.