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Avoiding the bar/restaurants, only buying meat if it's on sale at the grocery store. Not driving places on the weekend.
Basically not trying to spend money.

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this and jerking off and gym

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I stake and hodl OP

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buying gold, holding bitcoin, betting on a few altcoins

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Your Mom

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getting a nursing degree. what am i in for?

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It's finally given me the kick to review all my expenses and remember i'm paying way too much on my phone plan.

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Working extra hours and buying the dip. If everything goes to shit then oh well.

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back to the machine shop, long hours, 20-25 an hour. alcholics who didn't graudate hs as coworkers.

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Buying into a promising single sided staking coin that will feed me a stablecoin based on the platform's revenue.
It is like reflections except with an actual usecase.

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staying with my generic megacorp engineering job, continuing to dump 6k a month into investments.
nothing new, only have to work about 25-30 hours a week to get my shit done so it's pretty cash.

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Preparing the rope

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what project have you been buying into? I also have plan of BTFD but I ended up dcaing into small caps like CHZ, ORE and NXM

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it is a good time to buy BTC as much as possible

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what do you hold?

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Just get yourself a fucking job, crypto is dead

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>I get up
>delegate all of my cosmos ecosystem staking rewards
>play some dayz
>watch some /tv/ approved kino
>go back to bed

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Saving/shorting Canada/long biotech.

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A fuckton of drama.

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its is a good time to stack


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>only buying meat if it's on sale at the grocery store
Shoo gains goblin. I'll cut every other kind of food before I cut back on meat.

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At the moment jerking off

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I hold quite a number of solid projects and would also be looking into new innovations like the cross -chain interoperability which is growing very well in the space

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>solid projects
T. Third worlder from the Philippines

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kyssing until I run out of respawns

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Been riding the tiger up and down because I'm trader and not just an idiot hodler.

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I'm not sure anyone's doing a thing yet, glad i'm in stablecoins earlier and now sourcing better opportunities.

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Stablecoins are a good hold now, and Spool as a DeFi middleware has been helping in managing my capital across several yield generators, where i get choose my risk and still withdraw when i want... just me saving myself some stress and still earn in this dying market.

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shorting eth on bitmex

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I'll be a liar if I say buying, though I believe there'll be some projects that'll pull through and this will be those projects that have been building in this market, and launching reasonable products...

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Projects building when others are shutting down have high chances of making it out of the bear. One of the projects that are exhibiting good prospects is Subsquid as they are establishing themselves as the best data indexer in web3.

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waiting for the bottom so that i can finally sell

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I-I don't know bros. I'm probably in a better place, at least financially than a lot of people on here. Especially for my age, but I'm fucking miserable. I contemplate putting a bullet through my head every day. $160k to my name. Got a brand new car that I bought with my crypto gains (still not happy, who knew!). Literally don't care about material wealth anymore. Might sound retarded, but it's true. I'm debating giving all my money to my niece and ending my life. 22 by the way.

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When will the media actually announce that we're in a recession? By eoy? next month? 2024? when?

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i cant really do much. my entire funds are staked in BitDAO tokens and some ETH
they make a good passive income though so i guess that’s good?

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I could name a few projects that did the most with this market and Allianceblock will top the list for me, with its Fundrs which will go live soon and will allow capital providers participate in building a solid ecosystem for builders. This aside its recently launched multichain DEX.
They really have been putting in the work in this bearish market.

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Find a purpose anon. You've got wealth with no meaning. Find a hobby, meet new people, spend time with family members you like. Invest your gains in something with low risk and find a purpose in life.

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jerking off

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I thought investing in GMT was gonna be a decent idea but nowadays it's dumping yet again. I don't know what to expect anymore t bh.

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Finna take another crack at writing a trade bot tomorrow i think i can do it better than my last try. Multi indicator instead of just mtf stoch

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learn how short term investments work, especially in coins like GMT. right now this dumping is a positive thing, invest cheaply.

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Invest in sneakers, they are a much more profitable business in this market. Passive and active income.

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welp, at least better than LUNA lmao

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anything is better than luna kek

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It's the busy season at work so pretty much just that. I'm stacking cash. The macro picture is fucked and people are focused on pre monetary policy reversal price targets like $20k.
I am thinking price targets of <$10k it's really just a matter of how long it's going to take to get there. I think it's going to be a very drawn out and long bleed down. I wouldn't be surprised if all of 2023 was just a slow bleed. Crypto is going to be a barren wasteland and then it's going to start moving up again while everyone has lost interest.

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If this isn’t a LARP, congrats on either being a NEET who can stare at charts all day or so good at TAing you have it to a science.

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Buyinf GRT eheheheheh.

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I hold RAIL and SCRT anon. I also staked my RAIl to be a member of the Railgun DAO for voting rights.

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I hold RAIL and SCRT anon. I also staked my RAIL to be a member of the Railgun DAO for voting rights.

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got myself a remote work permit in japan
now fucks japs everynight

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DCAing into Eth, and Sylo. And anticipating for Sylo incentives nodes to go live.

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I bought some food stocks and now I'm autistically watching the charts.

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thoughts on KHC?

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Looks tenuous right now. They also just declined to continue the naming rights to the Steelers' stadium, which is not a good sign IMO. Their earnings is in a few weeks. Maybe you could get some cheap then.

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I'm holding onto UTK and have staked it on Maiar for a pretty decent APY and hoping for a good reap in long term.

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I'm going back to work. Screw this.

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Its just safer not to buy just so some rugpulls dont happen cos I think there will be a lot of that, I now make private transactions and keep my wallet information shielded on the railway web app.

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investing in pokemon cards or MTG cards

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Waiting for rate hikes to be over

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I don't own cuckcoins.

But my EURUSD shorts are doing amazing thanks for asking.

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Go pay some therapist money to diagnose why you are miserable retard

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>there are actually "people" down ytd
How? All you had to do was go to cash/short when Jay-sama told you to

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playing league of legends and path of exile for 16 hours a day. on saturdays i watch the new one piece with my roommates. sometimes i walk the dog.

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Working 52 hours a week, fugging my tight Asian wife, and raising my children.

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I just buy GameShop every payday

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kek i love how that dumb broad spawned so many memes using her art style

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definitely anything is better than shitty luna at the moment, i just hope you retards get to learn your lessons; invest more into fundamental projects with good use case form cross-chain, access to multi-chains, security and more

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I can see the exact reason why the dumb fool will die broke and never make it out of the fucking shithole

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shorting this bitch
super crash incoming probably this week if 19.5k doesn't hold

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Applying to jobs

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trying to break into design engineering

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This is the best time to be a network validator or a dev. Your salary comes in, whether bear market or not.
I can't wait for the QAN blockchain to launch so I can start using my raspberry pi for something better. I'm tired of validating shit networks that don't pay well in rewards.

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based. Anything to survive these days.

>> No.50300163

Far from it anon. Just find based assets to invest in and you'd be fine.

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Well I'm exploring opportunities in the space and I'm looking to get lands in the sportsmetaverse seeing as it's gotten the attention of top athletes and celebrities.

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there are quite a number of projects that will survive these bear and I note them to be projects with a functional product, the BAT brave browser is a good one, ORE ID would get a chance too though given its recent adoption by platforms

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fart and peepee poo poo

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Holding commodity s ocks and ohysical gold. Trying to short the NASDAQ except it keeps having the most gay and artifical pumps at the most trade killing times. In the middle of buying a piece of land.

>> No.50300302

Shorting copper

>> No.50300367

I have been using brave browser, not really familiar with ore id

>> No.50300433

it is an identity management product, with its one-touch sign-in , it guarantees access to multiple chains with security of user's details

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I'm still buying meat at the store, but I'm always looking for the deals. And I'm now always buying 1 extra package to freeze, just in case.

In the event that meat skyrockets in price, I have a surplus in my freezer. If that never comes to fruition and meat prices stay the same, well I still have a surplus in my freezer that I can eat.

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Fortunes are made by buying low and selling too soon.
Greedy bastards looking for 100k BTC are ngmi.

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Staking and dcaing primarily on projects related to cryptoc payments, mainly UTK and Express

>> No.50300987

What's it with the app? That of xpress feature crypto app, cefi plus banking and payment all in one place

>> No.50301041

This is a good idea since you are in for the long term. I'm staking my LOX and BTR on bitrue. I'm not bothered about the APY either. WGMI

>> No.50301164

DCA. Stable staking. Always on the lookout for low cap gems to get into

>> No.50301178

Wrote a script to DCA automagically.
Only problem is I have to fund kraken from my bank account and the banks in this country are absolute dogshit garbage.
They're like really bad.

>> No.50301183

I think we've had an uptick in the number of payment gateway projects. It's a welcome development imo

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Yes. Zhaojun is the one. He will bequeath much riches. You will prosper

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I'm waiting for its metabonding to increase my earning opportunities

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I sold off my short-term coins, staked my long-term coins, and joined Subsquid's ambassador program.

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I'm in for the long run as well and staking my XPRESS and NEAR on binance to increase my source of passive income

>> No.50301245

This is one of the projects that marveled me at the Polkadot decoded, their new firesquid showed new levels of speed.

>> No.50301249

Yeah, it also enable users to pay for their bills with their token, i heard that is currently used in travalacom

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I stake all my coins on Binance too. long term hodler

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>wakeup at 6am
>power up my Chainlink node (pictured)
>spend the next 16 hours doing chainlink keeper jobs
>clock off and go to bed

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Wtf are you burning? You didn't check the name before aping did you? Hfsp
Blockchains are based. Doesn't mean shit projects won't try launching on them

>> No.50301323

There seem to be some adoption there. Also seeing some on multi-blockchains like polkadot and Geeq. The blockchain space looks ready for the future.

>> No.50301327

what's that?

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Holding cash with low interest fixed debt. That way my money has value even with inflation because I can pay off my debt, or I can slurp up cheap assets when the time comes.

>> No.50301333

I'm investing in food, it's going to be 3-4x next year, so I'd rather not miss out

>> No.50301334

A lot of functionalities Imo. I'd like to see how they manage all that. If they're able, then that's massive imo

>> No.50301339

>meat if it's on sale at the grocery store.
>I'm still buying meat at the store
Who buys that garbage at the grocery store, go to the butcher. Stuff is better meat at a competitive cost.

>> No.50301343

lol, it's a data indexer, primarily the one used by Polkadot and most of its parachains, It doesn't even have a token so what the fuck are you taking about?

>> No.50301349

Hmmm. Well, all I gotta say is that the next bull market is gonna be a defining moment

>> No.50301355

Though the apy on Binance is low while that of Xpress is high and sustained

>> No.50301360

A higher pay than doctors. There is an absolute shortage of nurses, and it’s gotten to the point where they are getting offered more than doctors. Someone in my family is the head nurse of an ER and she told me she’s having trouble getting nurses and they are getting paid more than the doctors now.

>> No.50301395

The lie they keep selling to you. All vaporware at the end of the day. Not that I care. More concerned about the problem geeq data will solve for businesses.

>> No.50301414

Well said dude. But what you have determines how much you will make. Good tokens are just as important.

>> No.50301539

I think a lot of projects are building very heavily in the background. It would be formidable when the bull run hits. The increase in payment applications in crypto, what does that tell you?

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buying of course. Fire sales everywhere. Its like buy one get one free wherever you look

>> No.50301703

I made a bot to automate my trading and it's been doing quite well. I also designed and made a realistic 3D printed toy gun to use in VR that has a motor, recoil, and a functional slide. Probably start selling them once I stress test it some more

>> No.50301779

I think they're fundamentally different in that binance caters to other crypto. It's a CEx. I don't think Xpress can be classified as a CEx.

>> No.50301884

Suffering. Constantly. Without any hope or end in sight.

>> No.50302099

Lots of poop, addicts and people treating you like absolute shit

>> No.50302102

Give me 5k so I can buy link.

>> No.50302118

I'm just holding most of my token not staking atm, I'm holding KGO on cointiger and ORE on bitsmart

>> No.50302290

You're right about platforms building in this bear season to come out stronger. Railgun is top on my watchlist for its coming dapp and yield farm integration.

>> No.50302318

Stacking LINK ofc. Even if its not needed the 5% staking reward in non-inflationary tokenomics is better than other alternatives in kuropty kurenshi sphere. Also I love fat sergey memes.

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Merchant yield farming will have many merchants on boarding on the platform

>> No.50302352

actually spending my money for once

>> No.50302617

What happened to raven coin?
I thought miners would pump it when eth goes down

>> No.50302699

A rope due to burnout and exhaustion because you will be understaffed and vax
So either way, suicide
Gl mate

>> No.50302707

trying to get my old job back. messaged my old supervisor today, he hasnt replied lmao

>> No.50302728

This is false and your family member is coping.
t. An actual physician

>> No.50302807

buying Rfox cos it's based
Axl coz of it's innovative launchpad
Alice to have access to the gaming platform

>> No.50302830

Seethe more mutt zu, shart of Walmart.

>> No.50302837

It's >t.
Not T. You fucking new faggot nigger aids.

>> No.50302845

>Greedy bastards looking for 100k BTC are ngmi.
Gonna keep holding, seethe and fucking cry, Jew boy.

>> No.50302851

>contemplate putting a bullet through my head every day. $160k to my name.
You should just give that money away and THEN shoot yourself.

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Rescission doesn't last forever, idiot.

>> No.50302880

Buying HBAR because the foundation is crushing it. Of course ETH and BTC as well.

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Benfica and Autoworld won't miss this chance. That's certain

>> No.50305995

For me, I am buying BTC, Dot and a few parachains

>> No.50306002

For me, I am buying BTC, Dot and a few parachains

>> No.50306515

I flipped some ORE for GLMR a few months back, although I made profits, I'm still holding both tokens and waiting for the next bull cycle

>> No.50306540

DOT enthusiast

>> No.50306657

They also powered the ORE LM program that lasted for months through their Lmaas product. many other projects also launched their mining program on their product as well

>> No.50306673


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I'm furiously masturbating

>> No.50306742

It's too early to make a move right now. I've been searching for quality projects and found PULSE Network. It is an artificial intelligence-focused healthcare project and will announce its IDO very soon. Don't miss this, anon.

>> No.50306923

I am a dot maxist as well. I am bagging GLMR and ACA. Along side EQ at the just concluded public offering

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fudding my bags so I can sell lower, obviously.

>> No.50307390

Shorting, obviously. Just use low leverage and have a medium-long time frame.

>> No.50307888

EQ has a dex that will feature margin trading with x20 leverage. Jeets will love that

>> No.50307926

GLMR is great, look into EQ as well

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Accumulating shitcoins brave enough to spawn during the winter to reap its profits in the summer :^)

$VINU has been my best friend these past few months.

>> No.50309478

Building infrastructure for the budding cryptoeconomy.

>> No.50309556

i prob spent 1000 on food in the last 3 months

i need to stop. fuck thats it im stopping now.

>> No.50309620

Right now? Watching my Canadian energy stocks go to zero and giving the rest of my money to my landlord

>> No.50309734

jerking off to asmr for hours a day

>> No.50311656

kek, the best thing I've read today.

>> No.50311706

No prostitutes

>> No.50311876

How do the cards work though? the only thing I'm looking to invest in right now is land on the sports metaverse cause I'd get my own fan cave and stand the chance to discover a hidden world cup ticket.

>> No.50312069

buying the dips and really hoping the russians drop one of their nukes in my city.

>> No.50312185

have some kids, all women are the same so just knock up the best seeming mom you can with the most money. unironically having kids changed my life. now tell me how to invest.

>> No.50312337

Not consooming anything unnecessary, eating out less and shoplifting more.

>> No.50312648

Nothing pretty much except researching crypto
, my online biz got demonetized by youtube so I'm suffering

>> No.50313237

I'm researching as well as staking my stable on freeway. Condition like this demands staking to be the bail out for those in for the long term. The bear might last longer than expected.

What do you think?

>> No.50313273

Invest on what?

>> No.50313292

Ookay boomer

>> No.50313321

kek. In as much we are faced with this we need them to cool nerves.

>> No.50313457

Driving a hot car, throwing raves, riding dick, and committing petty crime. I wish I could find a bf to slow me down but I only get to be the spoiled side chicka and have learned to love it.

>> No.50313956

I'm thinking of buying back ORE, but I think it's not the best time for that since the market seems to like it will dip further

>> No.50313977

not the best time to buy anon

>> No.50314001

what do you mean by this faggot?

>> No.50314154


Buying muni bonds.

You gays have to get off this "ONE SECRET TRICK YOUR BANK DOESN'T WANT YOU KNOW ABOUT!!" crypto over levered meme shit.

It's poor person mentality and you know it.

Rich person mentality: acquire and preserve wealth.
Poor person mentality: bet everything on get rich scheme and die poor.

>> No.50314241

Just large caps
low caps

>> No.50314346

that's cool fag, keep bagging

>> No.50314433

Pruning off shitcoins and sticking to projects that are going to make it:
>Privacy-enabling projects
>Security-based projects
>Interoperability and web3 projects

>> No.50314459

>jerking off
Every single time you jerk off, are you aware that you're subtracting a year from your life expectancy

>> No.50314481

Kek, why betting on altcoins though. You can streamline down to the ones that will actually make it

>> No.50314488

Investing in svre stock overnight for an easy swing trade

>> No.50314506

waiting for 14k

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That's what I thought. PriFi projects are not making it look like that. More or less, it seems as though they are warming up

>> No.50314525

How many thousands of years would my natural life had been, if I was locked in a basement and never discovered what women are?

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RAIL should be included in this. This guy believes that every investor should have at least 5% of privacy-focused altcoins in their portfolio

>> No.50314618

Buying, unironically just buying all the fucking crypto that I can.

>> No.50314723

I like to sleep well at night so I'd just go for long-term plays and get profits in the future. Looking to get land in the sport metaverse land sale, seeing good potentials as VC firms like BTG have aped in.

>> No.50314786

Almost like they shouldn't have asked every nurse in developed countries to be a part of an unprecedented medical experiment.

>> No.50314921

Here's a list of things I do;
>Drink instant coffee, only ten cents a cup and everything I need to make it fits on my desk at work.
>Cut my own hair
>Use fans instead of AC (in socal energy is so expensive that you really should do this)
>Use a TV antenna instead of cable. This is okay if you live in a city, not so good in rural places.
>No subscriptions except Netflix and YouTube premium family accounts. This covers YouTube music to so I don't need Spotify. I also have a recurring electronic payment sent to my church.
>BBC for less biased news.
>Use library to rent DVDs instead of paying to rent
>App from library lets me download audiobooks. Essentially like audible but free.
>Own my car, so no car payment.
>Mint mobile for cell phones
>No student loan so no dumb student loan payment.
>Bricks in my toilets so they use less water.
>Use an old Thinkpad for a computer instead of buying new.
>Generally frugal when it comes to shopping, and I never eat out at work, though I sometimes take the wife out maybe once per month.

>> No.50315022

Quickest way to go rrektt

>> No.50315072

>Always on the lookout for low cap gems to get into
Top gems constantly trending on CG

>> No.50315278

Trying to grow my ebay/amazon business. Buy low and sell high is something you can do in any market.

>> No.50316074

You're right anon. Would be better to narrow investments to relevant platforms that provide a need in the space. So far, Railgun fits well into that category for delivering on-chain privacy to users without the use of mixers.

>> No.50316580

Basically I died.

>> No.50316612


>> No.50316686

Gym, scalping with 5% of folio and buying shitcoins on release that have potential.

>> No.50316715

>I also have a recurring electronic payment sent to my church.
>BBC for less biased news.

this is a meme right

>> No.50316784

I'm just anticipating based opportunities in the metaverse like the coming land sale on sports metaverse where users can find hidden rewards in their lands ranging from world cup tickets to an eth gold mine for passive income.

>> No.50316843

Exactly the same. Been making lots of stews and eating oatmeal, beans, and potatoes. Chicken every once in a while but very little discretionary spending.

>> No.50316900

My stock port is down 23% in the last 3 months, 40% since November. I‘m writing credit spreads and covered calls trying to mitigate the losses, but it‘s just too fucking much.

>> No.50316930

Pulling myself up by my bootstraps and getting to work. Elbow grease.

>> No.50316931

Trying to figure out ways to make more money wage slaving being a self employed handy man

>> No.50317061

just use Ublock origin to circumvent youtube ads and pirate movies

>> No.50317688

Learning how to code, studying for med/law school so i can get a reliable source of income that can make me money anywhere in the country.

>> No.50318307

Trying not to walk off my job every day.