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I don't care for XMR but this is unironically bullish, no? She's creating demand for XMR. Imagine if someone actually does it.

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I belle delphine the retarded looking asian girl with pink hair or the nigger? Just so I know what I’m paying for.

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I wish a glowie to deposit the money and then arrest her for prostitution

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So you're telling me a nintoddler with an actual Nintendo fetish paid 100 grand to stick his dick in an AIDS hole?

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Belle wishes she was a retarded looking asian girl with pink hair.

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>asian looking
>can see the whites of her eyes

what asians have you been looking at mate?

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For 100k i hope she's expecting to be fucked bloody. Because that's what I would do and expect from such a price.

T. Homo

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Or I could just buy ten SSS-tier hookers that look like Belle for 10,000 an hour and fuck all of them at once instead.

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i would unironically pay for this if she didnt bog herself

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Which is why I'm saying, just pay for the cheaper hookers instead!

Or go with her sister, but I think she's bogged too. Not as bad as Belle though.

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didn't that whore have the niggers feet in her mouth?
she'd have to pay me $100k

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XMR bro’s we’re actually gonna make it aren’t we?
Like 1 million current value USD per XMR in 2030

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Even the jews knew pussy isn't worth that much, we're in a pussy bubble the likes of which has never been seen. In fact, don't pay for it.

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i want to bang belle but this is too much money

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What is the appeal?
>no tits
>no ass
>face always caked in 10 lbs of makeup
>probably has a grocery list of mental illnesses
Most I would pay is $100 for a full night of sex and I would probably regret it anyways

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>kissing this mouth

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If I hadn't sold my SHIB too early I'd probably do this

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Decent pussy isn't even that expensive. I can go out right now and get it from a petite asian for $160. That's about as much as you'd blow on dates to get some unless you're an uberchad.

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Probably wont have sex ether.

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Monero deposited.

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also wanted to write this
>she was blacked aka worthless now

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fuck i would do this in a heartbeat
this is also a great scam to pull right now,
change the address and go crazy sending it pajeets and make the dollar amount less...

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Belle will be remembered for generations. She's like a modern day cleopatra the way she fleeces these stupid men.

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prostitution isn't illegal in the uk

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is that legit tho? link?

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>there's nothing about it on her twitter, instagram or onlyfans
yeah that's fake as it gets. they prefer monero because that will be easier to wash for when the retard client files the police report

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This. There's a reason she's stooping to this and its because she isn't worth it anymore

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>make millions just by teasing the camera
>proceed to do hardcore porn and turn tricks anyway
remember not to neglect your spiritual health lads

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>yeah that's fake as it gets. they prefer monero because that will be easier to wash for when the retard client files the police report

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Oh I assumed she was a korean girl making her eyes appear white using makeup but she's just a white girl making herself appear more Asian with makeup. I'd rather just fuck a real korean girl, she'd probably be cleaner anyway and not ask for money.

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>That's about as much as you'd blow on dates
My guy you pick the wrong type of girl

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he obviously isn't dating anyone, just coping

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If you have to give a woman something for her to fuck you, she doesn't actually like. Alot of women view sex as an investment or a bet for future prospects. Just emulate high status and charisma, if you don't have it, don't bee yourself, even just faking it for a few hours can get you laid and all you pay is oppertunity cost.

Usually I just try to make first dates either about social activites or nature walks through parks (which is less risky) and it doesnt cost shit. After that if she agrees to spend a night with you, she's agreed to fuck simple as.

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>the sound of a thousand /biz/raelis rushing to photoshop and creating ads for pornstars to get fucked using REASONABLE monero amounts (I suggest $5k?)

Scam of the century is upon us gentlemen. Might wanna fire up some fake snapchats and twitter accounts to shill your artwork. Godspeed. May your soul survive intact.

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She doesn't even have a website does she? But nice fake.

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Didn't she use to have a white boyfriend with whom she filmed those "rape" fantasies on the woods? Now she's prostituing herself and pandering to the blacked retards? Damn, how low has she fallen...

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my instincts tell me life shouldnt be so horrible

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She literally jumpstarted her career by making silly hentai meme faces. She was always a damagedgoods degen that appealed to that same demographic of lonely men, who also happen to get off on her taiwan-esque ladyboy physique.

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This. I'm surprised the fake and gay OP didn't list the full monero address.

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>$100k for this.

makeup is a helluva drug.

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Omg is this real

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what a brainlet gosh I hate amerimutts

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>Pay me 100% in cryprro first


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>the onions lip curl
Is this like the new submissive smiling?

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You COULD make money off this.
Video tape in a hotel and have her do anal, golden showers, deep throat, S&M, bondage, NTR play, school girl play, virgin date play, whore play, femdom, etc.
Sell the videos online.
20 different fetish videos of 15 minutes apiece should make about $20K each.

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I'd give her a hemmoroid.

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Subtract out equipment, professional lighting and filming, location fees, etc of about $50K.
Net profit for one night's work is: $250,000

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That's going for a relationship anon. I'm talking about fucking roaasites as a non-chad. Spend about $50 per date and assume she puts out on the third if you make it there. If you actually want an emotional relationship then you don't treat sex with the person as a transaction in the first place.

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yeah dude just send her the 100k smart investment go for it let me know when she gets back to you

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I could not pay people to look at my bloated, out of shape, balding body!

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why the fuck would you EVER waste your (presumably) valuable time with fucking random brain damaged women while paying for it.

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Good god.. it's amazing what you can do with makeup and a wig. Belle is a fvcking dude!!

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yes. unironically. this will happen when just 1-10% of reasonably estimated offshore banking wealth goes digital.

privacy is worth a lot of money to some people. for very good reason.

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Listen to some of the interviews. Shes pretty obviously a neet man who had a chance to be reborn as a 6/10 girl and went with the obvious moneymaker.

I'd do the same if I was him

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Have fun bud.

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100k is only like 90eth kinda tempted

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she looks pretty with the make up.

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She unironically hit the wall and looks like shit now

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She wears heavy makeup because without it she looks like a 10 year old boy

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meh, ill keep fapping to her i guess.

i would never pay though

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It's a fully clothed photoshoot btw.

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lol clever scammer thread MODS

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kek, this is actually a decent scam. well done OP

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>clever scam

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Based nigger