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Have a job that you love and you'll never wageslave a day in your life.

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ok well the jobs that i love pay like shit and cant live off them

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Why would you love jobs that pay like shit? Are you stupid?

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I am lazy and don’t particularly enjoy anything

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If you do something you love as a job, you stop loving it because the grind kills your enjoyment for it.

>t. loved animating growing up but can't stand it now after working as a professional animator for a few years

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You sound like a guy who knows bullshit when he hears it.

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The original quote was actually said by Henry Ford, famed wagie cager.

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jordan peterson said that only like 2% have carrers/jobs they like and the rest have jobs, so not possible

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it has to be something you love doing as an adult, not as a child.

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>the slave with the golden bracelet dilemma.

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shut the fuck up faggot

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do you really enjoy nothing?

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who will pay me for masturbating to kpop and watching tiktoks and twitch streams

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I actually got interested in programming when I was about 10 and pursued that as my career since then. Now I have a masters degree in software engineering and work in the field and genuinely enjoy it. It definitely helps living the WFH life so I only need to spend about 6 hours a week actually working to keep up with the Pajeet industry standard of competence, but when I do need to work I find it stimulating and get a great sense of satisfaction once I finally figure everything out. I get paid very well too which I guess helps a lot.

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>suffer a shitjob you hate while others get paid doing something they like

Yea I think I'll pass

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I fell for that, it made me resent it and now I have nothing that I love anymore.
Not even trying to be snarky I've been jumping from distraction to distraction to stave of suicide because I fundamentally have nothing to live for anymore.

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Or consider that a lot of the "redpills" from /pol/ are either half-truths or flat out wrong.

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i'll be honest this just sounds like something you tell yourself while plugging your ears

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Which ones exactly