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I remember when making 200k made you stand out. Nowadays it feels like every retard out there makes 200-250k. And if you make 120k it used to be respectable but now people pity you. Inflation is gay

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i make $95k a year and i feel lower middle class

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i make 600k year and its barely enough to get by, im behind on my mortgage and my family keeps asking when im getting promoted to make more $

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if you don't make atleast 200k after tax, passively then you are never going to make it

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Making $1.2m a year and even that's hell. I keep getting made fun of at my golf club.

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Bruh I make like 40k in yurop and this is considered above average.

You americunts really need to stop being lil bitches.

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>median salary: 50k
>every retard out there: making 200k-250k
>in before it's all just niggers dragging the median down
US is still majority white, sweetie

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I’m not even memeing, women WILL look down on you for not making at least 300k a year. 600k is aight. But anyone making sub 300 needs to step it up if they want to attract the right spouse

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I make 10k a year and live in a shed in Kentucky. I shit in a bucket and have untreated schizophrenia.

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You need to be making at least 2m annually in this day and age if you want to bag anything above a 4/10.

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Same here. Wtf happened. Five years ago I would have been thrilled to make this much. I live in a low cost of living state too.

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A little over a year ago, my gf of 6 years broke up with me because I said I was content making $150k. I was going to propose to her in a month on our anniversary before she left… I still have the ring

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Dodged a bullet. Getting married was the worst decision of my life.

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if you make 95k in a low cost of living state you should be doing great
wtf is wrong, student loans?

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>t. incels giving advice on how to meet women

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Go to any parenting forum which is full of women and they all say guys need to be making well over 100k to be marriage material. Sorry bro

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>proof: 1 forum post
100k in a low cost of living state is fine
learn how to budget better

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meanwhile in western yurop i made less than 30k back when I bothered to wage.

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Another one. Anywhere relevant, 100k is poverty tier

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>post mentions HCOL
thanks for proving me right
most of you don't live in HCOL

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i make 850,000$ per month and i can't even buy corn flakes for my kids

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Most Americans live in or near cities these days which are HCOL. Even shitty places like Philly are HCOL nowadays. I live 45-60 minutes outside DC and every SFH is over a million unless it’s a complete trash heap. I live in a 600k TH because at the time of buying it I only made 150k (make double that now)

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I got a serious question for you, man.
Do you still fuck her? Cuz I'm spending the summer with this girl, and it hasn't been as....exciting as I expected it to be. I don't know what's going on. I'm fucking her, but it's not adventurous now for some reason. I can't even cum half the time. I didn't cum last night, and when she went to sleep after orgasming like 50 times, I jerked off and came no problem. And she's been introducing me to her family and extended family, too. I feel locked in and all I can think about when I'm fucking her is fucking other women. This blowjob from her last week, I came because I was thinking about her sister. Is this shit normal?

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>I live 45-60 minutes outside DC and every SFH is over a million
why are you saying things that are demonstrably false and can easily be verified as such

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i live outside of philly. i live in a shithole apartment in a 25% nigger town. as i write this post, my retard neighbor i share walls with his blasting music so loud that i can hear it. my rent is $1300/month. the nicer apartments in nicer areas are like $1500 to $1600 a month for non-luxury units, $1700-2000/month for luxury units.

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Also if you move to LCOL areas there are barely any single women. All the attractive girls flock to the city. So sure, you can move to rural Wyoming but have fun being celibate

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Bruh that's impressive for a retard no chin landwhale like yourself no cap fr.

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Alright hoe how you making 1.2 milly a year?

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i recently moved to a minor city in the eastern part of the netherlands (LCOL for sure compared to the area around Amsterdam where i grew up) and the women are beautiful

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There are no decent houses near DC under a million. It’s either gonna be in a shithole with bad schools or extremely old and run down

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this is monogamy
what did you expect?
happened to me 30 minutes ago and she had this period smell

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Europe might be different, idk. In America if you move to the countryside everyone is old and/or obese and the only attractive women are married with kids

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I'm looking at the zestimates and you are wrong. So I can only assume you are lying about everything you post in this thread. Don't know why you're wasting your time doing this. Maybe if you spent less time lying on the internet you would actually make 300k a year.

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I make $50k/yr in the US. I go on several vacations per year to other parts of the country/world, do absolutely zero budgeting of my entertainment purchases, and my only debt is the new car I just bought and will have paid off in three years.
Why do intelligent people live outside of the Midwest, again?

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>350-400k absolute minimum to be a stay at home mom
I kekked, imagine living like this

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yeah it's normal. it's not low test of any of this other fag bullshit excuses, it's a natural reaction to being tired and bored of a bitch.

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Midwest Chad reporting in.
>House: owned outright
>Debts: none (except a small business gov loan with 3% interest)
>Weather: too fucking not and later too fucking cold

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If they break a leg, they spend half of their savings paying for the hospital bill, no wonder they are so sensitive about their salaries

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Midwest poorfag here
>House: Half paid off on 15 year note
>Debt: few medicals bills and my house which needs major work
>Weather: Gave me a heat stroke and my job fired me and now I gotta probably sue em while I can't work

God damn our states used to be nice and filled with nice people you notice how everyone just flooded in here recently and are sacks of shit?

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HCOL areas are the best ways to build wealth. There are lots of things that don’t get cheaper just because you live in a flyover state, like cars. The way that it works is even though your expenses are higher, your salary is way higher which allows you to save more

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The only thing that's changed is that zoomers on the internet exaggerate their made up numbers way more than older generations for some reason

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are you going to comment on how you were lying about house prices 45-60min away from DC or no

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American women are gross though.

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1pbti sage for demoralizing thread

I am in 30s, live on the beach, make 30k and am comfy in California, perfect work life balance

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We have sex maybe 3 times a month. It’s usually pretty good cause I rarely masturbate but yeah I wish we did it more I also wish she’d lose some fucking WEIGHT FAT CUNT

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>Overweight, obese and body positive
>History of being a slut
>High demands, unrealistic for 99% of the pop.
>Likely to turn against you and demand the house+child support while she does nothing all day
Is this the American dream you keep talking about?

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> mfw making 25k/year as engineer at central europe

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Oh yeah the sister thing is tough. I dated this one girl for 8 years and was in love with her sister. Shit was horrible. My wife’s sister isn’t that hot but my ex gfs sister was smoking hot. I’d probably leave my wife for her still.

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Yeah, I live just on the other side of the Illinois border, and these Chicago refugees suck. So many fucking shootings suddenly

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Show me a decent house under 1 mil

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>US is still majority white, sweetie
no, it’s actually not.
look around you. whites are BARELY 30%

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I make 800k a year and I still feel extremely poor

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Normal. Been living with fiance for about two years now; I got Koikatsu Party on steam to make/download wide varieties of anime girls for VR enjoyment to keep me from browsing real women. Just made a Vera Dijkman anime girl clone, shit's cash.

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>meanwhile in western yurop i made less than 30k back when I bothered to wage.
Mine peaked at about 17.5£.
Go team stem!

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I used to love my state I'm next door, shits getting worse.

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I aim to be stable at 20k a year. Imagine all the free time.

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As a white I am one full person. As a non white you are at MOST, 3/5ths a person.

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Welcome to the hedonic treadmill.
Time to learn to love her for other reasons.

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That's my problem. Student loans raping my youth

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Hammond fag or Terre haute fag?

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How many things are really the same price, though? Food, homes, education, and the entire service industry are way jacked up on the coasts. I'd guess it's not a one to one correlation between cost of living and wealth building. Like, if you're a top of your field medical doctor, is your salary really that much less working for Mayo in Rochester, MN than Kaiser out in California?
Added to that, wherever you build your career is basically where your support network will be, so it's not super easy to make a bunch of money and then just leave all your friends and family.

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That’s because million is the new 100k

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Quad Cities, other side of Illinois. Although, at the rate things are going the Quad thing is going to stop mattering, everyone's moving across the river to get out of Illinois. Davenport is now larger than all three of the Illinois cities combined.

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Anon there are schizophrenics and insane people who post things online; do you just take everything you read at face value?

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None of these women have kids and should therefore not be taken seriously.

This is the classic “I won’t date any guys who aren’t my 10/10” when really they mean “I’m not going to date/marry a guy unless he makes me believe I love him”.

Women are absolutely full of shit and you shouldn’t listen to what they say. My wife, for instance, within the span of a month went from saying “I won’t ever have kids with you! I want a divorce!!!”to leg locking me and forcing my cum into her uterus. All that noise was a shit test for getting knocked up and having my kid. The sooner you stop taking what they say seriously and just bee yourself the sooner you’ll get what you want. The best response in these sorts of situations is to just shrug your shoulders and say “baby, I love you but I think I’m gonna get out of here if you keep throwing tantrums and trying to gate keep me.” 999/1000 times they’ll say “I’m sorry!” Fuck you and forget they were ever mad.

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Lol, you are me. I’ve been with my wife for 12 years now and I’ve had to mature a lot to be who I am now.

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She's making me dinner right now so there's that. Also she gets blackout drunk on command and turns into an absolute raging slag. It's actually hilarious. I think I'm in a good spot after all. Thanks, frens.

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>3 times a month
Christ how do people not just go outside and strangle someone? I fuck more random hoes more than you married men have sex, and I'm an ugly SOB.

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700k here, live paycheck to paycheck

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3/10 larp

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I make the equivalent of $100k or so in the UK and I am well off compared to most people (rent a decent sized flat by myself on the outskirts of a city) but I don't have a car or any savings (I have a trust fund).

Hopefully I'm getting a new job soon which could put me up to $200k. I'm aiming for early retirement.

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Ok, whatever you say

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Gonna have to second this. The moment I realized feminism was just them wanting to be slapped (figuratively) and shown who's boss, I immediately started getting more action. Especially from online dating.
My current GF, I regularly make misogynistic comments about the dumbest shit and it always gets a rise out of her, but soon after I get her to that point I'm getting head within an hour. This video worked like a charm last week.

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A number of my parents friends have started retiring early, and frankly my impression is that it's more fun to just work your way into a cushy position that lets you take off as much time as you want while still giving you something interesting to work on day to day. I feel like retirement runs into the same problem that jobs with weird hours do, where nobody's free to hang out all the time you are.

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I tell credit card issuers I make $300k ;)

>> No.50258065

>fuck wife three times a month
Dude I don’t even fuck my wife three times a year. Haven’t penetrated her in over a year. Haven’t had a blowjob since George Bush was in office. She doesn’t touch or hug me anymore. Doesn’t act feminine at all anymore. Love to hear single guys talk about marriage. I would kill to have sex three times a month.

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I’d love to see what these women look like and what they need 500k bare minimum to consider a man to be marriage material. What the fuck are you buying? How much gay travel are you doing? I make significantly less than 100k and my wife doesn’t work and we are relatively comfortable.

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I’m not even 40 but I come across as a boomer I’m sure. I married a woman who turned very cold and unaffectionate and anxious over the years. If I didn’t touch her occasionally just randomly, we would never get within six inches of each other ever again. She has just about completely shut down our intimacy/sex life. Too comfortable I guess.

>> No.50258155

Why don’t you leave her? We have two kids and one is only two months old so that’s why we hardly have sex. If it was like your marriage I would be gone. Fuck that shit.

>> No.50258187

We have young kids. Don’t want to destroy the family just so I can get some strange. After years of no pussy, I manage to cope. Just get depressed from time to time.

>> No.50258228

Do you ever try to initiate? I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t love to get a massage. Just start touching her and rubbing her and eventually cope a few feels of her breasts and butt. If she doesn’t eventually jump your bone she is definitely cheating on you.

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I'm not going to say marriage counseling is the ideal solution here, but you really ought to do something. Marriage shouldn't be something to suffer through

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Massive larp thread you guys make 30k a year and you like it

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Don't really need people to hang out with. I want to live somewhere with hot summers and spend my time swimming and lounging in a private garden with a pool, fucking my wife (TBD), growing my own drugs, and raising a large number of white children.

>> No.50258314

Yes. Well I used to. Got turned down almost every time. I only ask for sex like once every few months now and I still get denied most of the time. She doesn’t like to be touched or snuck up on so sensual massage or whatever won’t work. She will let me kiss her sometimes but only a quick peck and then she quickly pulls away. It feels completely emotionless, like kissing a total stranger. I honestly don’t even feel married. More like roommates.

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This thread is dumb you can live in a "third world country" and pay 1000 per month for a nice place

>> No.50258830

I live on 12k a year as a /fit/ neet and regularly slam fresh puss. don’t worry about “being respectable” just be yourself bro

>> No.50258914

dont listen to a fish on how to fish

>> No.50258916

i hope you find your blue-haired liberal braindead vaccinated ukraine supporting wife because that's all you'll find on the internet.
actually why the fuck would you look on the internet for women? you will always, always be disappointed.
women literally don't care as long as you're funny, in good shape, you have friends, and you're not terminally online. if you are those things, and you're confident enough to walk up to a woman, you'll probably bag it.
incels are faggots. you are being psyopped, and you can't even face the psyop and reproduce because you are a faggot loser. get the fuck over it.

>> No.50258917

God all that sounds a lot like a traditional marriage. These Kardashian obsessed npcs deserve the rope. I'll make one out of the dollars they love so much

>> No.50258985

By being a nigger with expensive habits

>> No.50259003

And live like a rodent

>> No.50259026

Probably don't own anything either so it's nothing for you to invite random whores over to your shitty apartment with nig not neighbors

>> No.50259237

Soon, anyone with a job that pays more than $10/hr will be considered "rich"

>> No.50259251

You're right. My wife started a fight yesterday and apologized to me today after I acted like I didn't care

>> No.50259263

Imagine actually believing this lmao. thanks for reminding me to leave this shit hole

>> No.50259282

>she went to sleep after orgasming like 50 times
kek how

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That's because you are. It takes at least an 80th percentil income to reach what people consider middle-class. In other words, middle-income in not middle class. Pareto principle strikes again.

>> No.50259302 [DELETED] 

kinda sounds like youre not attracted to her bro. maybe move on?

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not even joking, but 300k is the new 6 figs
old 100k = now 300k
250k is literally lower middle class, 300k is middle class, 400k+ is upper middle class

>> No.50259826

>just make 200k+, be charismatic, look good, have an ample social circle, take care of children and do housechores, be fun, have interesting hobbies
>ALL of this just so I can lay there and you can fuck my 5/10 pussy
LOL, this is what the average woman believes she deserves, this is why we're fucked as a civilization, you basically have to be ON 24/7 either making money, making social connections or doing some stupid fun shit so women can laugh and fill their voidless lives, incredible

>> No.50260040

Yeah so what? Fucking your wife 3 times a year in a house is somehow better?

>> No.50260041

that's my troll post from 2-3 days ago, you stole it and rebranded it as your own.

>> No.50260567

I completely agree, 100k is like entry level wage for software engineers now

>> No.50260987

These women are trash and will die alone. Its like the female equivelent of the incel but more pathetic.

>> No.50261082

You're right be also retarded like my rentoids who make 350k annual but still can't afford a house because of their retard spending habits. Meanwhile I have two homes with stay at home wife and only make 180k

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Reading shit like this makes me sad. How can you do this to your life? How can you let it get this bad?

>> No.50262244

>Why do intelligent people live outside of the Midwest, again?
Because even people living in Chicago treat it like it's a small town. There is zero hustle, zero ambition, zero aspirations. The people here are uninspired. Finding like minded people is impossible, and they will most likely be non-white.

>> No.50262312

>live in dying city
>shocked it has no life in it
OK, now try somewhere with a growing population.

>> No.50262378

I live in a """HCOL""" area making $250k/year and wife stays at home with the kids. We live very comfortably. This chick is out of her mind and reeks of a 40 year old careerist making excuses for her still barren womb

>> No.50262419

>can't cum
>she orgasmed like 50 times
you sound like a virgin, maybe a gay one. I've been married for 3 years now and the sex is still great desu

>> No.50263168

Reasons why folks are turning to crypto, nftgames and stocks for financial freedom lately

>> No.50263183

This bearish market has fucked us all

>> No.50263217

I see opportunities inthe bear market.
Research, diversify and invest only what you can afford to loose.
I've had a few investments in altcoins but diversified into nftgames.
Got Honeyland genesis NFTs for about 2.5sol. That's a bargain to me

>> No.50263220

y'all ain't making 7 figs 5 years into your careers? ngmi

>> No.50263223

that's the price of admission for manlets, otherwise you can just be tall and moderately facially attractive

>> No.50263246

I see solana nft projects are really doing well, these prices may just be the bottom

>> No.50263247

Nice bait anon. I make 100k and my wife loves me very much.

>> No.50263305

Exactly, well the fact that that game is the first gamified DEX on solana and will have other games built on its ecosystem in future speaks volume of its potentials
Ngmi if you don't get fucked. In this market, success is dependent on lessons learnt from previous cycles.

>> No.50263443
File: 419 KB, 1125x1786, 217C6D4D-1F9E-4CE1-8F15-2C6139CCAF80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

300k is unironically a fairly common salary for guys in their 30s these days with the rise of software

>> No.50263905

the average median salary is 12k/year where i live in eastern europe. the thing is food, utilities and stuff is the same price as in the rest of europe. i made 6 figs this bullrun but i want to get a job since I never had one before and social pressure, however I feel like I'm wasting my time when I was making an yearly salary gambling on shitcoins last year. This bullrun ruined my view on money and realized how pathetic and futile working is.

>> No.50263930

Are we ignoring the fact that this lady makes over 200k? Women don’t date down in social class. She’s probably a doctor or lawyer that wants to get with other doctors or lawyers.

>> No.50264039

If you click through the reported salaries, you’ll see that most of the people in machine learning have PHDs or masters degrees, usually with 5+ years as experience as well. Is that so different from a doctor spending 8 years in school to make 300k+?

>> No.50264062

Me and my wife make 95k combined yearly.

>> No.50264786
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I have 2k networth, all in link. WAGMI?

>> No.50265104

Why would you say you're content at a static value?
That's dumb before we even factor in your existence perception of it, because it won't even stay at 150k in the long run, due to inflation.

Next, what was her expectation vs your 150k reality, how much was she making and was their any goal aside from "make number go up"?

Saying you were content perhaps signaled low ambition. Bullet potentially dodged though, but I'm trying to analyze it fairly

I just wonder if she'd be happily with you I'd you grew 150 to 200 in the next decade.

>> No.50265135

I am from Germany and make $15,000 a year.
Tradefags make like $9000 in their 1st year

>> No.50265162

The heartland of America is under attack on all sides due to wealth inequality and elitism so where I live is a mixture of the dumbest gorilla niggers and white trash and affluent joomers and normal middle class people. The middle class is disappearing though so we're left with more of each polarized faction. It's stressful and scary times to be a normalfag.

>> No.50265164

Lmao, fuck this bait. Making over $100k is still great. I’m in the $200k club and I have way more wealth to enjoy than my friends from college.

>> No.50265196

The midwest was specifically selected as the dumping ground for the Somali wave, Obama was huge in this factor.

Enjoy your new neighbors!

>> No.50265379

I wish I was in a first world country holy shit you guys have it so good, 14k is the above average salary here for which you have to work so hard to get it.

>> No.50265659
File: 219 KB, 940x1078, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 3.09.10 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a meaningless statement.
$100K salary from 2008 is roughly equivalent to $140K today in terms of your rank among earners. If you look at purchasing power then to have the same purchasing power in current year you would need to earn more, my estimate would be around $160k.

To impress bitches, who knows. COuld be you need $300K to impress bitches, but I think more people lie than used to.


>> No.50265773

What do you do?

>> No.50265787

I make $300k a year now at 28 and regret every day of my life. I don’t know how I’m going to get to a $1m salary by 30 and get married in time.

>> No.50266426

200k is more than enough unless the goal
is to be a turbo consumer

>> No.50266759

How many millionaires were uncreated in 2022 after stocks, bonds and crypto tanked, I wonder.

>> No.50266776

I make $13 an hour. But I have a webull, so I'll be driving a Lambo soon. Stocks and crypto are my only hope of ever escaping poverty. To me, 200k is rich

>> No.50266812

senior accountant at a massive corporation

>> No.50266824

It is in a LCOL location. Especially if you haven't fallen for the COOONNNSSUMMME meme.

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File: 219 KB, 2048x1092, A512F510-FB55-4AD7-A194-E427181D8F00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any reason other than inflation?

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Neither is a $1million salary.

I make $980k a year and I'm broke.

>> No.50267247

Not that I believe you but what do you do to make so much money?

>> No.50267377

do people really fall for this crappy bait?

>> No.50267597

Can confirm. Am retard and unironically make 200k

>> No.50267856


>> No.50267917

I make 600k and your wife loves me very much.

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Post frogs.

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If you’re in Canada the inflation is worse and the salaries haven’t gone up since the 90’s

>> No.50268077

This has to be bait unless you are in ny or san Francisco. Even then how much are you spending that 600k isn't enough

>> No.50268115

based bipolar poster

>> No.50268838

You can, but you're an idiot who brought the state into your personal relationship. Keep linking that boot cuck.

>> No.50268861

Because he's a dumbass that got married by the state

>> No.50268899

I make $30k a year and get by just fine

>> No.50268946

Based. How much do you get per frog?

>> No.50269213

Among the young? Among the under 40s? It's already well below majority white
Look at major cities in Europeans if you want to see majority white

In America you have 5% white major cities

>> No.50269267

>8 figure net worth
>can still only afford cup of noodles
Bros how do I make it?

>> No.50269379
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>> No.50269423

I make 500k a year and I eat dog food

>> No.50269482

>80th percentile

>> No.50270459

I have 5 figure savings (6 figs from parents on the way) and I bought champagne to drink today just because I wanted it. What's the point of having tens of millions to live like a poor person?

>> No.50270470

100k really is the new 50k

>> No.50270500

Yeah I know how you feel. Raking in a measly 100m a year and I'm living paycheck to paycheck barely able to get by. Inflation has hit me so hard

>> No.50270524

Everyone thinks 100k is impressive, these threads are retarded zoomerbait.

100k isn't impressive if you can actually do math and realize rent costs, even for a shitsty, are through the roof, but that's another matter entirely.

>> No.50270592

You can do it with a bachelors if you're American

>> No.50272721

Do you live in NYC? That's the only place in the world that a 200k salary would not be enough. If you live in Malaysia, you'd be a prince with such a salary.
I would have advised you to save 10% of your salary every month, but that will be financial advise, so I won't advise it. I would have also said to buy QANX and wait till the next bull run, but you know, NFA

>> No.50274323

this is the kind of girl I'd be bored of

>> No.50274526

for 10% of women who look good enough by birth to be able to afford such behaviors
for the other 90% it's not easy to be demanding, although physique-wise, it is hard to be a sexy woman in America because they do not have standards of health. Many average girls are "hot" in Europe just from using style alone

>> No.50274548

What shit forum did you find this on?

>> No.50274582

"dc urban mom"

>> No.50274594

Lots of people shitting on her there too.

>> No.50274698

That's pretty manly of a woman. Sure you're not supposed to be with a man instead?

>> No.50274889
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for men the middle = 90th percentile

For looks, height, wealth, IQ etc. Women subconsciously disregard the bottom 80%.

Aka 6ft is the "acceptable height" which is only the top 15% of men LOL

>> No.50274956

>compensation package
you realize that includes far more than a salary right

>> No.50275044

or punch a tall and moderately facially attractive man who disrespects you, in front of her, works too