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NOthing he says and tries to do is actually working out

Fucking loser
Press S to spit on him

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This nigga do be having a gang of white babies tho

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OP is (s)eething

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Press X to guard Elon from spit

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>NOthing he says and tries to do is actually working out
hes the richest man in the world

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You can take the African out of Africa but you can't take the Africa out of the African.

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Ok we know it’s you Elon. Take a bath, wash your teeth and go to bed.

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Everything he does is a grift, so that he can go to mars. Tunnels, boring company, tesla, starlink, crypto & twitter manipulation, all so he can vacuum as much money as possible from suckers and make space ships.

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It's going to work out great for him when he dies and his kids, mistresses, and business partners basically all go to war with each other. Elon is pure nigger tier. The more kids you have besides your legitimate heirs, the more factions of enemies you create for your legitimate heirs. If you want to somehow pass on your wealth to all of them, you're putting the pieces in place for your own personal little civil war when you die. Even if you set everything up in trusts and have a disinterested party oversee it, now you're putting all the power into someone who can basically pick and choose your legacy for you. You have like 3-5 kids, you raise them well, and you train them to carry on the dynasty.

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Whoever that nigger here was who told me I was retarded for thinking this wouldn't go through when it was announced: Fuck you and eat shit. I was right. Hope you die in Minecraft and IRL.

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His teslas are all shit, the roadstar and cybertruck are still not released, he never sent a car into space cause space is fake.

His tunnels are basically non existent, boring company only seels a roofing torch as a flamethrower, starlink is fucking expensive but actually working,
his roofing tiles non existent, 99% of what he says is nothing but a pipedream.
Plus he didnt start tesla, he bought it off soe guys
This dude is fucking overrated and his kids are so fucking retarded if they close their eyes they dont even know if they are man or woman

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couldnt close the deal, what a loser

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>Everything he does is a grift, so that he can go to mars.

its the other way round.

pretending to be going to Mars is a grift so he can make money

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kek, why salty op?

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He’s the whitest boy I know

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What did he actually fail at.You are just mad because he is gonna expose the fact that twitter commited fraud.
And everyone is going to finally learn that twitter is a bot farm.

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What a freak, this guys is a joke

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He raised a tranny kek

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lost my shirt going all in on twitter stocks because i thought god emp. elon would actually buy it
how can he not redeem??

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he became unhinged the last 12 months or so, he is losing it. maybe he is doing some sort of drug

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Objectively incorrect. He may be a cunt and con artist but he still became the world's richest man.

I'd consider that as a thing that "worked out"

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Coke probably

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How many of the kids will be trannies

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Have Sex

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Elonbros... It's over...

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here is why

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daddy Elon is making me happy again as always, a little more and I will be able to shout to my mother that I have more money than her at least once in my life

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Richest man on the planet. Have 10 kids.
>Fucking loser

Twitter doesn't want to show how many users are real. It's their fault.

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Yeah the billionaire is really failing at life

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yeah, that are all now screaming
>Daddy! LOOK AT ME!
>o-or.. I'll CHANGE SEX!
and sheeit.
procreation ≠ being a parent
fat fucking nigger.

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yeah he didn't plan that from the start

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he's not ethnically african, he has no nigger blood, it's just a geographical location.

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niggers an honorary nigger now, he's spent so long acting like one.

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Biz seems pretty upset about this tho. KEK

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trying to go to mars instead of fixing the millions of problems on earth, selfish looser.

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>ethnically african

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SS (heavy spit with lots of infected mucus)
stands for
Snakeoil salesman

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>it's just a geographical location
what a naive mind you have

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