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I started buying BAT how badly have I fucked up?

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This is undeniably true.
>Going about my day
>Learn that MN has a law where gas station owners can't lower their prices to be more affordable than their competition
>Didn't have to, but look up the governor at the time that law went into affect
Every time.

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the thing they give away for free for using the borwser?

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Yeah that’s the one

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im gonna have to save this one

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The jeets got me and I got into gmt so we are both on the same boat i guess
their memes arent as good as this though i feel like im on a boat full of immigrant Thai people

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YGMI anon BAT is superior to 99% of the garage currently valued higher. It’s just a matter of patience

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Ah, another day another BAT thread to sit in while I'm at work. Can't believe how we got absolutely nuked yesterday bros

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Thanks anon. I am super poor unfortunately though so I have only begun accumulating a very small amount. I should be able to get a sui stack in about four months.

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If Powell is really planning to hike rates again in a month or two, you probably have time to get that suicide stack.

In the meantime, skip lunches and cut whatever you can to get there faster. I'm still living a pretty restrained existence so that I can keep investing during the bear.

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I’ve seen some data that inflation is starting to come down. It could go either way, but I imagine they’re not done jacking up rates till gas is under $4

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anon i've been buying BAT since 2017 and have literally missed every moon mission there's been. BAT has literally ruined my life.

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Doesn't seem like a great life anyway if imaginary money ruined it.

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You should’ve just been hoarding passive BAT. Can’t imagine actually buying it, sad

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no but had i invested in literally anything else It could have been a spectacular life.

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Winning the lottery doesn't make life great. Get a good job, find a good partner to spend your life with, etc, etc. Those are the things that actually make life good.

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Thread got nuked, with Thotposter and few others. Thread died instantly after that but glad to see someone make it out alive. Was a damn good thread with some nice whores I regret not saving

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I shitpost from work, and can't mess with the IP address. When I get nuked, it sucks. Was glad I was spared lol. Not sure how posting Abby is not "financially related." I mean, jewesses and money go together like BAT and crabbing, amirite?

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Fuck off retard, tons of people have escaped the wage cage thanks to crypto, while BAT has only cost them countless opportunities. These threads only create more suckers.

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Tons of people have done everything thanks to X. I make six figures. It's easy in tech. Just get a tech job.

I'm here because I like startups. It gives me satisfaction to actually do something to build the economy vs. just buying another stock.

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That's fine, and it's good you have that liberty, but you're probably in the vast minority of people on biz. Between work and investments I'm not hurting for money either, but even I can see BAT is not that great an investment.

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If Brave ever went public and issued stock, it'd be a different story, I'd dump a ton of money on that. Which is what more people here would prefer anyways.

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why buy BAT? can't you just keep browsing as usual and hoard that shit forever?

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No, you didn't fuck up. I am following Saylor to buy more fractions of BTC and other alts like GAT.
Get in early and enjoy AEX APR of up to 80%. The pool is flexible and dynamic, you know what that means.

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Because turning $200 of BAT into $10 million is impossible. Duh.

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Because the advertising market is humongous and Brave keeps gaining more users every month, which means more advertisers start taking notice, which means more ad buys on the Brave network, which means more BAT purchases by Brave. BAT is one of the few cryptos that offers more than just a speculative asset. The supply is maxxed out and the users growth keeps climbing in this bear market downturn. Clown world investing has already rugged. BAT and other projects with real utility are about to take center stage.

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Thanks anon this makes me feel bullish

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Best job I had was delivery driving.
I have a higher paying job now but my goal is to use that to pay mortgage so I can collapse back to delivery.