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There was a point on this board where you couldn't scroll without seeing someone shilling SERGAY and ChainLink. What happened to these faggots? Is there a future for Link? Considering buying in looks like a pretty good bottom right now unironically.

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I'm demoralized beyond recognition.

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itd dokay :DD

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we've been defeated
now we are just zombies
barely living
waiting for $1000 eoy, a day that may never come

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considering the high was like 70 dollars and the peak of crypto thats not gonna happen. Linkies are the lowest form of human I am so happy it tanked

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It's tough to continually meme about pregnant Sergay when you've been holding on something that's down 88% from it's ATH, particularly if you were somewhat close to making it if it had just kept going up a little bit more.

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fatass burger huffer prolapsed linkies so hard they need a colostomy bag

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making link fud threads is more fun

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Kept getting banned and got too lazy to reset router

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bought ico and dumped at top

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the board got taken over by scammers and bad actors constantly spamming low tier fud and slowly over the last few years good effort posters left, now we witness the barren dystopian hellscape which is biz in 2022, you will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

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this is the one time i'll actually tell you
the only time i make posts is to fud post because its funny
link is the only project that is guaranteed to moon at this point and i'd prefer it if all the newfags, retards, and redditors here continue to believe that it's a token not needed shitcoin because i want them to stay poor and retarded, and retail poorfag purchases don't matter in the grand scheme of things for link

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