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This place has lost its magic...

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>consistently the most frog filled board
>lost magic

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it was smoke and mirrors all along

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It was never a magical place

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More like I lost my money, in this place...

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thats life
>thats life
thats what all the people say
riding high in april
>shot down in may

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familiarity breeds contempt

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Blame the pajeets, scammers and shitty mods
Bullrun biz was disgusting

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the power has dispersed, but it will return when grumpycat coin makes its comeback. 2018-2020 was an exhaustive effort

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no it hasn't.
bear market = less tourists = more magic
this board is used for completely different things depending on whether BTC is above 50% of its ATH.

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All the smart minds already /made it/ and left this place. Only the midwits are left here.

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i know
all we can do is try to get the flames going again... as futile as it seems

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in 2018 maybe
not these days

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People been saying that since at least 2015

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i was talking about bitcoin and fucking beetroot on /g/ before /biz/ was even a thing
trust me things are generally as bad as they've always been
the only difference is losing Bizonacci and the Bogs, which admittedly isn't a very small difference
also this >>50223918 but people were saying it in 2009 too
in fact, every year people say it less

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We are all blackpilled as fuck we owned the world and the universe threw everything at us to lock us in our houses in a dystopia.

And as soon as the dystopia ended so did our wealth, we are being tested anon...

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a deep bear market is what /biz/ needs. Let the depression and recession clean this board from scammers, redditors and poltards