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I don't have much time, but I wanted to give you guys a tip on mastrubation that you could profit off of massively (on topic jannies, fuck off). So try this:

>go 2-3 days without fapping, more if possible
>finally make some time for a fapping session
>around 10 seconds before ejaculation, slow your stroke pace to something really slow and keep this pace before, during, and after cumming
>experience sex level orgasm
>no longer need a woman to enjoy ejaculation

your welcome

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I never needed a woman to enjoy ejaculating

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Guys i fell for the woman meme. So everything was great in the beginning but the whore only pretended to love me and our life together, she really wanted a baby "to feel complete" of course the baby means I work and she stays home.

well the crypto market crashed so I can't afford for her to stay at home. now she is pregnant and mad at me for having to work. I can barely make payments on the new house we bought for the baby and now I can't afford to get a new car... my old subaru has ripped seats.

I went from a care free NEET enjoying life and living off normies by playing the crypto market to a wage slave depressed beer drinking all the time to forget sorry motherfucker. I have no money to get out of this and no good solutions.

yea im thinking I fucked up big time.

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is she atleast hot anon?

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>go 2-3 days without fapping
Lol. Lmao even

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It also helps to be uncut.
I may be an Amerimutt, but I still have my foreskin, and god damn are my orgasms powerful as fuck.

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You fucked up but don't be a nigger. Fuck the bitch, that kid deserves a good life.

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Sex is actually worse than fapping to me.

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larp but any anon reading this stop drinking jewish poison
cope with weed and porn or something less harmful stay away from legal drugs and sugar

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