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What are your tips for not being lazy, procrastinating, and getting things done?

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Stay off 4chan
And quit cooming

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there should be a productivity board now that /biz/ is just crypto
to answer the question: read atomic habits and implement good, sustainable daily activities (and kill off your bad habits). I'm starting to implement the GTD method with emacs orgmode but it's rough, GTD (the book) has much worse writing (2/3 dedicated to philosophy? come on) than atomic habits which makes implementing it more of a pain.

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Make a list of shit to do and fulfill it before letting yourself onto to 4chan, playing viyda, driving around rural roads aimlessly like me, etc

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Think discipline > motivation. Commit to doing a little each day and eventually you may find you're interested enough to do more. Establish the habit, and build off of that. You can't just go full tilt or else you'll resent it immediately, you have to learn to value it, from results.

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Make it your goal to procastinate and be lazy and you always win

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try fasting
when you get bored and can't just eat to occupy time you'll start looking for something to do

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I start off my day with a strong coom session, usually follow that up with a chad buy of The People's BITCOIN. Then i can finally begin shitposting on this board.

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oh, you're in that phase. cute.

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Taking SSRIs.

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making lists
small tasks
patience with thyself

fancy bro, take this

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Legit good way to establish habits
Good way to not procrastinate
I let myself coom, play video games, etc. without shame, but only after my todo list is done for the day

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ever since i filled my bag with matic my life has been getting better and better.
>sleeping earlier/ waking up earlier
>will to work
>actually getting things done

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Removal of temptation, that way im not wrestling myself to do the right thing.

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Cut off activities that give too much dopamine.

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My dad has been reading atomic habits. I might borrow it after he's done reading it.

I found my most productive was when I forced myself to sleep early and woke up early as the sun rose. I'd jump in my chair with a laptop I pretty much only use for school and work and just spent 4 or 5 hours working.

Without going to my phone first or anything else, my brain would go, "Oh, this is interesting". After 4 to 6 hours, I'd be done and it would be around 12 PM. I'd eat, maybe exercise and do whatever I want without guilt.

Even weed was much better after being focused like that.

If I got in some lunch, a run or some other exercise, and maybe an hour of housework, then I could play Vidya for 2 to 3 hours and since my baseline was work, Vidya felt like it lasted 4 to 6 hours long.

Been going on walks in the evening and watching some anime with my younger brother as we've been getting closer together. Better for his physical and mental health as he's gone from not really walking to up to 1.5 miles, but it kinda sucks for me since he's on a might schedule, so I'll wake up at night as he makes noise from gaming (voice chat), some drinking, and weed.

I'm sad about 13 year old me leaving him in his high chair as a 18 to 24 month old playing with leftover food and watching TV (or me play video games) as I trained him love is eating food and watching videos on end rather than interacting with him, changing his diaper, and going outside with him. :( I'm trying to undo the damage I unknowingly let my computer addiction afflict on him.

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Try fasting

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Whats your stack chad??

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stop being a passive observer in your own life and actively manage it towards things that interest you

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By remembering that being a wagie sucks and my only ticket out of that soul-draining life is to accomplish the goals I've set for myself

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You're asking the group of autist that do nothing but shitpost how to be productive?

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Like other people said, fasting.
It's difficult at first but alcohol, weed, cigarettes, porn (find a wife, even a homely 5/10 one, try marry the oldest sister of a large family she will be very loving and helpful and if you avoid porn you will always dump fat loads in her pussy YHWH loves nothing more than your wife's hungry pussy dripping with a fat load of cum), sugary empty food etc. are all distractions from the present moment (maybe indulge on a new moon, but do it in a structured way).
You need to seize the 'now', procrastination is the opposite of this.
Once you have freed yourself from distractions using discipline then start to focus your attention towards your intention using your imagination (this website and all media destroys your innate imagination and redefines the parameters of your existence into a feedback loop).
Remember the 4 Platonic virtues: Courage, Justice, Temperence and Wisdom. Furthermore, the tripartate conception of the soul sees reason manning a chariot with two horses: Appetite and Status. Control these horses.
Also love one another, my man Yeshua right there.
Praise Jah on the regular, Jah is I AM and I AM is everyone, you are everyone. Fasting and prayer is good, but charity and righteousness are even better, that is the way to find a fortune and yet know that even if you lost it you would be just fine!

Hope that helps anon I typed it out and didn't check it :)

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>when you get bored and can't just eat to occupy time you'll start looking for something to do
this doesn't work because when I get bored and hungry I just eat. Doesn't matter if I tell myself not to, it just happens. My brain's executive center has shrunk down to the size of a water flea from 20 years of electronic overstimulation and I have no idea how to start growing it back, it's too puny to even 'exercise' in any meaningful sense, I may well try to wiggle my tailbone or flex my appendix.

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> train yourself like a circus monkey
based monkey

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quit cooming, definitely, Also, stop overeating. Fasting helps. Get a goal and work towards it, simple in theory, harder in practice.

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Never explain and never complain. You have to become a selaed hermetic vessel. Cast not your pearls before swine. This is the key to real magic.

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You're a good bro man, it wasn't your job to raise your brother and you were fucking 13. You're doing right by him now, the more he feels like he has a bro to do things with the more you'll curb his other bad habits.

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so profound and deep

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As some people mentioned in the thread read atomic habits. But don't forget the hard part is executing on the info you get from there. Build up healthy habits and leave out the bad ones

- stop smoking weed
- stop drinking booze
- stop eating junk food
- stop fapping three time a day
- start doing workouts (never miss 2 in a row)
- stop going online for 12 hours
- wake up "early" (not necessarily clock-wise but get up with an alarm after 8 hrs of sleep)

Emacs and org mode is such a good combination for these things. While you're on it, check out org-roam and org-roam-ui. Put your agenda inside a folder in roam and you'll be able to combine knowledge base and task manager.
I'm nowadays using notion for a variety of other reasons, but there's also good GTD template from Thomas Frank out there for starters

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rude and silly

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>buy weed.
>only smoke weed after you achieve something to reward yourself

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>Emacs and org mode is such a good combination for these things. While you're on it, check out org-roam and org-roam-ui. Put your agenda inside a folder in roam and you'll be able to combine knowledge base and task manager.
>I'm nowadays using notion for a variety of other reasons, but there's also good GTD template from Thomas Frank out there for starters
can you post link to what you're talking about? is this some /g/ programmer bro linux wizard shit?

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Keep yourself functional:
> 8 hrs of sleep on schedule
> good food on schedule
> no alcohol / drugs / serious energy drinks on weekdays
> grooming / laundry / cleaning on schedule.

This ensures you have a platform to work on and reduces "emergency work".

Dedicate time to your number one goal - 2-3 hours every day or you aren't going to get shit done.

That's really eat. The other thing is making sure you pick a goal you actually care about.

P.S. I am not going to refresh this thread until I finish this 2-hour section and pass the quiz. Tell me what a good boy sucking corporate dick I am. Slurp slurp.

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what an unhappy person, kek

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Emacs and org is definitely /g/ wizard programmer tier.

https://notion.so is powerful too but normie tier and easy to use in comparison.

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>projecting this hard
I'm not the one giving basic bitch advise to cope with my poor life decisions. But keep spamming nigger and chainlink. I'm sure you life will turn around at some point ;^)

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post body fatties

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Would it theoretically be possible to eat through your nose?

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you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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truth hurts anon, maybe don't give advice you don't actually follow

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all the other advice is shit

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And start using a calendar and stopwatch where you plan things out timewise. It doesn't mean no fun or free time rather just have a plan for how long you intend the do things.

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Define productive

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Able to achieve some goal. Ideally, able to achieve some goal of value, faster and with less effort than other people.

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I love crypto and even built my own rig, but crypto should have it's own board called /cry/.

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How do you hold yourself back from doing the time wasting shit until after you've accomplished what needs to be done? I always tell myself to wait, but I never do.

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There is no answer than just do it, especially if it's a worthwhile goal. If you have to, cuck yourself and go to the library or run another OS with nothing but work shit on it.

"But what if I can't get myself to go do it" - honestly, no one can fix that. "Just do it" is about the best advice you can get, and you might as well follow it. At the very least start, that's what Atomic Habits is about, even though it's a shit book - go do something for 5 mins. Maybe it will help you build a habit.

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How do I get them?

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>never explain
Can you explain this? Help a swine out.

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How to do this safely when I'm a fatass that gets brain fog and shit when I go too long without eating? Plus I know for a fact that if I lift on an empty stomach I get that low blood sugar nausea and blood draining from my face reaction. Do I just drink more snake juice or what?

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where do i find productive people to ask?

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> and shit when I go too long without eating

Do you really?

>I lift on an empty stomach

Do 72 and don't lift.

I do snaek juice 72s, and while they don't help me lose weight, they don't really do much of anything at all, in any way.



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Nofap. I am dead fucking serious. Did it for the first time since hitting puberty 20 years ago. 3 weeks in and i am slowly turning into a completely different person. It's not easy but it is worth it.

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Get adequate sleep
Maintain a sleeping routine
Set goals (you can start them small and expand as you get better at accomplishing things)
Keep track of milestones
I know it’s a meme to say “do what you love” for work but I legitimately love my career

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any life coach really, but end of the day if you have zero goals you wont go anywhere. asking demented man children who think pic related is the funnest thing ever for advice is just dumb.

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You posted >>50201092 and you think a life coach has good advice? Come on.

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I find it really hard to not be lazy when you are either not making money on your job or not feeling like you are doing a thing that actually serves a purpose on humanity overall. My job is a useful thing for humanity (im a firefighter) but isn't really kind on the money part.That's why i actually invest in coins that pump (zha0 for example) and kill two birds with one stone. It's made my life so much better

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Deep work strategy

30-45 mins at a time with a rest in between

You NEED to heal your dopamine zoomed out brain

put your phone outside your room

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depends on the coach. Part of the deal is they will come to your house and check on you to see if you are doing the stuff they said to do. After a certain point if you prove to be a waste of time they can just leave. 90% of the time they practice what they preach so they already beat most people here giving "advice"

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I am very much against life coaches because they will literally repeat what I said and you disagreed with + some basic shit about defining goals properly (actionable, achievable, documented, whatever the fuck).

Most of them are normies trying to milk complete losers.


>put your phone outside your room

This is actually good advice. Some people here never made that transfer from their personnel PC computer, so they need to leave that.

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the problem is you don't have anything that actually needs getting done with. most people don't have any real purpose anymore.

you are confusing this with lazy, procrastinating

if you want to trick yourself sure do whatever these workout/eat healthy shills say. it will distract you from the fact that nothing you do really matters

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Fap at least 2 times a day, smoke a lot of marihuana, browse biz and watch youtube shit at least 12 hs a day while you eat . Also stop reading books and going to the gym, no cooking anymore just order take out food. Whatever hobby you have, just quit and watch netflix, and when you don't know what to do, just fap. When you had enough of all of this to the point of hating it, you can begin living your life kek

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>t never talked to a life coach
maybe you should go step outside and make real friends before you go giving advice.

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If you need tips to not be lazy, you're by default not gonna make it. Success starts from the mind, and your mind just isn't suited to reach it.

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Thanks anon bro. :) That's the goal. Help give him some in person companionship as it's mostly online and develop healthier habits. Working on those myself.

It's true that it wasn't my job. I tell myself that and my parents have felt bad about they. My dad worked a lot and my mom would be doing stuff with my older siblings. They have since improved as well, supported my brother and I a lot since then, and have been very involved in their grandchildrens' lives.

I want to ensure that this doesn't happen with my kids and want to be very involved with them in their lives in a healthy way. Part of preparing for that is being more involved with my little bro.

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Then maybe you should be out there getting a wife instead of fishing for brownie points from literal whos

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that's my prob. I don't have anything that I need to do. Nobody depends on me, don't have any obligations. How am I supposed to motivate myself to "do stuff" when there's no stuff that really needs doing? I work out, I cook & eat well. I keep my place clean. Beyond that what exactly am I supposed to do?

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same here bro, last year I "made it". Now I just cook food and gym. I don't really socialise or go outside much, loneliness is an issue.
I sit down and study sometimes but there's no long term vision, what exactly am I studying for? I don't know what I'm doing anymore man.

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Ain't nothing wrong with anons helping anons.

I have a long term gf (3 years this September) and we've talked marriage, kids, etc. We have been slowly ramping up more physical intimacy over time to ensure we get along well without sex being a driving force to bad decisions. We don't agree on everything, but respect each other's beliefs when they deviate and they aren't far enough to cause major issues.

Our families get along and we get along with each other's family.

It's the healthiest relationship I have had and the longest lasting. Between her and therapy, I've made some great changes. Had therapy for a year before meeting her. I wanted to work on myself before dating and ending up in a codependent relationship.

Went from someone who had withdrawn from over 20 courses over 15 years with a terrible GPA to being a week away from graduating with a 4.0 GPA in a STEM bachelors degree at my current college.

Funnily enough, I met her in person on the day I fully accepted being single. Dating apps lead to pretty much nothing. In part due to competition and in large part due to being at a terrible place for years where I ran away from my problems trying to help others before myself and lived in a cloud of weed constantly which led to me being so broke, others fed me.

I haven't lived in poverty in years and never want to go back.

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>I sit down and study sometimes but there's no long term vision,
yeah same. what am I supposed to study exactly? Learn to code? not much point in learning skills you don't plan on ever using. don't need to work to survive anymore thanks to crypto. guess I could try some hobbies but without anyone to do them with it's kinda boring might as well play vidya at least it's entertaining and fun to do by myself but even that gets dull after a while. really not sure what I should do beyond the self-maintenance stuff

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It is if you're a moron who doesn't know what your talking about or am I suppose to take math advice from the kid who got an F-?

Funny enough I see you completely missed the point in>>50204405
and your just lying about your "accomplishments" Guys like you only started coming here because you want to feel special for doing the bare minimum in life. Plenty of people have younger siblings and have to help take care of them. It doesn't make you special. Maybe you should find happiness in your life instead of wanting validation from strangers

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You should stop projecting anon, it's not a healthy coping mechanism. If you found strength in isolation you wouldn't be begging for validation from strangers.

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Anons, are there any group activities that might work well for y'all? Loneliness is a literal killer.

One nice thing about not needing to work is picking up a job if you're curious about an industry. There's no pressure to have to be perfect or stressing avout paying bills.

USA here. A friend of mine about 15 years back worked at kid/teen camps on Alaska for six months a year and then he would backpack Europe for six months.

The only downside was that he didn't have any fallback money, but be enjoyed it enough to do it for several years. Expanded his horizons a lot.

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I hear group suicides are always popular

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I didn't do well. Withdrew for. Classes rather than fail. 2.5 GPA at a 4 year college, 3.2 GPA once I started to get my shit together at a community college , and 4.0 GPA at another 4 year college without withdrawing and getting another
W from classes.

Not a lack of raw intelligence, more of, I didn't have the proper skillset and I wasn't handling what I should.

I have no reason to lie. Is it a sin to want to share my experiences? Is it terrible to have positive validation of what I am doing?

I have love from those in my life. I think we need more love in those world and support for those wanting to go towards a positive change. I've been miserable, blamed others, and saw terrible in the good. Letting out stressors on an anonymous image board is a healthy thing.

I know I'm not the only one who is helps out their younger siblings. If we shut down everybody who helped others, then it'll discourage that behavior. I believe everybody is special in their own way. Validation for good is validation in doing the right thing

I hope you find peace and love even though you may currently be experiencing pain and viewing things in a negative light.

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I remind myself that every moment takes me closer to my grave and I need to make hay while the sun is shining. There are people younger than me working harder and doing better than I am. If I don’t do something then life will pass me by and I’ll never have anything to be proud of.

I find that trying to pack as much as possible into my day is helpful because then I’ll have something to do at all times.

Fear, fear of failure and fear of being backed into a corner is my motivation. Once you get going on a task or project it starts to take on a life of it’s own and then completion becomes it’s own reward . Soon enough you’re addicted to the feeling and success becomes a habit.

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But the impulse to get the easy hit from wasting time on the internet is stronger than those fears for me.

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I've already burned through my steam library. It gets dull quick. Crypto/chores are a nice distraction but afterwards I just sit there thinking about what my future and potential hobbies. I don't really have much passion for anything.

I have thought about this before. Joining volunteering organisations and such. I don't really have any skills but i guess there will be a few manual labour jobs available somewhere. I will look into this again. I hope it can give me some purpose/friends. Thank you anon.

You're a bit like my older brother. We're on good terms now but in the past he wasn't so nice.
Good on you man, take care of him.

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>Not a lack of raw intelligence
sure bud

>I have no reason to lie.
same reason people go on tik toc and lie about being millionaires. Why you find joy in it is beyond me.

>I hope you find peace and love even though you may currently be experiencing pain and viewing things in a negative light.
gee thanks guru fuck nuts. You going to start shilling your book?

>> No.50205461

>I hope it can give me some purpose/friends
reason i never looked too deeply into volunteering is I imaging it'd be just like wagecucking where I go in, do work, and then go home. Never made friends with coworkers besides going to lunch together. never talked to any of them after quitting. can't see how it'd be different with a job I'm not getting paid for vs one I was getting paid for

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You’re such a fucking cretin. I bet nothing but bile pours out of your mouth whenever you’re in polite company.

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I'm I funny yet?

>> No.50205555

How old are you? If you’re under 25 it probably won’t hit you until you see some of your friends or acquaintances having personal success. If you’re over 25 and not afraid despite procrastinating then you need to make yourself uncomfortable somehow. Give yourself an obligation you can’t back out of, or at least if you do back out you’ll feel ashamed. I always recommend going outdoors and walking off-trail. Nothing gets your sphincter tight like worrying if your lost. When you get back all the little things you took for granted like AC or running water seem more special. Also, failure isn’t really a possibility unless you get lost and die. Any outcome that isn’t death or serious injury will be positive.

>> No.50205578

>get lost in the woods bro
how about you wait for your balls to drop before you go giving advice?

>> No.50205729

In a large city, yeah you're probably right. In a rural area/developing country, I imagine you'd become a part of the community and see workmates outside of work from time to time.

I went to Armenia with a few mates a couple of months ago (I'm ethnically armenian). The country has economic problems but there's a strong sense of community and a lot of people donate their time to a local charity or just work on side projects.
I think I may bite the bullet and move there for a couple of months to see what I can participate in.

Certainly beats doing nothing here in Sydney.
People here aren't as approachable and there is nect to no community. I hate big cities.

dude fuck off

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>dude fuck off

>> No.50205831

>friends or acquaintances
Don't have those.

>> No.50206012

You're welcome, anon. A friend of mine is going through a similar time in his life although he hasn't made it. He hasn't worked in several years and is looking for meaning and is wanting to work. Volunteer work came up as an option in our talks and he's looking that way. His parents don't communicate love and his friends are online. It's a lonely existence and head angry at the world while wanting to be in it.

One great thing about volunteer jobs is that they can be pathways to building skills and finding meaning. I did have have some happy summers later in life volunteering at a summer camp for mentally and physically disabled kids. I didn't truly appreciate what I learned form there until much later.

I hope you find fulfillment in whatever you may do.

Thanks man. I'm glad you two are on good terms. My older brother and I didn't always see eye to eye. It wasn't until a couple of years back I realized all the good he contributed to my life. He's also having a hard time in life too. So much stress, he had a heart attack recently at 38 years old. Might go for a walk and give him a call.

>> No.50206038

>go for a walk and give him a call.
by all means dont let me keep you.

>> No.50206100

IQ itself is not an indicator to success in life. I'm not saying I'm super smart. I'm saying that given my capacity for intelligence, I wasn't applying it like I should. This applies to someone whether 80 IQ or 120 IQ.

One of my older sisters is someone who has incredible intelligence. She didn't know what to do with it. Lots of drinking and drugs. Didn't walk the stage for her high school graduation due to getting in trouble, yet graduated with honors.

Ended up stumbling through life a bit and then found her passion and graduated with a PhD an an award for top thesis in her graduating class. She does stuff I won't be able to and that's okay.

People on TikTok may lie to get views. What views do I get here aside from a relatively small group of people who I may never see again. This doesn't increase the chance of my future posts getting more views/likes/etc.

I'm don't claim to be a guru. I'm just a dude who has had pain in my life that was often self-inflicted and have seen pain in my friends' and family's lives.

I've seen people living in far worse conditions than me who never escaped their situations.

Thankfully, some have. One friend in particular who turned to alcohol and getting into fights leading to jail time as he lived with the ghosts of his time in a Afghanistan with a friend killed in action right next to him, his traumatic brain injury, and wondering about the people he may have killed. He's still working through it, but is now gainfully employed, stopped drinking, and 12 years after military separation, has started down a job path that has given him hope. He switched to weed to help, but has been weaning himself to less and less. He recently told me that for the first time, he is doing something he doesn't want to screw up.

What do you find joy in? Is it fulfilling?

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I think I will. If he answers, it'll be good. If not, then we'll catch up later.

>> No.50206124

seems like you're too busy blogging. I wouldn't want to hang around a narcissist either

>> No.50206337

This. It's not that hard.

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It was a solid walk and a good phone call.

I enjoying writing a lot at times. Nothing wrong with it. Hypomanic times has me writing more. ADHD feeds it too.

Once was concerned I was a narcacisst, but therapists, friends, and family have said I'm not, so going with their view. I am high self monitoring at times, but that's common for ADHD comorbid with anxiety.

I agree that using a reward such as weed or whatever it may be after accomplishing goals can be useful.

Using it as a way to "help achieve the goal" often ends up in disaster over the long term.

>> No.50206785

Rather, "using while trying to achieve the ongoing goal".