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Stinky Linkies not welcome

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I’m sorry. I bit the bullet and bought 10000 just now. Fuck it.

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u guys think there's room for more growth?

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Yes but it's risky as hell right now. Could potentially leave you holding the biggest bags in history.

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whale here, I'm all in.

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Sorry your shitcoin is a pump and dump

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Why did it surge in the first place?

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who bought at 3k+ here? be honest

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it will dump back to 0.25usd, 24h from now we will see the pinkest bagholding wojaks in crypto history

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Buying Ripple now is like buying Digibyte when it was 4 cents.

Enjoy holding those bags.

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go do your wishful linking somewhere else, stinky

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>goes back to 0.25
>i buy some more
>coinbase announcement happens on Friday
>price shoots up to 4 dollars
>even more pinkwojacks who sold at 0.25

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trendline still not broken, i wouldn't hold my breath

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That's my fucking car!!!!!! Fake news it's all a fake news pump! Goddamnit my link bags are heavy!!!! AaAaaAaaAaaaahHhhhhhhHH!!!!

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Sold bags at 3005, looking to re-enter.

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I tried to buy earlier but couldn't. I managed to buy 218 now.

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XRP between 0300 - 0900 this morning.

pic related.

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I bought 410. In a year that'll be worth thousands.

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Cashed out slowly at 0.44, bought at 0.19 ages ago
Hoping to get in below 40 cents again, but given how it slowed down I thought it was too risky staying in there

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Oops, didn't mean to quote

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Sold with a nice profit.
Looking to repurchase soon.

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better get out right now

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Everything below 50cents is an absolute must buy. 2018 will be the best year for ripple and xrp.
In 6 months time, prices like today will be far out of reach.
I am very happy to see the most hated coin on /biz/ slowly but steadily getting so much momentum. Good luck everybody, you’re all gonna make it.

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Better get in right now

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got in at $0.23 a few days ago, debating whether to hodl or not

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Wondering the same here and I bought 20 minutes ago

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Im sorry. Bought all their Bags at 21c

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Just cash out the initial investment then you can only win

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where do I buy this fuckin coin?

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People thinking it will be on coinbase because of some fake scam. Worked nice for a good pump though

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don't buy this shit cripple

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GTFO newfag

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fucking normies flooding /biz/

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fidget spinner coin. ask about it on facebook

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oh you fags don't want me to dump into it? ok then

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dump yourself dude we dont want u here

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