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Under 5k over 2k, no idea.
I'm down off my initial buy in back April but I'm sure soon will be back to 69-70k and I'll sell MOST of my shares and wait for the next dip.
Gonna keep buying algo though.

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we don't use the p-word here

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-50% of my net worth haha...

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4M at least

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About $10mm since 2015

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about larp million u mean
fuckin fags
at least post a screeshot or somethin
tired of this shit

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I used to make like 150 a day with stepn but now I can barely make like 20 a day. I want the bear market to be over so I can finally make some decent beer money imo.

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subtle algo fud post

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Was 75k in November, but I'm a retard and didn't sell

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I've been here since 2018 and although I have improved I have never recovered from my losses in 2018 kek

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I haven’t sold any yet but I’m still over 100% in profit from my initial buys

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0 but $0.80 i think in tests. and this morning the wallet value went up another 7000 satoshi

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Like $10k and I could’ve have $110k but I didn’t sell back in October like a retard

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1.2m past 12 months

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somewhere between $300k and $400k

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I made about 2k from UTK. Still trying to make some more from staking it

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Smooth as butter OP, check this out

I got like $15k shorting this shit this month

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Zero I guess you need to sell right

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i made a lot on Solana and axs from my initial investment, i haven't made much on ride but atm, i'm making passive income on it.
Few % down on PKR, rose and One

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maybe about 60k

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Negative $200k.

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To be truthful I made so much from lowcaps than the highcaps indeed. I invested in PNODE and ORE during their IDO and both had over 900% growth combined in just a few weeks.

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I bust my ass for 3000 dollars i have lost

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You can only make more when you buy more.

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-8k $.
i made 20k from gme though

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Oh we all felt that, I struggled too. Bitcoin doubling in price evened me out.

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He missed the instruction fren

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100$ but i only started like 3 weeks ago and only put 350$ in

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400k if i sold in october. been inching towards suicide ever since.

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Solid call, I made over a 100k in NFTs when the hype was ripe and that time is showing up once more with projects venturing into NFT support such as minting, buying,selling and transferring cross chain.

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based, poorcucks seething in this thread

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what a loser

i made 5M

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About $1.2M. It was $2.1M at the peak, but whaddya gonna do.

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-$45 total
Could be worse, I have no debt

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Made huge profits on Sylo but also gradually seeing steady growth in AxlToken from my last buy order.

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I made
>12x from QANX
>10x from SOL
>2x from BTC

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I bought UTK dip 2 years ago, it could have been my highest profit few months ago, but, I'm Still Holding, I'm I a degen or retard

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I've only cashed out 50k profit since 2017
NO ONE has it worse than me
Imagine having 2.5 bull runs and still not making it

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If the bull market start then you might be a lucky faggot, I hope the bear doesn't take us all down

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A degen, it's best you stake if possible, I know UTK from way back in 2017 during its ICO, crypto payment is actually gaining traction now

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I bought 3 bitcoin at $80-120 like a decade ago since I thought there would always be a black market in the internet.

Unless there's world peace, it will never reach zero and likely go up to $100,000.

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currently at negative 4.5k
my only option for recovery is swing trading

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>he pretends he is up money kek

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I know some couple of projects on this path ore protocol and Alliance block just to mention a few.

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ive lost about 20k

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started with 10k and now i have a house plus 75k in stocks

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Lucky bastard, I only got 2x from QANX, but I'm still Hodling anyways

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like 150k in the past 6 months.

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I have cashed out 300k out of 2.2m(ath) on 20k invested in 2016. Right now im not even sure, its probably around 600-700k left that i am just holding

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>3k initial August 2020
>80k cashed out
>~70k left (1 BTC, 32 eth, 50 BNB, some nfts)
So like 150k, I guess. Didn't sell enough, could have been 250k.

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realized profit i have something like $50-100k and my entire portfolio "cost" has been recouped for years. unrealized profits have been as high as $1.5m, but are currently sitting around $400-500k

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The bear might last a while but crypto isnt going to zero infact from the look of things web3 might be the main topic to start the bullrun and a handful of projects are already building tools to enable easy access and seamless movement from web 2 to web 3.

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Bought a house last year cash. Sold link at $40.

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>tfw i could have bought link @ 0.25 but didn't because it was just sirgay memes and nothing else, until they meme'd it into actual high volume fiat exchanges and I missed out on early retirement

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If web3 becomes the next trend, then Utrust and EGLD should be taken more seriously, both are working on improving Web3payment

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7k below my initial

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From 2017 through 2021, approximately a 2x. As of right now, I'm at net zero.

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Oh there are tons of protocols working towards web3 development in different capacity including easy access and transitioning from web2, identity management,asset management and more.

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Well, I started off with zero Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens. Now I have 487 Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens. So I guess I have made 487 LINK profit.

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There is no hype with NFTs. I saw what's up with Lukaku's nft collection and I realized that critics against NFTs are absolutely retarded

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Do you realize how idiotic this sounds?

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You're definitely going down with the fuckin bear.

>web3 might be the main topic
It might be but metaverse is already the main topic. Take a look what the sport industry is doing with it

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Can you give some based examples?

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I can only imagine how much profit is to be made with the land sale on sports metaverse next week

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What currency? Cause it fuckin matters too

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Lmao seen this image on here for years. Whats the context?

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made some before, will get more profits in future. its all about technology today anon. check holoride for example and you will understand the possibilities of minting money through tech.

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github com/plebbit
github com/upfirehq

Not the poster you asked, but these are the projects that I know that have at least something working to show for it. Plebbit is particularly good because of an autistic motivated by his hatred of *eddit

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Apeing into egld,ride,bnb,sylo,axl etc would make me substantial profits . Its all green when the market recovers.

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The tech is pure genius. I read somewhere that it'll be out by q4. Not much time left eh, anon !

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Audi integrating holoride tech in its vehicles is a huge validation for the project.

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Profited on dogecoin (still have not sold, still in green), profiting right now off of Luna (still not sold). It’s easy. I just buy when it feels right. Never pay much attention to any of it.

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50k but I live in the 4th world, so its like 10 millions for someone as frugal as me.

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I've also made considerable profits from a few cryptopunk nfts in the past. Right now I'm holding Lion Club Nfts on Sportsmetaverse which gives me exclusive tickets to real-world sporting events.

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That sucks anon

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The use cases of NFTs keep increasing and security has in turn become a major concern. It's a good thing that a few privacy protocols like Railgun are set to have nft support which would enable users hold and trade NFTs in private. There would be private Nft auctions as well.

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About 95k, I don't know what to do with so right now it's all in stables.

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Kek $10mm is not a lot of money

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Since when did having no debt become an achievement. I've made over $2000 from NFTs so far, looking to try my hands in the coming land sale on Sportsmetaverse. Seems to have a lot of potential.

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u best not let LunaC go then.

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kek if you don't let it go you'll be living in a trash can

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A lot of profit but the market took back some. The unrealized profit is even more. Now I just sit with Defi and have more SCRT staked which is giving some good yield as I am picking the bottom.

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Reminder you haven't made any money until it’s in your bank account