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I have moved to other boards so this might be the bottom you might talk with me now on /vg/ and /h/

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smell ya later gator

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i sometimes visit /vg/, /rlg/ mostly, sometimes /rwg/
what the fuck is /h/ ?

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/h/ippopotamus where you can discuss about this mighty African animal

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ill be on /k/ bros

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This board is not the same anymore. In the beginning 99% of the users here were from /g/

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im more like a /d/ingo guy

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this down only bear market has got me binge drinking and stress eating. Gained about 15kilos in the past 6 months. Gonna start browsing /fit/ again so I can get myself back into fasting. Should help with the waistline as well as the wallet.

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I tried using /vr/ thinking it would be comfy but it’s angrier and more schizo than here and also less funny.

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i moved onto /lgbt/
yes, even /lgbt/ is superior to this place now
pretty pathetic honestly

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