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Holy shit tranny mod seething hard.
Imagine deleting a thread about economy because it goes against your political view and your "fight against evil Russia".

Germany is literally dying and the ECONOMIC sanctions have proven to destroy your own economy.

Cope harder tranny mod

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They actually deleted it? wtf?

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Yes, >>50146007

>Espresso costs 3€
>6 months ago it costed 1.65€

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>muh Europe dying
>muh russia good
While it might sting a bit trying to find as good a gas station as that shithole russia was to Europe, nobody is "dying" because of some eurasian mongoloids being ostracized from the rest of civilization.
EU had it's own money printer on, and is in the same boat as the US for different reasons entirely

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>they dont bother writing proper pricetags

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>nu-jannies delete macro economic discussion
it's a fucking BUSINESS and FINANCE board

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is it? from a cursory glance you'd say it's a place for teenagers to discuss their 100 dollar portoflios of scam internet tokens

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Holy fucking shit that is it. Everybody start a website and link it here so we can catch the mods & jannies' IPs , we need their dox and to murder them.

YOU DO NOT THIS SHIT ON A BUSINESS FORUM YOU MENTAL RETARD. YOU ARE MAKING ME LOSE MONEY, JANITOR. What the hell is wrong with you millennial SJWs, are you that immature that you fuck with the bull?
I will fucking murder you and your whole family for making me lose millions you mental retard. Who the fuck do you think are? Bill Gates?

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>prices change so fast they're now handwritten on sticky tags
This is just like Brazil in the 90s. We did it third world bros, we made Europe /oneofus/

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You know there's a tranny jannie on /biz/ that you can pay to have a thread stay up or have it removed? It's true. You just need to be in the right discord server.

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Truly discord is the tumblr of the apocalypse.