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I am 23 yo and never had a gf. Hypothetically what is some advice I should follow if I get one ?

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Make babies with her.

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The first step is talking to women, this is important. Tinder is unironically a good place to practice this since there's no real consequences or humiliation for failure, they just unmatch you

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How about you just skip to the end where she makes a false rape or domestic violence allegation and you get red flagged and murdered by a SWAT team even though you don't have any guns, and then as you're bleeding out on the floor you see out your open front door your GF in the arms of some dirty nigger with dreadlocks. AND THAT'S HOW YOU DIED.

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I don’t get matches though
I have empty looking eyes, and I can’t be bothered to write a bio

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Read the “Book of Pook”

That is all.

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26 and same, but it just doesnt matter when you realize having a gf will have no positive impact on your life.

if you insist on getting one, put yourself out there . Yoga classes, hiking, bouldering, tennis, etc

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Frogposter demoralization thread #2577. Except in this case it's literally me

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Get healthy and do social shit like classes or sports that involve both male and female
Even if you don't find a gf there you can make some acquaintances and give yourself possibilities of hanging out with new people and possibly encountering grill outside of these activities also
They don't fall out of the sky retard, think about this logically

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>They don't fall out of the sky retard, think about this logically
This anon is clearly full of shit. Hoes falling out of the sky is how I got my harem of 30 GFs. It was just like my animes.

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fuck hookers in thailand.

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The trick for this is to just swipe right on every single girl you see. Every one. Play the numbers game. Also, the way the algorithm works, girls who swipe right on you will show up on your feed first, and you have a higher chance of finding matches

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No one is reading your message about what you should do IF you get one, and is responding how to get one.

Retards the lot of them.

Anyway first responding to >>50132402 you need a bio, if you're actually looking for a GF and not just someone to fuck. If you're attractive you can get away fucking vapid whores without a bio but having something there will help girls who are looking for something more serious than a fling.

Once you get a date/a few dates and you want to call her your gf then basically just don't let her control your life, keep your independence. That's my advice. Don't put her pussy on a pedestal