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How do I live the NEET life in Canada when I have no more insurable EI hours?

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A better question to ask is why the fuck do you live in Canada. On purpose. You know the border is wide the fuck open. You can just walk across. They even make it easy to tell where exactly the border is by deforesting a deforested no-no zone between our two countries.

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Disability? Or provincial training program? Quebec offer programs to learn a trade and pay you.

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To where? United kikes of negroland?

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Canada is about as hard to leave now as east Berlin was during the cold war era. The liberals are fighting to trap people in.

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Just avoid the cities. Plenty of free White places left in America.

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Only if you try to fly or drive out. It's not that hard to walk over in the less populated spots. The border is massive and full of holes, it really just depends on how badly you want to escape your literal communist shithole.