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Is there any way to tell which coins are going to explode in the 2024 bull market?

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yes please buy my bnb shitcoin
>doxed devs
>based white team
>10/10 token sniffer
>elon musk tweets and billboards soon

join the telegram now

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the answer is always: hex

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I'm talking about serious projects. I'm sure I won't catch the next shib but what about the next sol?

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Is is coffee good for you posting good for you?

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Coffeeposting requires the women to look good

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Is coffee good for you?

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Sers please buy safecoffecoin
>Doxed Devs
>Elon musk promoted coffee
>20% team allocation
>Audited contracts

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neither of those are serious projects because they do not provide any additional utility on core crypto principles

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She is precariously close to the wall

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If there is a bull run than BTC is the easy way to make money.

If you want to triple your money within 2 years short coal with 5x leverage.

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Sure but there's only a 10x left in BTC at best. Depending on how low we go. That's not enough to really make it

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can't you
>is coffee good for you?
faggots spam some other boards /biz/?

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watch her dancing with this song playing

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It will be a coin that is endlessly shilled, memed, debated, and fudded for months and months on /biz/.

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im still doing research on this myself, but target coins with under 200-100m mcap, preferably ones that aim to solve real world problems. The more ambitious they seem, the better, They don't have to actually deliver on their product in the end as long as they 20-50x my bags. Also, don't forget to look up the total supply since many shitcoins lock away tokens and gradually dump them over time.

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>world is going to literal shit
>no food for many soon
>no water for many soon
>refugee crisis gets worse each year
>no, the magic internet money will explode in 2024
delusional, but at least when things get bad you will be switftly taken care of by alpha males

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why do white people do this default "dance"?

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i.e no bugs

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well you see tyrone, gyrating your ass in someone's face like a deranged chimp doesnt come natural to white people like it does the negro

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I just told you how to easily x3 your money in 2 years than you can hop into BTC with X2 leverage for another X8 that is 24x with a very high success probability in 4 years.

If you have 100k you get 2.4 millions and you can just retire in some developing country. In Cambodia i get 7.5% interest on USD deposits in a bank owned by the national bank of Canada and you can live live a king spending max 50k a year here.

With 7.5% on 2.5m you get 187.000$ each year and you can save 130.000$ each year to add to your principal.

Easy life. No more stress. Enjoy fucking, drinking and eating in nice restaurant every day in a country with tropical climate.

That's it.

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>serious projects
that's irrelevant, i just want to be early on a ponzi. if "seriousness" was important, monero would be 100k a coin by now.

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I promise you, that is a rather childish and unfulfilling life. Grow up, child, find a white woman and have children.

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Radix XRD, If you know you know.

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true. this is why you'll all die out eventually.

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true. this is why you'll all die out eventually.

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There's no guarantee anon. Just look out for sustainable investments

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There's only one you should be accumulating right now.

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Suck man

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shes hispanic but also i will out dance you to any song in any club

u da type of nigga whos skills amount to leaning back and dusting your shoulders off

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I know it's been in development for 9 years and has nothing to show for it. What am I missing anon? The wallet didn't even work when I use to have a bag...

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Clearly Russian

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You have been put on this earth, gifted with a big beautiful brain for only one reason. This moment. This moment in time, you are destined to share your strategy for turning $5,000 into $300,000. 18 months is your time limit. Failure means death.

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No one can tell, just go for solid alts like PINK and ANKR and you have nothing to worry about.

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is she young or old, I can't tell.

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I would love to explode into her.

Anon, I'm drinking a cup right now.

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Fuck off nigger we're just trying to have fun before everything dumps

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Coins don't explode bombs do

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>Cyrillic in background
Cope fat goblin

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qnt vxv azero stx + WAIT, youre welcome, gl anons

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sounds like a good plan. wish i had the vash to do it. good luck.

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Actually based

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looks like some bitch I hooked up with once in Tucson.
invest in crypto with fundamentals and some contraceptives.

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jesus christ no eyebrows AND doesnt use conditioner. This bitch is done for.

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What you don't like trad women?

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bruhh your population only exists depending on how many banana trees are around. If we go we're taking 90% of you browns with us.

In hell I'm going to bully you for being black just so we're clear

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What if we will have a financial crisis before then??

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for real calvin
when are you giving up?

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not sure but im about to explode in your mouth

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Yes faggot, through the solutions they offer to space

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No way but I believe projects working towards connecting web 2 to web 3 will definitely explode since web 3 tech is growing

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In 2024 there wont be a crypto market or any market for that matter. You will be lucky if you can find a loaf of bread. You will probably gonna have to kill your best friend to get it.

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>anything that exists that survives this bear, that people use, does it meet the targets on its roadmap, is it active during the bear market, or has it stopped talking.
>anything related to the Web 3.0 meme, BAT, maybe ICP???
>any new chain that launches as an ICO that innovates in some way, can scale or solves some problem, but it has to have a team that are doxed and have been proven active within the space, innovative projects will still launch in a bear market, scams less so. Think AVAX and SOL, in retrospect it was obvious that the Qualcomm engineers and a distributed systems professor from Cornell plus Ted Yin from Facebook would create decent blockchains.

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What a silly question Mohammad. Coins don't explode. No virgins for you.

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PRQ obviously
Not only does it look good but ita functional and has fundamentals

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how cold do you enjoy your urine anon?

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There will be many 10-30x for sure.
Also 100x+ as always.
If you was in previous 3 bullruns
u should know how to spot them bro

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>high school
>already looks in her 40's

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Why do Euro women go to college until they're 40? I'm so confused

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She is probably a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Womens' Studies which includes rigorous courses such as:
Whoring 101
Instagram 101 and 102
Feminist Infighting 201
Special Topics in LGBTQIA Studies 201
Defeating the Patriarchy 301
Dancing like a Eurotrash Retard 302
Menstrual Cycle Studies 401
Thesis topic: How to Efficiently Identify, Marry, and Exploit Rich Men for their Wealth: A Meta-Analysis

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So they can ride the cock carousel while studying to become lawyers, doctors or something and then complain that they can't find good men earning as much or more than these independent strong career women.

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I asked my same question.
Solana and fantom were shilled here.
During the bear market they were below 50 million market cap.
They also had big backing (SBF and Andre)

So it seems the conditions are
1. Shilled somewhat here on /biz/
2. Low market cap
3. Good/new tech
4. Brand new

Only two coins that meet most of these are
Mina and Celestia

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everything is already down or are you still new to the space?

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No coins will go up. Everyone who was going to make money already has. You all got ripped off, deal with it and get out before it all zeroes out

Ps I’m sorry for you

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Celestia is not traded yet right?

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Incentivized testnet late this year
mainnet early 2023

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You can not tell for sure kek. My strategy is to diversify and DCA.
Trias, KCS.
Some shitcoins like Shib and doge
Nft game like Encore and Hneyland

>> No.50121820

Best strategy anon,
I also hodl some altcoins but NFTgames is an aspect I will love to explore

>> No.50121921

If you have friends that made money from Axie, you would have prolly invested in this space by now. Made a few my self with those with potentials like Honeyland. Was blown away by the gametrailer and the PHBI

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Character is Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.

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Which one do you mean Faggot

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Any project with a working product will explode, especially those focused on security and privacy

>> No.50122587

Retard, I know ORE protocol is helping projects like FUFU connect to web 3 seamlessly

>> No.50122599

NFTs space is buzzing up

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she is 2 dicks away from going full cat mom

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hextards are by far the most delusional of the bunch go stick ur stinky smegma pulsechain in richards sweaty asshole some more

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Same as mine, diversify and DCA
I'm holding some alts like ORE and BAT

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Don't bring the bananas into this. Fucked up.

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he thinks there's going to be a crypto bull market in 2024
better stock up on those doggy coins and monkey jpegs

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kek, jpegs won't earn you shit

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I'm looking into exchange tokens or projects with working on identity and asset management which are gaining adoption atm, they might explode, who knows?

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There almost certainly be one or are u suggesting bitcoin is done for good ?

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That is a slavic graduating from high school. They generally have these big graduation parties at the end. Sometimes they wear the soviet brown uniform. this one might be russian school too but you can't really see the full name but it look like Cyrillic anyways. Probably look older than she does because they wear a lot of makeup over there.

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Easy to tell. Take a look at privacy coins, especially low caps privacy-focused projects and their performance in this bear season. Then you'll know what to expect when the bull comes

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sounds like bullshit

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>I'm talking about serious projects
>Good example: Sports Icons, Mina protocol, Vechain etc.
Serious projects are the ones not postponing and shitting about their activities despite the state of the market

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File: 482 KB, 1434x955, 1434_aHR0cHM6Ly9zMy5jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdlL3VwbG9hZHMvdmlldy8xZDc3ZGI5MzhjYTQ4Mjc0MzJjY2Q2NTIwZjU4YTMwOC5qcGc=.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hard to think about core crypto principles except anonymity. Ironically, crypto is kind of pseudonymous since I can still track your ass just by getting your wallet address. Except in Railgun and other PriFi protocols in which it's different ball game, the core crypto principles are very much lacking.

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Yeah it's called Bitcoin and Efferium. Literally can't go wrong.

>> No.50123704

Kek, pump chasers. I know where you'd eventually find yourself

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Actually, Monero faces a fierce competition. Too many privacy utilities outclassing it

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just buy KENSHI. It's already mooning in this bear market... its literally the next chainlink.

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Not going to take a year before Icons go to the moon. The land sale happening next month on its sports metaverse is enough to pump it real hard

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Funny how people just throw out words they don't even fuckin understand. Tell me an investment that is sustainable

>> No.50123858

I don't think anyone is buying shits right now

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Hmm, such as connecting fans to the biggest celebrities on the metaverse? Still one of the best things I've seen so far but only happening in the sporting sector. They seem to have a flair for the metaverse and NFT world.

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What are you waiting for, retard

>> No.50123973

I wouldn't trust a oracle on the BSC for any serious projects

> 28 members on reddit
> average of ~1k daily volume
> shitty tax tokenomics

ill keep an eye on it but lets not pretend this is a safe bet by any means

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last bullrun the only coins that exploded were dog coins so next time maybe something with cats or turtles

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sure there will be another cycle
but not in 2024
i'm not expecting bitcoin to reach new ath before 2028
"the halvening" is just another meme. just like "it's mathematically impossible for bitcoin to dip below previous all time high"

>> No.50124348

No jokes. With the partnership Ronaldo had recently with Binance and the general interest sports is showing in the sector, it is evident how much NFTs might turn out to be.

>> No.50124364

You've gone wrong already cause you bought yourself into an absolute shit

>> No.50124386


I get you. Like i said project has no marketing and only 350 holders. TG/Twitter is quite active though. Volume for the past week is ~10k and rising. Tax is 5% but you get high tax if you sell within 30 days after your buys -> promote longtime holding.

>> No.50124396

Maybe, personally feel like its more likely there will be a run after the halving late 2024 but will find heavy resistance near the previous ath and not break it this time. But all this is probably highly dependent on macro factors happening at the time

the halving, atleast, is supported by less sell pressure from the miners so its grounded in a bit more reality then the statement of a impossible dip below the previous ath.

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The retard meant to say PEACH

>> No.50124441

>NFTs space is buzzing up
As well as the metaverse space. Can't believe people can engage with famous sports stars on 3D.

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I'm wondering what exactly is wrong with the tokenomics

>> No.50124483

>NFTs are more than just buzzing
Have you seen Lukaku NFT collection and the utilities that accompanies it? Freakin based

>> No.50124599

I don't like tokens with a sale tax, its almost exclusively used by shitcoins. Promoting longtime holding by punishing trading is a meme and will not work, the ones that used it all had shitty price action mainly due to its poor volume.
Besides/ontop exchanges cant implement the tax naturally which will halt adoption by bigger CEXs

>> No.50124805

You moron, dumb asses on this board do not have a crystal ball here so cant tell. Not buying any shit in this dip anymore just securing my wallet from potential hack by connecting the to a privacy protocol that makes it possible to have on chain and in app swaps

>> No.50125004

Think about what coins have protocols that get unincentivized usage. Think about coins where people are using the protocol for the protocol, and aren't using it to trick themselves into thinking they invested in a "good product". The revenue must also accrue to the token.

Only protocols that seem to have real unincentivized usage :

Out of these, only 3 currently give some type of cashflow back to holders


Compound, AAVE and LINK will probably add fees at some point in the future though.

Always looking for more, LMK if I missed any.

>> No.50126304

Pussy Financial. The meme aspect is going to make this explode

>> No.50126393

Thoughts on Metis and Polygon?

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>> No.50127680

solana will 50x from bottom to top. let it crash moooore

>> No.50127993


>> No.50128609

Is GRT generating cash flows? What is the status of the unlock? I know VCs got in at a very low price on that one.

I think every single Layer 1 was overvalued by a magnitude of 10 except for Ethereum. The problems with Layer 1's is that they don't have much cash flow to justify the investment. I would wait to invest in either of those.

especially roll ups, most roll ups are probably worth even less. This is mainly because with Layer 1's you can trick people into thinking "THIS IS THE DIGITAL SETTLEMENT LAYER OF THE FUTURE, IT COULD BE WORTH A TRILLION", but with Roll ups, you are already admitting that Ethereum is the settlement layer, so you can't hope to capture as much value.

Polygon seems to have a much brighter future than METIS though. I would maybe buy polygon if it went down further.

>> No.50128779

Yes, there is a way. It's called DYOR.
Taking your time and look for unique use cases. QANX and MOVR are such gems, but take your time to DYOR anyway.

>> No.50128941

Why dance in front of a camera when you have 0 elegance or coordination.

>> No.50129004

Why did no one in here mention Casper? Its backed by Davos and only under 200 mil mcap

>> No.50129106

I'm keeping my connections getting bigger and DYOR as always.

kek, Web3 is just starting u faggot.

of course, the metaverse is going to be a big part of Web3, only faggots don't see that.

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The next SOL is Qanx faggot, Don't miss it again.

>> No.50129301

Kek, SOL is not going anywhere but it will keep going uptrend by volume of users. A lot of metaverse projects are getting deployed. Honeyland is one of them which is going the next blue-chip of SOL.

>> No.50129767

>Web3 is going to change people's lives

SOL is gaining a lot of new good builders.

>> No.50129982

I'm fucking sure that we are going to see a lot of big projects in launching this Q4 on Solana. Bag more SOL now while it's cheap, if you want to get into those projects

>> No.50130069

U fgt are gonna regret that one

>> No.50130149

many project are migrating to web 3, even Exotopia Art is using the ORE ID for web 3.0 onboarding

>> No.50130151


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Nobody in the DNM uses those except XMR
XMR has no competition

>> No.50130278

for sure we are going to see a lot of projects adopting the Web3.

>> No.50130406

yes fag, and some project now allows cross chain NFTs transfer and minting, making it easy to trade NFTs across various chains

>> No.50131263

>There almost certainly be one or are u suggesting bitcoin is done for good ?
Bitcoin done good fine sirs, almost certainly again.

>> No.50131670

Icp Link Qnt and Rose, the 2025 make it portfolio. Don't regret this anons.

>> No.50131677

what the fuck is wrong with her body

>> No.50131691

The ones with the best, most advanced, most solid tech. All the rest will be shaken out by then.

>> No.50131715

Parasite in the belly.

>> No.50131782

This is when you fuck multiple black guys per day but also eat nothing but cheesburgers

>> No.50131870

>2024 bull market
your optimisim is rather sweet anon

>> No.50131922

>In 2024 there wont be a crypto market or any market for that matter. You will be lucky if you can find a loaf of bread.

exactly. these retards cant imagine a world without constant electricity and internet.

>> No.50132318

Jesus -- she looks nearly 30.

>> No.50132345

You are yet to know the use case of Qanplatform and that's why you said this newfag

>> No.50132363

This is how white people dance lmfao

>> No.50133085

>identity and asset management
Polygon is launching the polygon ID for identity management across chain and I also knoe Ore protocol offers same services via its Ore Id product, good to say stacking up ORE and MATIC in this dip is a good call.

>> No.50133154

Great optimism from a brainlet.

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File: 320 KB, 1420x1335, 1621584826394[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No thoughts on polygon just buy MATIC.

>> No.50133497

Projects with NFT support to authenticate and validate creator's works for web3 access are most likely to get a lot of buzz too.

>> No.50134039

Footballers moving into NFT gives influencer vibes and it never ends well. just saying

>> No.50134649

I want to sex that woman
Post her email so I can ask her out.

>> No.50135225

Yeah. Saw a meme somewhere that assblaster is behind this bs

>> No.50135426

Kek, the only answer I see now are privacy protocols anon. They bridge the gap between privacy and crypto and are sure to add value as adoption increases.

>> No.50135774

You cant just simply exempt BAT and ORE from this list. For each account opened via the Ore ID tool 10 ORE are locked away for life more like a burning mechanism causing scarcity and more demand as more accounts are opened which ultimate results in positive price action. So far over 300k accounts have been opened.

>> No.50135938

I dont think so nigger, new DEXs are springing up with the no KYC and no sign up details feature just to integrate a form of high level privacy into their platform which I see no difference in that and a so called privacy feature.

>> No.50135965

Fucking incel

>> No.50136949


>> No.50137138

NFTs creators will be really delighted knowing they can seamlessly transact with their works cross chain including accessing the web3.

>> No.50137147

Anon with the quantum threats over us it will be tough for any other blockchains to even survive but I'm confident with Qanplatform which is a quantum resistant blockchain.

>> No.50137243

NFTs going cross chain is surely a step in the right direction, saves lots of NFT lovers from exorbitant fees.

>> No.50137285

NFTs I’m sorry to tell you are just a stupid way of using artists to pay bullshit ‘has’ fees to blockchains to keep the crypto Ponzi alive and hopefully attract new ‘marks’ for the scam….
It widens the scam pool once people are invested, but it’s still just an Ponzi scam that will sadly collapse- artists are about the most stupid opportunists there are and they have a following of rich ppl… good idea by the scam leaders

>> No.50137353
File: 2 KB, 104x125, 1653916023290s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It will be far better once NFT projects build in Qanplatform a quantum resistant hybrid blockchain which will go live by end of this year.

>> No.50137475

I don't see the perks this offers for NFT projects cause the interoperability that comes with this shows that they don't have to build on a certain network.

>> No.50137566

The project is not on mainnet yet with the quantum threats we are about to face all projects will need a quantum resistant blockchain and what that anon said actually make sense to me. More than anything it's not a speculation anymore the threats are real dyor you will know the gravity of the situation and the price we will pay for that threat is just too much and I can't take that shit, better than never.

>> No.50137568

Sums up XCAD well - YouTube plug-in has just launched.

>> No.50137598


>> No.50137623

Threats are real but i am still yet to see a blockchain go down cause of this, i think NFT projects are okay building anywhere as far as they can bridge their NFTs across several networks through the Alliance Block Bridge.

>> No.50137634

XCAD will have more usage than all these put together by the end of the year.

Save this post

>> No.50137807

My thought exactly, its even more evident with the way sports icons like Ronaldo and Messi are getting involved.

>> No.50138555

Ha! the partnership between Alliance block and Ore protocol makes more sense now beyond the LM pool, both projects offer some sort of NFT support.

>> No.50138567


>> No.50138825

who is she?

>> No.50138833

Yeah, Polkadot projects will lead its way. Equilibrium, Moonbeam, Moonriver are just few of them silly OP.

>> No.50138936

Link, is that you

>> No.50138946

Based plan faggot.

>> No.50139048

Web3 definitely has a long way to go and considerable potential. Just recently I heard about Cristiano Ronaldo's plans to have his own web3 community and it shows even the world of sports has taken interest in the space. Could be good in the long run.

>> No.50139049

This jeet is so confident

>> No.50139073


>> No.50139140

Cringe af

>> No.50139196

Too late. I've already seen high level privacy in the Railway Dex that facilitates private trading and swaps. Definitely next level innovation.

>> No.50139221

I'd rather not

>> No.50139223

Web3 isn’t a thing, you just bought into it because you were stupid and greedy, now you’re fucked…. Kiss kiss

>> No.50139245

NFTs are slowly taking over the CryptoCurrency space

>> No.50139290

Can everyone please stop replying to this thread so people don't have to see this frizzy haired weird eyeballed dumpy ass bitch?

>> No.50139298

You're delusional. Tell me faggot, how much did you lose on your poor decisions?

>> No.50139314

Thanks going to use this template as now on

>> No.50139459

WTF do you mean by core crypto principles? Are you going to consider the utilities on metaverse to fall in the line? such as bridging the gap between fans and brands

>> No.50139499

You missed out ETH. I believe that there is more to be made holding it

>> No.50139518

GNS, LOOKS, GMX are some other revenue sharing protocols

>> No.50139544
File: 10 KB, 301x168, 9274673844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that aim to solve real world problems.
Railgun is bring privacy to DeFi. Is that real world problem good enough for your dumb ass

>> No.50139587

Not irrelevant. People are not buying into shits anymore.

>if "seriousness" was important, monero would be 100k a coin by now.
Keep watching. PriFi is about to melt a lot of faces

>> No.50139599

Monkey jpegs would only get you rekt anon. I'd rather stock up on nfts with actual use cases. The Lion club nft is one of them as it gives fans access to their favorite athletes.

>> No.50139601

No investment is sustainable, everything is a fucking risk

>> No.50139770
File: 54 KB, 650x400, imsge-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, professor

>> No.50139800

>invest in crypto with fundamentals
Like what? projects fixing up the psudonymous state of the blockchain with actual anonymous trading seem to be top talk rn

>> No.50139814

What we are currently is nothing short of a financial crisis

>> No.50139847
File: 18 KB, 200x183, 1643028025974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the metaverse is growing way more than. Relatively speaking, it is evident how much big names are investing into it, especially in sports and gaming industry

>> No.50139898
File: 82 KB, 960x896, 92wr9752305q3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bearish I've ever seen
Now this is a very big bear

>> No.50139920
File: 341 KB, 1479x1000, 1642806033498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explain functional or fundamental.
>Improves usability?
>Enables privacy
>Guarantees security
>Promote decentrazilation

If not, fuck off

>> No.50139921


KENSHI LINK Chadfolio reporting in. Everything else is just a toy.

>> No.50139925

prolly just better off accum Sol

>> No.50139927

Is there a guide? Kindly guide us through

>> No.50139963
File: 16 KB, 334x302, 1656542805507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sure about that? because privacy based projects don't seem to be down at the moment. Take Railgun for instance

>> No.50139987

>No coins will go up.
Are you sure about that? Wait to see how ICONS moves with the land sale that is approaching on its metaverse next week

>> No.50140004

DCA is everyone's choice word these days. It might as well just end in tears for the majority

>> No.50140025

NFT games are on fire right now but the irony is that gaming industry; the top ones- Sony, Nvidia etc. are more focused on the sports metaverse instead. Probably nothing

>> No.50140026

You must be delusional. Privacy protocols would outperform any of the assets on your chadfolio.

>> No.50140042

I don't see it coming

>> No.50140049

You're the only person on earth doesn't like the dot's development. Equilibrium will make you understand better on what DeFi really is. Just giving a clue kek

>> No.50140053

Brave browser. Fuckin based

>> No.50140073

Blind faggots, she looks good. Her shitty haircut with colored hair make her look 40 from a distance but with proper hairstyle she's qt

>> No.50140086
File: 105 KB, 776x504, 752963954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lotta of them out there

>> No.50140129
File: 27 KB, 368x317, d3731abb-2a60-4ba9-8059-b776665448e234567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on identity and asset management
Don't know if privacy projects like Railgun fit in. At the end of the day, having the right to decide who have access to your wallet is a form of identity management, since through it, you can keep your identity anonymous even when you remain on the chain trading.

>> No.50140168

Too early to write bitcoin off

>> No.50140191

>Sports Icons
Land sale happening on its metaverse in the coming week will be hooooge

>> No.50140205

Hbar, ICP, Chainlink. These coins had a tame bullrun, so next bullrun they will explode

>> No.50140226

That's what I thought but I can see a lot of activity in Tornado despite being a mixer. I can only imagine how much people are going to divert into smart contract protocols when they are fully realized because they are way more cheaper and easier to work with in terms of anonymous trading

>> No.50140236

To be honest, none of it will actually matter until we get to a point where private NFT auctions are enabled

>> No.50140239

/biz/ is improving but is not there yet, needs another 6 months of downtrends and 2021fags leaving for other boards
>t. bought a ~$4k FTM bag in 2019 thanks to /biz/ (but sold way too early)

>> No.50140278
File: 123 KB, 180x248, Dance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because you can't handle picrel

>> No.50140281
File: 21 KB, 640x628, 1647966989165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you living in the past or something? Artists are not the one into these things. Sport stars are as well; Ronaldo which is the most recent. You need to see Lukaku NFT and see what it's about. Stop thinking like a fuckin loser

>> No.50140319

No jokes, they are kicking ass on it. Can't wait to see NFT ticketing system in real world events. Gonna make a lot of sense if it's integrated in digital stadium though the metaverse

>> No.50140366

her hair looks so frayed. maybe there was a thunderstorm coming up?

>> No.50140377

So you’re aware there is alot of uneeded heat here I wonder why that is and what the motivation is.

>> No.50140398
File: 119 KB, 337x458, D25A0295-CBDA-477C-8C79-1B5FDF5F9826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50140533

anything top 100 at all time low

>> No.50140537


>> No.50140558

Almost every asset had a good run in the bull cycle anon. I'd focus more on platforms that are relevant and would survive the bear market like privacy protocols. When the market is up again such platforms would be at the forefront.

>> No.50140562




>> No.50140582


look for protocols that actually make money and pass the profits on to token holders/stakers. Honestly, its not that hard.

An easy place to start with is Curve (CRV). Start there and take a look at the building blocks around it.

>> No.50140583

So you're telling me my crypto punk is bs

>> No.50140600

A serious attack on personality

>> No.50140630

Yes. This is definitely a possibility as crypto has already gone deep into the world of sports with clubs like Manchester City planning to build their own stadium in the metaverse.

>> No.50140727
File: 488 KB, 750x1039, AB0CC590-120B-4792-A000-51E8F87496EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Powerhouse Alts:
>Link, Hex, Polygon, Cardano

The one and only shitcoin:

That’s literally it. I am completely set on this shitcoin taking my portfolio to six figures solely because of wizard memes and LOTR coming out in September.


>> No.50140769

The ones that are created directly before, have hype marketing and people don’t know they’re a scam yet, unlike all alt coins that currently exist

>> No.50140789
File: 309 KB, 1164x679, 2CAD8D20-9904-459F-A7B9-B0CC100CBBE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they already happen on secret network.

>> No.50140940

You have a point anon. A few privacy platforms like Railgun have plans for this and it would be a good innovation in the ecosystem.

>> No.50141177

I thought we all gave up on cardano

>> No.50141190

Jasmy's reign is over faggot

>> No.50141251

I think right now everyone can see the potentials in web3. It has even become a big deal in the sports sector with a major athlete Ronaldo planning to build his own web3 community. Would like to see how it all plays out.

>> No.50141646

Kek. This is a joke right

>> No.50141655

Too fucking early anon. Just wait for the next halving, the fomo would shock you.

>> No.50141664

video sauce

>> No.50141668
File: 6 KB, 250x250, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50141698

its literally a ponzi. so no.

>> No.50141699

Don't know how long it would last but projects with relevant use cases would survive and come out stronger. I believe privacy protocols would be among them, even with the coming regulations in the space.

>> No.50141706


>> No.50142788

sauce now

>> No.50142887

won't count pink on my list would replace it with AxlToken instead. because the point is to go for solid alts. and solid means good utilities.

>> No.50143615

i am being specific about projects that have an existing products, the likes of HYPRR, BAT or ORE would most likely get a chance at surviving the bear

>> No.50143655

I heard luna is hitting $1

>> No.50144417
File: 954 KB, 1280x720, 283648463857495629575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll be nice to have Ronaldo engage with his community in the metaverse like Amanda is doing. Fans are dying for that kind of experience

>> No.50144458

It is still believed that an NFT based ticket system would have preveeted the disaster some fans experience in the UEFA champions league final

>> No.50144537

Shitskins like you only exist because we allow them to. If a real war b reaks out you'll be dangling off a tree in no time.

>> No.50144569

Can non-white ""people"" create civilization, poetry, medicine lmao You're using white people's inventions to post your drivel in a white man's language. You should be kissing white people's asses everyday for they are allowing you to exist due to some pathological altruism. Shitskins should all be gonicided, literally nothing would change for the worse.

>> No.50145260

>I promise you, that is a rather childish and unfulfilling life. Grow up, child, find a yellow woman and have children.


>> No.50145377


The big thing in the next bull market will be quantum resistance. Do what you will with this information.

>> No.50145640

Dunno what the actual faggots in the replies are all talking about, she's literally perfect.

This is a no negro zone chaps, this is white man territory.

>> No.50145799

there you go

>> No.50145891

If white's disappeared tomorrow. I genuinely think Mexicans and Asians would just stick the black man back in chains or flat out genocide them.

>> No.50146005
File: 82 KB, 500x500, 1610119878736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking kek
and then who will look after your dumbfuck selves? You? hahahaha

>> No.50146129

Sol NFT platform really helped in the price. You should look at SCRT as well as they've got their unique secret NFT platform and the price is so cheap now. Still sub 1.

>> No.50147683

how true is that? you lot might be getting ready for another round of rug

>> No.50148328


>> No.50150074

>Nooooo all of mankind would live in peace if there were no white men

>> No.50150359

I mean it took long enough for people to understand bitcoin. just give it a few more years. eventually you will come around and get it, too

>> No.50150672

I'm begging to slurp up more LOX as they are bringing the first decentralized IMEI blacklist to mobile companies. This is some serious utility that can move the project when they finally get to achieve this.

>> No.50150700


>> No.50151175

Not my coins

>> No.50152411

The only thing that I can tell you with certainty is that metaverse projects are going to pump hard. Consider ATRI, CNDL, and DRC.

>> No.50154065

>plain jane

>> No.50154130

she's cute

>> No.50154229

>The trad ukrainian jewess nippon muttess

>> No.50155123

The metaverse tech is currently being ridiculed by brainlets. Same scumrags will wake years later to wish the never missed out

>> No.50155164

I so much hate Indians. Adolph Hitler would have done the world a lot of good killing you than Jews

>> No.50155213

challenge accepted

>> No.50157120

Agreed. A lot of users are still sleeping on the metaverse and I was among them too till I discovered the level of innovation in the Sportsmetaverse which even has big names like YouTube and EA sports in its team.

>> No.50157142

the solana version of shib/doge. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/samoyedcoin/

>> No.50157158

ICP. That's it.

>> No.50157571

how do you get in? I don't wanna end up being a mouthbreather on the metaverse. Where's the money?

>> No.50157751

You could look up Sportsmetaverse and start from getting the lion club nfts for privileges.

>> No.50158102

Kek. Shitcoins be pulling out big guns

>> No.50158158

How can you be so sure anon? The only assets I see becoming a trend are privacy enabling protocols, especially when taking into consideration the coming regulations.

>> No.50158587

I wanna join the challenge too

>> No.50158618

I thought we all agreed to put this under the rug

>> No.50158635

What's that about

>> No.50158709

A ticketing system would surely be a good application for nfts in football matches and other sports events. It's encouraging to see the adoption nfts are getting in recent times from the world of sports.

>> No.50159696
File: 93 KB, 1024x1001, 1612158336615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everest ID, only real chads know

>> No.50160057
File: 238 KB, 698x487, 1656129799689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No privacy protocol on the list? Ngmi

>> No.50160823

Impossible to know what will be the next new alt that explodes but here are the contenders for good performance next bullrun. use your 2 brain cells and youll see why its right


>> No.50161450

What do I stand to gain

>> No.50161473

Same here

>> No.50161524
File: 2 KB, 125x101, 1650995629656s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prifi is definitely going to melt faces during the next bull cycle and I see Railgun at the forefront for it being the most complete privacy protocol.

>> No.50162232

I'll say you keep an eye on projects that have taken the time to build during the bearish market.
I've got close watch on Allianceblock, which have taken this market to build, products like the DeFi terminals which will allow other projects build with ease are part of what they let out, aside the recently launched DEX.

>> No.50162287

well said, and the ones with good value and demands like those good web 3 gems like Sylo out there. others will be wiped out.

>> No.50162670

yeah, and i did just that earlier.
currently observing only projects that have been building, like allianceblock which have taken the time to roll out updates on its LMaas and also launched its DEX, all in this bearish market.

>> No.50162767

i'm not waiting for no bulls, I'm currently on stable coins and i'm staking them through Spool, which is an automated middleware that connects me to yield generators and also automatically manages my funds for me within the constraint of the risk model and tolerance on the spool of my choice.

>> No.50162903

Yes, look for good use cases and great community. There are other factors to look at, but make sure that most of the project activities is organic. Don't join scams.

You meant to write QANX, right? Great coin.

They want to over take the Linkies

>> No.50162940

I'm not fucking with nothing no more, I'll stay fixed with my Stable coins, staked through Spool and allow the smart contract do its magic for me as i earn passively.

>> No.50164745

>white people
You fucking shitskins I swear. Anything a shade lighter than what you are and you categorize it as "white".

>> No.50164864