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>the next bullrun
BTC barely did x3 its ATH of 2020 and the only crypto that mooned where shitcoins that didn't even pretended to have a purpose. What makes you think it will be better any better in three years when this cycle had women, poor people and a huge chunk of the third world riding in?

2017 was the last bullrun, 2020-2021 was a farce and 2024-2025 will be a nothingburger.

Good crypto that provide real value will rise as did good companies after the dotcom crash but there isn't going to be an actual bullrun 2017 style ever again.

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Regulations are meant to be coming so perhaps less than 500 coins will exist by the next bull run. Or maybe all the action will happen on dexes are exchanges get cucked by regulations.

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Which coins will survive anon?

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That would actually work if humans wouldn't be greedy
But because humans are greedy
Btc going to 100k in 2025 has a high chance or eth to 10k

Human nature didn't change shit in the last 100 years.

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I would guess any project with a decent amount of devs and large community will be permitted to be traded. Perhaps founders of illegal ICOs will be forced to pay a fine, however, a lot of garbage is going be completely removed imo.

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You stupid fucking nigger shitcoins were 50x and 100x left and right.

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crypto is ruined now because anyone can make a scam coin and give it liquidity.

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XLM, even though people love to hate it

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Lots of pump and dump happened, yeah, but you won't know about it until it's too late to buy and most flat shitcoins stayed flat and didn't pump.

Point is you could make koney by being lucky or by making your very own scamcoin but it's not what a bullrun is. In 2017 buying any random coin shilled here would have x10 your money at the very minimum. Any shitcoin. BTC went from a bottom of 200 to a top of 20000, and when it dumped it stayed x3 above the last ath.

We are under BTC last ATH for the first time in history, that alone should clue you in

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Non meme answer? ATOM.

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Bitcoin (ticker BSV)

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ISO20022 SWIFT Utility bullrun next

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>We are under BTC last ATH for the first time in history, that alone should clue you in
This meme needs to die.

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This is the real answer

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Yes, Bitcoin SV will be the main or only one worth anything

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>BTC barely did x3 its ATH of 2020
So what? Bitcoin's ecosystem is growing. LN is spreading to entire nations like El Salvador. People in Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon, and other countries with ruined economies are using Bitcoin daily to survive. Nearly everyone on the planet with a smartphone (which is nearly everyone on the planet) can now use Bitcoin and store their savings for the long term without relying on their dictatorship to not fuck with their national currencies.

You know that Turkey's currency has been cut in half in the last year? Argentina's has lost 30% in a year and dropped 99.3% in the last twenty years? Oh no, you bought BTC last month and you can't buy a Lambo yet, poor little you.

>and the only crypto that mooned where shitcoins that didn't even pretended to have a purpose.
So a few suckers managed to enrich a few scam artists, big deal. Stop buying shitcoins and "yield farm" scams and your Bitcoin investments won't be so volatile either.

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Don't tell them. Delete this post.

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>God tier
>Good tier
>okay tier

These are the only coins that matter

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>So what?
So the bullmarket phase of crypto is over, now it's either invest in solid project with big upward potential or be stuck on the ground holding worthless bags.

The rest of your argument is irrelevant as I'm not challenging the notion of crypto being useful and rising in adoption.

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No one is talking about what is going to happen in November.

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Because good ideas in the crypto space are way to hard to understand. Look at dot. Fuck that is a mind bender. Bigoldttties coin however... Super easy to understand. It's a poniz scheme.