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Pussy, stars in sky, new planets

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I haven't taken over the planet yet.

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You haven't mastered your arts nor have you setup your tomb for your death ritual and burial!

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We have to stick around to watch the boomers die first, it will be glorious hearing one headline after another of them passing, then I'll make my exit

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Dry spell all over the world since memeflu. Hookup culture is dead, tinder is full of blue haired uglies and fatties.

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Get saved

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Crush your enemies.

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to surpass all your enemies and old friends and everyone whoever doubted you so you can lord over them, and also watch chaos unfold as they cry their dying society around them to sleep

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there are always winners and losers in gambling. one side cant win without the other losing. the money has to come somewhere. your fault for playing the game in the first place u greedy piece of shit. so yea go ahead, u deserve it

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My mother. After she goes, I'm going too.

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Jesus loves you.
Go to church

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link cant fall under 6 dollerinos we pumping oOOOoo

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Where are you? I'm currently hooking up with many edgy small town girls in Northern California and Nevada
Tinder has always been dead. You have to float around certain spots

>Reasons to keep on living?

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smell of a white girls fresh butthole

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Getting /fit/.

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How do you float?

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discus fish

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Food, nature, sugar walls

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the world is kind of fucky, but it's changing. How will it change? Who knows, we're clearly out of idealism, nobody has any idea for a brighter future, but that just means new ideas or technologies will come into place or maybe we've reached a temporary plateau.

Either way, you're going to die anyway you might as well see how the film ends. Maybe you're just an extra in human existance, but so is everyone in the grand scheme of things so don't be so harsh on yourself and take some time to find some things that you value and cultivate them.

If that thing is money, chances are you're not going to be very happy anyway, the best you could hope for is just rich.