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LINK down
XMR next

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>My shitcoin is better than Layer-1 because... Because it just is!!! Have fun staying poor!

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Explain this to me like I'm a retard (I am)

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Monero type private transactions for all blockchains that are ingested on ICP (this includes Bitcoin, which will be ingested in the next 6 months )

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Yes, I’ve often wondered what IS the difference?

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Basically if you invest in ICP you will lose all your money like countless others before you

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>yet another grand claim for ICP to fail to implement
imagine my shock

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the internet computer shall absorb all.

-posted from my internet computer

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ICP functions EXACTLY like a Kohler Tresham.
Some have compared it to a TOTO CWT, but that's not exactly correct because it leaves out the "swirling" (called "cycles" in the ICP system) as your money goes away.

Now, some say that literally burning your money is more efficient, but this really depends on local burn ordinances, so I'm left to consider it as the best system for going poor that exists.
By 2030 there will be no money left on the planet for anyone.
It's that much of a game changer.

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ICP is a layer 1.
Monero isn't going anywhere. Privacy by default is too OP. There's a dapp coming to the internet computer which will obfuscate the origin of funds, but it's just that: obfuscation.

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>ICP is a layer 1.
ICP is layer 0. If you know, you know.
Seethe harder troon. $2000 EOY
This isn't a Dfinity project faggot

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>get help

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>ICP is layer 0. If you know, you know.
ICP is a shitcoin trending to zero since launch with literal who investors and baggies who bought at 100 pumping their garbage project because they are retards for buying this piece of shit and want to get out as soon as possible. Neck yourself.

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You’re gonna rope by 2025

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Ahahahahahahahhsshhahahhahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha guys.... Guys hahahahahahahha it's gonna be alright guys hahahahahahahaha btc is next layer 0 LMFAO absolute COPE

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Yes go get that mixer linked to your wallet and see what happens next time you deposit to a cex

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Checked and correct. In an ideal future cex'es won't exist, but you are 100% right. This is why monero isn't going anywhere (but up).

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>you're gonna rope by 2025

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>what is aztec

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DO NOT POST price charts and prices in ICP threads.