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95% of the fitness "knowledge" was made up to steal money from morons.

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20% rule

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imagine having that much of retardation
you want 2-3 days tops otherwise your muscles will not heal
if you want to be a balding gymcel at least do it right ffs

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That program gives your muscles at least 48 hours between workouts to heal, faggot. You don't know what you're talking about. You're the perfect example of the faggot who thinks he's a fitness expert because he was tricked by magazines and YT videos with their bullshit. I bet you buy protein supplements like a little bitch.

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>you want 2-3 days tops otherwise your muscles will not heal
I cannot get over how STUPID this sentence is. The ignorance and retardation and arrogance it reveals. You really think you know what you're talking about, don't you, little shit? You're too fucking stupid to even notice that each letter corresponds to a different muscle group and so you get 2 days of rest between each workout, but you think you know enough to come here and correct your betters. What a stupid, worthless piece of shit you are. And your kind makes up 99% of "fitness enthusiasts".

You're shit and all your kind is shit.

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all that is impossible for a beginner

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It’s 3 times per week.
Avaid squats once per week so you don’t end up trex mode.
Done this, but currently testing PHUL 2 upper 1 lower strength.

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I did it as a beginner.
If pullups are too difficult, just do lat pulldowns until you can.
"Nooo it's impossibru"
Defeatist worthless little shits like you is what keeps this "industry" in the game.

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There's 48 hours of healing between each routine. That said, it's very retarded and a lot of people can't do a single L shaped pull-up. Also, proper form in a squat is also hard to achieve. What's the difference between the "3 achievable modes" anyway?

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damn PPL confirmed fake by /biz/

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it's pretty funny when dipshit broscience body builders manage to look better than nerds who lift hard but revolve their workouts around peer reviewed nutrition/exercise science articles.

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The protein is excessive as well; unless you're training for Olympia, you can make do on half that. Up it if your lifts start stalling.

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>needing a gym membership to get in shape

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they're on enhancers

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I can't do a single pull-up, fuck you

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How were your results?

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cope they just dont waste time and energy squatting 3x a week like terminally online people are obsessed with

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Got bored of getting repeatedly BTFO'd posting this on /fit/?
As always, post body.

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any /fit/bros know if this would actually work or would I just get ketchup gas?

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Lose weight fatty.

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Hold on, is this legit?
15 min of exercise daily?

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Holy fuck you're seething

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>I did it as a beginner
You probably did it wrong and internalized low quality movements. Idiots that carry more weight than their bodies can handle and develop injuries due to shitty forma are the main reason the industry is in the game. What most personal trainers get paid to do is merely correct their trainees' past mistakes and to give them an adequate routine. OPs meme workout will probably cause hundreds of personal trainers to get paid in the future.

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>15 min of exercise daily?
kek no, not even with juice

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>posts pictures of actual manlets

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Can I just use stepn instead?

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So could you do this and just start out with very low weights?
I don't really care for getting ripped, I just want steady progression in all muscle groups.

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I'm going to try this I reckon

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Nice fresh pasta

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> /biz/ - Business & Finance

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>meme workout
how are squats, pullups and bench press "meme workouts"?

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>ignoring shoulders
>ignoring lower body posterior chain (squats dont do shit here)
seems legit

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Does not work. Start by doing a full body routine for 6 weeks. After that jump on a PPL routine (push, pull, legs). Always focus on compound movements (bench,squat,deadlift) at the beginning of your workout and then start going into isolated movements. Liftan 3x a week is enough. Increase it to 6x if you want to make it

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Wow you can get shredded by doing 20 min of benchpress a week!!!! ...
Fucking amazing

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No way this is enough. I might join a boxing gym soon so I'll probably switch to a minimalist lifting plan but if you want to only lift weight and get a nice body I recommend doing a little more than what OP said.
Better than nothing though.

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Barbell sucks cock for size, dumbbells are better t b h

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Does the PPL extend ad infinity? Do I need to keep worrying about changing it up?

I've been doing this routine for about 6 months now and still don't look like the volumous black man they advertise

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>Liftan 3x a week is enough
wait, so just PPLxxxx? or PxPxLxx?

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It works for skinny and medium weight people that have long legs or upper body heavy distribution with skinny legs.
Its the Mac from always sunny routine, except he does biceps and doesn't give a shit aboit core or legs.
Ironically much better than nothing and for some lazy people works out better than complicated routines or two hour sessions that they just can't force themselves to do.

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That’s phul, upper/lower split only

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na pplpplx or pplppxx if you have just 3 days youre better doing full body or upper/lower

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so if I'm new to this stuff, this routine would be a good starting point? What do you recommend for someone like me that has 2 spare hours of time a day?

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Isn't it the same principle, just optimized for 4 days instead of 6?

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I change my workouts every 2 months by either doing another variation of some main exercises or changing my split. e.g swap out bench press with incline dumbbell bench press, leg press with lunges etc. Or go from a PPL to a Upper/lower body split from time to time.

Pic rel my body for proof of goodwill

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>Just do barbell movements bro

Mark Rippletits claims more victims.

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walk/jog 10km till you can run 10k. Actually get fit before body building.

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Invest in a power rack, a bench, a Barbell, and barbells.

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I wouldn't recommend it desu. Invest on a gym membership and minimal personal training advice seriously, it's worth it. No YouTubers, no books, no flashy dudes. Just find a trainer who looks serious and experienced enough (preferably with knowledge on physical therapy) and talk to them. Go like "bro I want to follow a proper training routine in order to not injure myself but I don't have much money". They might not train you, but at least they'll give you sound advice. If they're any good, your first month or two should be following a conditioning routine. You can't enter strength training head-on. You need to teach your body how to handle reps, how to do proper form and how activate the correct musculature for each excercise. It might seem like unnecessary precautions but believe me, it'll save you a lot of money, frustration and pain down the road. If you learn to understand your own body now, in a couple of years you'll be able to train by yourself at home or wherever...

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That is true for MMA

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Kek says the beginner doing axbxaxx

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Layne norton PHAT everything else is cope

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Minimalist is a load of bullshit too.
Its closer to the truth, i’ll agree.
I’ve been lifting for 16 years and seen all the latest 4chan and plebbit trends and changing ideas on lifting.
I always know when some fag from /fit/ has just started lifting in my gyms because 1 year later they are still fairly small from doing their minimalist squats/deads/bench/ohp routine.

The truth is as lokg as you eat properly and do PO yea you will grow but volume is paramount. You will forever be twig arms on these minimalist approaches and never have any stand out body and will hit a hypertrophy wall after the newb 3 year phase and barely gain anything after that. You absolutely need to be doing targeted volume for arms in isolation, along with ofher body parts depending on genetics. Hitting the inclines on chest etc.

I’ve had to steadily increase volume over the years otherwise no gains come no matter how perfectly i eat and Profressive overload. This will go for almost everyone too.

Honestly the “bros” are closer to correct than all the newfag le science twats want to admit and its something you lewrn yourself after doing it for over a decade.

Yes 85% of information out there is bullshit and fluff but even this “minimalist” moveemnt is not much good, and I say this as someone who hates lifting now days and would love to be out the gym in under an hour if i could.

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Yea, whats made me look and feel the best in years is getting a lazy WFH job, where ir:

>sleep 8-9hrs
>fast 2-3 days once a month
>lift twice a week
>walk for an hour total and sauna session multiple times a week

You should also treat all carbs as a treat for yourself and save them for the weekend only.

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>Doing anything for any women
Lol, lmao even

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This and i say it as someone who has been at this 16 years. Im in the gym now.
I was that typical retard who took a hard science approach and lofted my nose up at the bros when i was a noob. The truth is the best is something inbetween. 60 years of anecdotal “broscience” is nothing to shun and even in my short 16 years working out i’ve lost count of the number lf times “le science” has proven the bros right in things. Dont get me wrong. There is so much shit out there and a lot does come down to individual genetics(i need frequency for chest even as a very advanced lifter, others dont).

However one persistent trend is the minimalist barbell only approch and it sucks in the typical 4chan newb for sole reason. Thise barbell only routines hit a plateau very fast for hypertrophy and always leave people with twig arms.

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I work out because I enjoy it, not to attract some retarded gym hoes

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bros are more likely to juice whereas the nerd science based guys are more likely to be righteous nattyfags.

barbell only is great for beginners to get their strength levels up but you need to move on from it after a while.

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all those body types shown in that image are literally the same

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why are you so mad?

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3 roidmonkeys lmfao

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Please don’t lecture me on roiders. I’ve stayed natty for 16 years do you think im not well aware of who juices and doesnt and all the differences?
I speak as a natty. As said, minimalistic workouts are shit for hypertrophy even for naturals. There is not enough proper volume and anyone who says bench and OHp is enough for the triceps is a stick arm themselves. I wasted a lot of time early into my lifting following that crap as have many naturals.
Sure bros do retarded shit too but the fact that they are usually so focused on volume gets them better results even if half of what they do is surplus to requirements.

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Is squats, sit ups and pushups everyday good for you? Are you supposed to have rest days?

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Muscle tissue only builds when you're resting
After intense workouts you should rest the affected muscles for at least 48 hours

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>Pic rel my body for proof of goodwill

>that filename

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TBF he can DL 500# in his 70s. SS will get you strong fast and then you move on. However its emphasis is on strength not bodybuilding. Just use a different program for that.

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I'm doing the basic deadlift, squat, OHP, and bench because my lifts are so low and my form is bad. I got back into lifting three weeks ago, my lifts started at 225 dead, 135 squat, 115 bench, and 80 OHP. I'm now doing 285, 185, 135, and 95. Deadlifts 3x a week, squats 3x a week, bench 2x a week, and OHP once a week. Next week I'll be doing pull ups and skullcrushers alternating.

If starting strength is accurate, then I should be able to get close to 405 deadlift, 315 squat, 225 bench, and 145 OHP in about 3 months. I don't know any other routine that involves mainly compound exercises and shows LP always weights. Once I get to around those heavier lifts, then yeah I'll probably need to start isolating muscle groups to get toned/definition.

What is wrong with starting with compound exercises to strengthen my whole body for a few months since I'm just getting back into lifting, then moving onto isolating exercises after a few months?

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Throw strating strength away man. Its good for form and thats it.

Gonna GOMAD? You either end up a fat piece of shit gloating about a fat ass squatting near bodyweight at 400lbs or a twiglet.

You’re still in the newb phase clearly and you can handle much more volume. I know i said i had to increase my volume over the years but i have to cycle it otherwise it destroys my body. You dont have to. You can just gain properly and max your newb gains as fast as possible if you lift properly and dont take the minimalist crap only twigs on the internet share with each other.

Find something that incorporates those movements with minimal 5x5 volume or equivalent (fine for starters) and add weight often to the bar, then a good selection of isolation work with volume after those lifts. You may find some templates online to go from and after several years you’ll know what your genetics respond to best.

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only Lsit pullups might be impossible as a beginner, if you can't squat or bench the bar 10 times you were ngmi anyway sorry faggot

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>traps grown by pullups and chinups

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>workout to 70-80% max
>1x intense workout per week
Easy. Don't over exert yourself. Don't need god mode motivation to kys each day. Any fatty on here doing nothing RN will benefit hugely.

And lastly fuck all the soi faggot demooooooraliioiizerrrrrrs ITT I'd beat the shit out of you irl

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Kek missed that part.
It really should be renamed to “minimalise muscle routine”.

I fell for that meme long ago and I happily warn people about it. They wont listen but when they ask why they are so small in several years they will remember this and at least have some idea of where to go after to fix up

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>L shape pullup/chin up
Thats already an advanced workout, this image is awful for those that are starting off.

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as is 95% of medicine knowledge and 95% of food/diet knowledge

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this, most amerifats cant even hold onto the bar for more than 10 seconds, let alone do an L-sit hold

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does "5x8 sets" mean 8 lifts in a row, rest and then repeat that 4 more times? or is it the other way around?
t. weak, pudgy nerd

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i would not go "till failure" as a beginner

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5 sets of 8 reps

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It doesn't matter, what matters is the volume you get in a week. If you like to train 15 minutes daily or 3 hours weekly, it all depends on your time schedule. I personally prefer high frequency, I do 2-3 exercises until failure per day, shower and go to work.

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That's bullshit where did you get this picture of me?

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remember boys it's about consistency

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>Be the fastest in my military unit
(Otter physique)
>Still short and socially awkward.
>Only talk to dudes about physical worrkouts
But I am married now so whatever

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I do upper body day, lower body day and then a steady state cardio day with one rest day a week.