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Has anyone on /biz/ had any luck with getting their family on board with crypto? I tried telling my older sister and my mom about it, but they're either too stupid or too lazy to understand. I mean my mom I kinda get; she's been trying to adopt the "I'm an independent woman" bullshit mindset that most recently divorced women have, but idk wtf is wrong with my sister she's always been stupid.

I sat them down for a presentation and told them about how now is the perfect time for them to invest, all it takes is something as simple as a coinbase account. Then they giggled and fed me some bullshit about how "we don't need to do any of that" and "if you get super rich off of crypto, we'll just move in with you into your mansion. We'll take care of your every need, all you need to do is look after your bitcoins and we'll do anything you want us to do". Then my mom got pissed and sent my sister and I to our rooms because my sister started holding my hand and stroking my arm like the fucking wierdo she is.

Tldr; how do I get these bitches in the right mindset to invest?

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Please don't talk to your family about crypto unless you've made enough money to completely subsidize their lifestyles once they lose all their money.

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My family doesn't take me serious either.

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Are they doing mommy & sister roleplays now?

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My mom gave me $5000 and I bought 20 ETH in 2019 but gambled it all away on shitcoins except 1 ETH

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You have to accept that if making it was easy everyone would be wealthy and there would be no one to do the wagie or managing wagies jobs. Some people are destined to be NPCs their whole life, it's frustrating as hell. My boomer parents both said they weren't getting vaxxed and then 3 weeks later I visit them and they've already got their first shot because the TV was talking about it non-stop.

If you are going to try to help your family first of all, take note of just how bad they are with money first. Generally there are two categories:

Retards that are really short time preference. They often just blow money in their account on dumb shit impulsively, even getting 'stuff' on credit. Those people I always point them towards a Dave Ramsey type education. And yeah, I know he's not perfect but he's good at getting normies from doing really dumb shit with money.

Normies that save money like a squirrel, are frugal and too scared to invest in anything. Often they'll just let money pile into savings accounts, never investing in... anything. Those people I get them to read/listen to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Again, this isn't so they'll be rich but help the normie brain understand basics of assets and liabilities. Very often people don't quite 'get it' the first time. The audiobook is invaluable, just put it in their car/on their phone.

Getting them into something like crypto is likely to scare the shit out of them out of investing forever. I had a normie coworker that bought on the way up to the top in 2017 at 15k, felt great about it for weeks, checking the price every day. Then in the 2018 bear market, he eventually just capitulated and sold. Even when we started to get into the next cycle he didn't want to go near it. He's eventually just started contributing to a pension because a 'financial adviser' told him to. You have no idea how many times I told him just to stop checking the price, hold it for at least the next halving or so. But nope. Animal brain kicked in.

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Go back you fucking Zoomer plebbit faggot. You don't. You fucking retarded moron. Seriously please gfto this board.

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Actual solid advice that OP will probably ignore

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Why did you post a picture of my mom and sister?

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op's "sister" doesn't return my texts.
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What porno are they in? Link?

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>Too retarded to hold after buying.
Nice one, tard.

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>that bought on the way up to the top in 2017
Then he's a retard and made a bad trade.

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My wife doesn't know i own millions. She thinks we are struggling

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Uh, 2014 called and is wondering where you've been at

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my sister doesn't know anything about investing but married some oldfag who made it off link