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I make 150k a year and my after tax income is 8k a month. I pay 4000 a month for expenses and another 4000 a month on a sugar baby. I told myself I would only see her for 3 months but it’s been a year and part of it is because the sex is too good to give up and I’ve developed an emotional attachment to her. I pay her $3000 a month allowance and then our dates, gifts, etc cost me another $1000. I also would feel bad breaking up with her because she depends on me for her bills

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Is this the epitome of a loser? Like this. This right here is why men are the niggers of the genders.

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Post her pics

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Lol throw that bitch on street. When she begs u back u just pay 1/4 the rate u did before

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>would feel bad breaking up with her because she depends on me for her bills
Don't worry she will get another retard in a sec, don't feel so special, there are plenty retards like you with money.

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Yeah bro it sucks but I am 5’5 so I literally have no other way to date attractive girls

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based and smart move. crash the price of her pussy and buy it back at ridiculously deflated prices.

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It’s actually pretty hard for most girls to find legit SD’s, it’s kind of like how the average guy finds it hard to get a gf from dating apps

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BASED. Historically men have always done this. Don’t let the losers on this site whom are broke and can’t do this for a woman bring you down.

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*white men

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post pics, bro
and you can get more attractive girl in europ or asia for 90% less.

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It all depends on what her asshole smells like, bro. Describe the scent, so we can advise you?

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Epic cringe bro. At least make the bitch commit. Having a wife isn't much cheaper but it sure sounds better than sugar baby. Wife of 10 years gave me a good tier blowjob last night

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I fucked her

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>I make 150k a year and my after tax income is 8k a month.
How much you putting into your 401k?

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Maybe you should not be such a pathetic retard.

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>I also would feel bad breaking up with her because she depends on me for her bills
You think you are the only sugar daddy. Yikes.

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>LOL id

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Post pics so we can see if money well spend

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I would like to thank simps like op who spend their money helping homeless women.

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Give me money you faggot
Fuck I hope you burn in hell

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Based department

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Holy fuck post pics u faggot

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give script.tv a shot, you wouldn't have to worry about money in a year from now.

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>price of pussy is 50k /yr in the US
Sounds about right considering all the high paid wagies and millionaire boomers

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As someone who is divorced (and we had kids together) you are making one wise decision my friend. Simple budget, simple transaction.

On your salary you get divorced which will happen because western women have poisoned minds, you'll end up paying about $2500 a month for like 10 years. Plus the settlement. Plus no pussy.

I honestly wish I had done what u did. Marriage is a huge mistake and you found a hack for it. My only criticism is you're paying too much. Cut everything down to 2500 a month

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I guess. This is tax free money for her too so more like 70k pre tax income. I take her to $150 dinners and buy her random stuff like the iPhone 13 and apple watches. I also paid for her to go to Europe for 2 weeks last month

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Imaging paying for love. Couldn’t think of a sadder thing except being a cuck. U should just send me all ur money and kill yourself.

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bro stop this shit now
just say you cant do it anymore
literally right now
she will freak out because the money is soo good
dont respond for a week she will text you so much
then a week later meet up with her and just say you aren't willing to continue paying her because you dont want to mix your emotional feelings and your money
she knows youre willing to provide for her, if she wont date you fuck it
move on better long term for both of you

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lmao you are a clown

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I'd like to mock you without mercy but honestly that's about in line for the costs of being married
and a bargain if you are paying alimony/child support if you're divorced

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LMFAO you cannot be srs? This is one of the most disrespectful things you can ever do to urself. Buying love that isn’t even real? It’s not even real love and that clearly what this guy wants. It’s the saddest shit ever. He should go out and improve himself and find someone who actually wants him for him not a golf digging whore who’s just pretending to like him for money omfg I can get over how sad both of u are. And u used the word based. Bro no wonder u think this is normal and “men have done this for ages” mf your a retard lmfaooooo

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You'll probably be treated as her defacto husband by the courts and lose half your shit when you dump her now. Way to go faggot.

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she depends on her babymaker to pay her bills. also you arent together, she has many many clients

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One one hand you are absolutely right. On the other, the way you type shows me that you have a sub 90 IQ.

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>real love
Basedboy cuck hands typed this

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This is exactly why I hate this kind of bullshit. Who the fuck created these BS terms? You just reinvented fucking marriage in a way that doesn't benefit you
Bitches used to just get married and get carried but now they need to work and even worse they need to resort to being "sugar babies".

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This is like ten times worse than those losers who go alone to SEA to fuck third world whores. Get your shit together

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Im not here to write essays, champ. I’m pretty faded and I’m not going to proof read like a fucking nigger on a site for spergs and autist I don’t care about.

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If u paid attention you’d know I said “that’s clearly what he’s looking for”. The fact that this doesn’t even concern you and you interjecting anyway shows me your a retarded incel who has trouble with women. You should kill yourself

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>I pay her $3000 a month allowance and then our dates, gifts, etc cost me another $1000.
What part of the game is that? 150k is good money but not sugar baby money. How much of the 4k monthly expenses are in variable interest loan payments? Ngmi

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Retarded low effort larp

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this nigga pays 48k a year for pussy lmaoooooo

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2100 on rent
800 car lease
500 on food mostly eating out
600 for other stuff like utilities/gas/insurance

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You don't make enough money for that lifestyle

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How much should I be making?

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No way this is real. OP is just one of those nutjobs who gets off on being humiliated so he makes up stupid larps

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>breaking up
You aren't dating this woman. She doesn't love you.

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i make about $50K/year and i a sugar baby. basically only spend around 600/month on her. OP is spending like crazy. no need for that, i treat my sugar baby like a co-woker, not a gf.

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Nigga... what the fuck?

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> 2 week solo trip to europe
She is getting dicked by random dudes in a bathtub there you fucking retard.
> depends on me for bills
She has other sugar daddies and fucking them. You are not exclusive.

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You're a fucking loser.

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Are these long nose Jannies censoring the images here now? Why can't I increase the size of the image goys?

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This is mentall illness levels of cuckoldry.

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Paying for a woman like this is stupid and pointless unless she’s going to bear your kids and pass on your genes.

You could fuck escorts and go on sex tourism holidays for much less

You could also find girls on seeking arrangements who want way less

Either knock this bitch up and make sure she doesn’t abort it, or dump her and use your money to duck more hot bitches while you look for a woman you can have an actual future with who you can settle down and have kids with

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Yeah but if you’re divorced and paying child support you’re not a genetic dead end loser like this guy is so far

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That sounds fucking based though.

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Explain seeking to me that sounds chill if it’s not crazy expensive

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What are the chances she is fucking a couple other simps and actually bringing in more dough than OP?