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I went to private school and wore a suit every single day. Whenever I see public school videos, it looks like a zoo. Teachers can't control classrooms and the students are wild. Why?

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I went to a public school. We had an on duty police officer from the township all hours of the school day, and one time I saw a kid throw a cafeteria chair at his girlfriend hard enough to knock her out. We had teacher-student sex scandals, some people died, and one semester I had a teacher for history who was Liberian with no teaching degree that would receive phone calls during class from a guy named "Moses" who he claimed he ran a tire business with. He also insisted to me that you spell "Chinese" as "Chineese" and became very upset when I tried to correct him because he was definitely not a teacher and definitely pretending to be one. Sophmore girls would flirt with him blatantly until he would give them the answers to every test.

But I did have like a couple teachers who made an impact and if the public school system didnt exist at all I'd probably be infinitely more fucked than I am.

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> if the public school system didnt exist at all I'd probably be infinitely more fucked than I am.
kek nice joke.
abolish the public school system and save humanity

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>We had teacher-student sex scandals, some people died, and one semester I had a teacher for history who was Liberian with no teaching degree
Please share stories about this kek

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So they fired the Liberian guy right because he wasn't a teacher. He had a history degree (from Liberia?) and they were supposedly paying for him to go to the community college to get his actual teaching degree but took him on while he was supposed to be in that process. All of it sounds sketch but I guess they had a staff shortage or whatever.

He wasnt actually going to his classes to get his degree though, so they fired him and replaced him with a student teacher basically. She was literally still in school, and her professor would come in from time to time and check in or whatever. Anyway she was cool and young obviously, she got hired full time the next year but ended up boinking some of the kids which I mean ya know, its fine I guess? She was what like 24? Wasn't super hot but whatever. Pretty sure no charges were pressed since it was one of those south park "Nice" moments for the guys involved. They weren't like freshman, I think the one everybody knew about was a senior possibly even 18, and the other one might have been 16 or 17. I only ever heard about the two.

And then yeah, a kid hanged himself from a tree on the street behind the school cause he was like "Hey guys I can tell shits gonna get worse from here" and I think he was pretty damn smart in retrospect. Another kid got shot over some gang shit, but it was technically after we graduated over the summer so not "in public school."

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My 10th grade geometry teacher who I thought was great also quit after his second year of teaching to literally join the navy and go fight in the Iraq war because he hated being a public high school teacher that much, and literally told us he was about to jump off the building if he kept teaching there so he might as well go to war. He was like 25 I guess.

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I am so far removed from this sort of stuff but not gonna lie, it sounds entertaining as hell. Keep going, this is fun to read. How did you guys find out about the student teacher boinking?

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She got fired. Literally EVERYONE knew about her and the one kid, who again, may have been 18. Rumors were that she actually was with at least 2, but yeah, idk, its a high school. People knew the guys who she was with and they confirmed, plus she got fired. But Im pretty sure it never made it to the news or legal proceedings. Everyone just said "Nice. But you can't do that lol" and walked away.

There were way less confirmed rumors about at least 2 other teachers, both male, but they were more hearsay and would be way grosser if true cause they were old men in their 50s.

We had pregnant girls. We had cocaine users in the 10th grade. Im trying to think of anything else that truly stands out, but like... for the most part, most people were fine. Most kids somehow went on to college. I learned how to do math and write computer programs. It was fun and it cost nothing.

Ohhhh the last thing that stands out that you wouldnt have had in private school is military recruiters. Because public school is like a feeder system for the military or whatever and I was in school in the early 2000s, we had marines and army at school CONSTANTLY trying to get dumb kids to go die for whatever. Its pretty surreal thinking back on it.

Also, lunch tables separate by race. It basically looks like prison, again, kinda surreal.

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a white kid from my school knocked out an Asian girl after she rejected him

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Both are worthless wastes of time. No practical skills. Just dumbass GE classes.

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Should I put my kid in public school, private or homeschool?

I don’t want him to become one of those weird homeschooled Mormon kid (even tho he’s not Mormon, stigma is that Mormons are usually homeschooled). Or should I actually look some money together for private school? Is it even worth?

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I think the primary difference is that parents who put aside money for private school love their children while parents who send them to public school are secretly hoping they'll die in a tragedy so they can get off the hook for parenting, or at the very least maybe OD early for a life insurance payout.

If it's even remotely an option for you, do not send them to the public hunger games. Unless you hate them, in which case, lots of parents also do.

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That's wild. I kinda want to be a fly on the wall and see what it would have been like. Also, what was the social hierarchy like? Did you have literal Chads dominate the social power games?

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Greentext? What were their ratings out of 10?

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Private school was good, but homeschool can be effective as long as they have regular social interaction with people their age. Homeschool can be really good because you go at the individual's pace

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Public school is exactly what it sounds like. An unfiltered selection of the general public. 5% of the population will go prison. 1 in 400 will be murdered, and about 1 in 500 will be a murderer. Different schools might have slightly different demographic, but even the safest cities will have incidents at least 10% the national rate. Your kids have to interact with and exist with, and are expected to be cordial to tomorrow's hardened criminals.

Public schools aren't "bad". They are "normal" or "average". Nearly every indictment against public schools are in reality an indictment against society at large.

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We had like 1500 students in a very small building that was originally built as a middle school for probably 500 max capacity if I had to guess, but the township kept growing so they turned it into a HS by adding some additional wings and trailers out back that they used as extra classrooms. The hallways literally looked like Astroworld every time the bell rang as hundreds of kids swam dick to butt through the tiny halls. On at least 2 occasions someone took a shit in one of the stairwells creating excessive crowd crush congestion. On my first day of senior year there were 35 or so kids in my first period class but only 30 desks. Several of us sat on the windowsills and floor. After that day though, there were always enough kids skipping first period that we could seat most of the room on most days by just calling dibs on desks like a Southwest flight.

So there was like many universes of social heirarchies with chads and stacies coexisting in one space. There was too many people for a single heirarchy. People had cliques, there were lots of races.

There was a "final boss" clique of sorts which somehow contained people of many races including the kid who got a DUI on prom night after being voted king, probably because he was black and the white township police didn't like him hangin roun' their preppy white kids. Who knows.

But yeah I spent most of my time with nerds, geeks, skaters, pot heads, etc. Our circles didnt overlap with that athelete+drama club/chad stacy circle. And then there were just tons of other random circles. We had literal gangs which I didnt realize until that one kid got shot. I always thought the gang shit happened the town over but I guess we had some real ones.

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In private school they at least teach you basic economics and things that will be useful for your life. That's mostly how i found out about qom

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I went to both private school, when I lived in Europe, and public school when I moved to America back when I was growing up. Absolute culture shock. Most public school kids are throw in school because they're parents have to go and wage slave and so school is like a glamorized daycare where they're babysit while mom and dad are away. I was so resentful towards my parents that they would put me among a bunch of fucking niggers and animals. Still a little miffed about it all these years later (this was back in the 1999).

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*mind the auto-correct typos

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They teach you guys economics? Wtffff we literally had no econ class even as an elective anywhere in any of our courses, I remember fucking searching for it and asking. What sort of conspiracy is this shit.

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And I only say miffed because I was on track to go to LSE and HEC Paris and then literally came to the US as I was starting high school and spent 4 years in a weird clinically depressed state while I tried to sort everything out. They could not have chosen an absolute worst time in a young person's development to make a life altering move of the magnitude. All's good many years later given I went to a Top 20 school and got an MBA and went into business for myself later.

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public schools and childcare are so pozzed its no wonder so many roasties and brads are going childfree. its just too expensive to raise kids in an ideal environment. most people i know didn't learn shit in high school. i didn't. homeschooling is better in every conceivable way. people say being sheltered will turn you into an autist or degenerate later in life but plenty of public schoolers become degenerates but also fail rudimentary math so....

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Homeschool is best if you can teach your kid everything, and have him/her do some kind of sport or club with other kids their age. They are also typically allowed to join public school sports teams without enrolling.

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Private school hands down if you care about your kid's future. They'll receive an actual education instead of being locked in a prison full of underpaid wardens that hate them and fellow inmates from among the worst (read: poorest) that society has to offer.

That's barely half of the benefit though. The real benefit is the social connections your kid will be making. Private school is their best chance at forming a lasting network of friends from elite families who have a much higher probability of being successful high-net-worth individuals later in life.

Both of my parents were homeless at one point or another. They sacrificed everything to put me into a private school in an affluent neighborhood, and I'm telling you there is absolutely NO CHANCE I'd be doing as well as I am now without the friends and knowledge that I received there. The cost of tuition has been paid back over a hundredfold by what opportunities have been made available to me from the kids I met decades ago in private school.

As far as I can tell, the game is rigged from the start, and the system is designed to absolutely fuck you unless you know the right people.

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>tfw public school but in a small white town