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How much money do you personally need after all your bills and utilities are paid to get by?

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About 45k for my family but that's with health insurance being taken out. We end up living on about 65k to 75k per year in reality. Aiming for 85k passive income someday

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Personally I’m good on about $100/month in things, my wife is good on about $15,000/year to restock her closet

We have different philosophies in life

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Jesus i pay more than that for 1. 7800 per month. I am trying to get my bills down. No cable so far. Nice job.

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Where am I spending less? I know that mortgage is low.

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Crazy good mortgage.

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Oh yeah I know, bought in 2012 so prices were low AND we refinanced when interest rates were crazy low. What are people paying for mortgages these days? $2500+?

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>125/mo for water
jesus christ do you live in the desert or something?

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$30 every 4 days for food

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0 cuz I’m a neet.