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>taking a low paying job is LITERALLY agreeing to be poor on somebody elses behalf
>"Yes sir I would love to exist within the bounds of certain economic constraints I'm glad we've gotten that out of the way, now that my poverty is a sure thing I can turn my brain off" = "Yes sir I'll take the job"

Just be poor on your own behalf. Can you really not generate $20 an hour on your own? Why do this for somebody else? Your odds of making it probably increase too.

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People are cattle, man.
Being rich is enlightenment. How do you think Judaism came about?

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low paying jobs are not being filled because not working is with welfare state economically more rational. Importing Niggers doesnt change that as they also chose economically rational to not work

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A trade apprenticeship should BEGIN at 100k with benefits. Licensed one should expect 200k with benefits. Trades don't even get half of this, often not even a third or a quarter of this. It's criminal.

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Just skim $20 an hour off the top lol.

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A society can’t run on people who think the average joe job is not good enough for them. Society is actually built on these jobs until robots take over.

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>the bossman can only be rich if you agree to be poor

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Maybe slavery shouldn't have been absolved then if its human nature to want to reach for the top?

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Also poor will be even more poor.

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>1 inch puddle becomes 1 centimeter puddle

Oh heavens the devastation, there are some ways of living that pay dividends in terrible economic environments, like growing your own food and multi generational households. You don't need to make another man rich just so you can get arthritis and diabetes, and be in credit substantial card debt and probably addicted to pain pills. You can't send your kids to college. They're probably planning on hopping on the factory line with you.

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Substantial credit card debt*

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Thats more of a fantasy. You can’t build most products that are in circulation rn. If you think this way we would go back 100s of years.

Also most of the time you underestimate primitive self-sustainability. It actually takes crazy hard work. Even more arthritis.

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>Yes you absolutely must be poor it is an unequivocal fact that this is the maximum allowable payment for this work, in fact it is too much and ought to be less

This is you right now

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You are purporting a false premise by claiming production cannot occur for a better wage to cost of living ratio. I suspect that you make your money by getting others agree to be poor.

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People have no idea how career advancement work because teachers in the Us are resentful to teach it. Like, a science teacher would never teach you how to get a job in a STEM field because they have no clue themselves. College barely does this.
Here’s how much I was paid for every job I can remember per hour over the past 20 years:
$7.25 /hour
$100/hour <- I’m here now.

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Ah and that's the point where your company really wants you to fuck off so they can hire someone for cheaper.

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how did u do it

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Ever heard of of SME or subject matter expert? It's a person who can do a few really complex jobs really well. They generally work as consultants or as the go-to person for a whole organization. SMEs do things like complex SAP and Oracle DB configurations, cybersecurity, audits for FDA or banking compliance, etc.

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He didn’t retard. He’s a larping faggot just like everyone else on biz. Notice how no one ever posts pics with messages that say “hi biz” with the date in front of their luxury car.

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I mean, if he's been working for 20 years, I don't see why not. I've been working like 3-4 years and make $40-45/hr. I'm sure I'll become a CFO one day and make even more.

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So you're a toxic employee that convoluted the system so much that you're now the only person they can employ to manage it? Wow nobody has EVER done that before.

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I do night shift security and get paid just to nap or be on my phone. Idgaf since it's not some labor intensive job.

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Yup, this, except for Regulatory Affairs for Medical Device or Pharma companies. It was a shitload of work to get where I am, I basically had to earn the equivalent of a Master’s Degree with all the time I spent reading regulatory documents.

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Mald harder

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I was a social worker for many years. This realization broke me and left me a bitter man for many years. I literally sacrificed my body and mental health future financial health for shit wages to work with disabled people and suicide kids. I make 3x my salary in tech.

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Not mad, just wanted to point it out haha

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You were saying?

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Lmao, not sure why it got added upside down, lemme try again.

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See this: >>50033964
My advice; do whatever it takes to get a job in a large company, then look at their job openings constantly, and either work towards getting a better paying job, or get additional certs/coursework towards that job.
And if it doesn’t work out after 1-2 years, start applying to different companies that offer higher pay.

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Agreed, I save/invest a lot.

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This works but also try to make sure the company really has a good model. Don't work for a BS company. You need to work for a company that is growing so fast they just have to hire this guy they already know that is a rainmaker of sorts. Never work for a company that doesn't think you're God.

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Is that meant to be impressive? Why get an expensive can your then cram it into a broom cupboard lol

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Post your car and garage

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I refuse to work for less than $100/hr, fortunately I surpassed that amount a while back

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>the anybody can't eat if farmer brown don't grow it

We evolved specialization for a reason. I will agree with you about tackling economic inequality extremes, but a lot of "jobs" as such exist for necessity and the continuation of civilization.

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>Be me, not poorfag, larping as poorfag
>take a bunch of low paying jerbs
>take jerbs that pay under the table
>live with parents
>put everything in crypto and other investments
>they pay off
>buy a few properties and rent them out
>live in a small shack and smoke weed all day
>everyone thinks I'm super poor
>portfolio is 8 figs

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Minimum wage working $8 and it fucking sucks. If college in america wasnt so overpriced I would have gone to gone to college and made 6 figures. College shluld be cheap and affordable fuck this shit

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I dont believe anything you said.

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They do in Australia if you get a mining job and this is after conversion to usd.

Maybe don’t live in a poor shit hole.

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I live in bumfuck nowhere and warehouses pay 18 an hour where I am. Surely you can work one of those jobs?

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>ghosted and denials that close

Maybe 30 years ago. For the past decade, you basically only get ghosted. You're so worthless that they can't be bothered to reply with a simple "no", to potentially save you weeks of uncertainty.