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How is this looking. I don`t care for alts I have lost too much to my own stupidity and since I have a job I cant`t sit 24/7 watching charts.

I figured since I will be continuing using normiebase I might as well hodl all 3 and no matter what happends gain. I`ll put in 100 every month alternating between coins.

Fuck the insecurity and the FOMO. Hodl and forget

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Put more in litecoin before 1k.

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>1 eth
>1 LTC
>almost $1000

I've been here since June and even this blows my fucking mind.

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Similar to my plan anon.

I’ve put a grand into various coins I think may moon and I’m not going to touch them until the end of next year.

Meanwhile I’ll buy some btc/eth/ltc every month.

Will keep in different portfolio apps to keep the strategy going.

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yeah me too. me too. I sold 6 ltc 2 days ago for 120...

No more buying until 1.1. No more FOMO and even tho I agree that it will reach 1000 EOY.

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Poorfag here, I put 150 in BTC, 50 in ETH, and 100 in LTC yesterday and plan to do the same. LTC stopped mooning so dunno if I should shift it around.

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It will go up either tonight or tomorrow. If you have the nerve hodl but I don`t. I need to be able to go to bed without alarms going off because something moons.

Just fyi in the time I made this thread my portfolio has increased by 20€.

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waiting for breakout from pennant. 19300+ for confirmation, if it breaks 215000 we're in open air and looking to really moon. I'd hold on to it. You'll know in 24 hours.

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ETH time

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there she goes

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Nigga I sold 30LTC at $95. How do you think I feel? Still made a tidy profit, but still.

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Needs more cowbell