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Bros… is it still viable to set up a bunch of bots to farm GMT for me? So far it’s the only true passive income I’ve seen besides farming stablecoins…

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>set up a bunch of bots
wait a sec, can you?
don't tell me that i'm the only idiot walking out there

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if this is some kind of walking app or whatever which gives you cryptos for walking, then based. yes you should (if/while its profitable)
its insane there are people doing this manually. everyone used to automate this stuff, long ago even

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maybe it's good time to profit this thing. gst can't dump now, so, if you hold, you're gonna get some good money in the near future

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nah, not happening anymore

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No it's not, fuck off and delete this shit

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Why are you guys hating so much GMT?

It's been pumping lately. Bet you fag didn't slurp that bottom

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Nigger cuz it's dumb

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patched version against bots made A LOT of people seethe online so hard making cheap excuses on why they shouldnt have done that lmfao it was so funny

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Based as fuck

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>i'm the only idiot walking out there
yes you are anon, now buy the bot and earn ez money from your home

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These bitches complain that NFTs are fucking useless. Then a company make an app that gives them an actual use and bitches still complain

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biz shit on anything that aint their bags and its pumping no matter how much they can get out of it and not matter how regardless

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Its the neverending cycle of 4chan, m8. Cope and hold your bags

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Nigga, those snearks are way too colorful for my tastes

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Just download Stepn and run for a couple of miles my dude, ain't that hard

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fucking kek bateman, you're delusional

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>patched version against bots made A LOT of people seethe

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>Bros… is it still viable to set up a bunch of bots to farm GMT for me?
Nigga touch some grass, leave your house, walk. Do something dude, don't be a freak.

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then you havent seen Cryptoxpress, do some fuckign research and thank me later

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is holoride metastaking program a joke to you...don't be a fucking retard, lot of true passive income protocol out there.