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Theres an entire group dedicated to flood every PRQ thread thats being made with agressive FUD. I dont see many other projects that are posted on here suffering from this much autistic hatred.

Is this bullish?

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Reminds me of Link fud back in the day. Bullish imo

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Anon, it’s simple…..anons of biz use weak childish reverse psychology to keep price down….whilst they accumulate as much as possible. Stinking link was a great example back in 2018-19.

All I can say is buy as much parsnips as possible…..it’s time for launch is imminent.

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I generally agree, except for this dude 'eric' who is literally just seething because jannies banned him lmao.

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Will there be collaborations with top tier crypto projects? Yes, already in progress.

Will reasonably big Web3 projects be PARSIQ clients? Yes, already in the pipeline.

Will there be collaborations with big Web2 companies? Yes, already in progress.

Will there be more listings, including tier 1 exchanges? Yes.

Will PARSIQ get adoption and a substantial market share? IMO Yes (off to a very good start).

Will PARSIQ as a brand get more recognition in the future? IMO Yes (already is on a corporate and smart money level).

Is PARSIQ tech and team blockchain expertise up to snuff to compete with the best? IMO Yes (our team is very very talented IMO).

Will PARSIQ venture farther than blockchain data and Web3 backend? Yes, we have a big vision for PARSIQ going forward. When the current milestones are successfully accomplished, time to move on to bigger things that we have planned.

Will PRQ see or exceed its all-time-high price? No idea. Very often older projects get overshadowed by new shiny narratives that suck all the liquidity. But we have seen very successful performers who have done great over multiple cycles via reinvigorated narratives (FTM, MATIC etc). We will do our best for PRQ to be in the latter category. PARSIQ is still relatively small compared to what it can be. It will all depend on: market timing, team effort, community effort. But we are well positioning by being on a lot of big Asian, Europen and US based exchanges with a new big product set coming and big list of adopters pending.

Lots to look forward to. This is the time to build and show progress. Will pay off big when market reverses IMO (in terms of brand recognition, tech recognition, adoption etc).

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Oh no no no fartshit sisters we've been found out...

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Fartshit niggers should be suffocated under a fat mans sweaty arsehole.

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Who the fk is eric and why is he mentioned everywhere

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A mentally ill baggie that has spend at least 8 hours a day spreading FUD on PRQ every single day for the past 6+ months. Hes also banned on Telegram on at least 100 different alt accounts. He keeps buying new phone numbers to make more accounts.

You can instantly recognise him when he shows up to threads. He will start replying to literally everyone within seconds with very agressive FUD.

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Eric is one of the tg usernames for a schizo who appears to have devoted the last few years of his life to destroying Parsiq as a company and demoralising all holders because he got banned from the tg for being a dick.
He's a dick but one has to admire the autistic energy he brings to the space. He holds over 200k PRQ I believe. Very knowledgable about the project, uses that knowledge to lie and fud as much as possible while pulling at his winkle.

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PRQ Chad's GMI

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Yes, we are.

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No, we aren't.

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Checked. WAGMI

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Didnt even notice the quads at first. Based

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Everyone knows this is going to moon. They just want time to accumulate. Soon it will be impossible without pumping the price though

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>a fucking telegram bot

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This thing can double any second now

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Double? Double figures you mean?

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>10 rupees inc
ive held for too long

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We'll see action this summer. I don't doubt it.

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i dont want to raid on a parade but i doubt any crypto will see any action for atleast 6 months.

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ignore me

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There's money on the sidelines looking for solid investment. Parsiq has so much coming in the next few months, it is going to be in the spotlight.

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i just dont see parsiq or any other crypto just going ballistic in the current market, im investing in it myself but i am ready to wait 1-2 years to reach 3$

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There really will be a lot of eyes on Parsiq in the coming months. It's 100% a good long term investment. They have runway, product, vision, ambition and intellect. They're not going away and have big plans beyond even what is on the roadmap. It's a comfy long term hold.

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how long have you been holding and when did you buy in?

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The fucking digits never lie.

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Been holding over 2 years. Been buying all the way. Still buying but expect to stop soon.

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really? did you buy when it was 1$+ too?
i bought alot at that range and rode it down and am now trying to lower my initial.

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I bought $1+ but bought a lot before it listed on uni so am still green.

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Knot kneaded

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did you buy because of kevins shilling or did you find it on your own?

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Found it here. A 2 post thread. Did some digging and buyded.

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do you know if analtoy is still involved with the project?

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He is, he is still the chief blockchain architect.

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is there any way i can see this on their website or are they intentionally keeping us away from seeing team members and such because of the new tsunami API?

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New website is under construction, looks like they are going for a big launch around Tsunami release, big new product, new website, big names and marketing push. Anatoly was confirmed as this question came up in a recent AMA. We are expecting him to do one of his own AMAs soon. Hopefully another 3hr marathon.

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Anatoly just fills me with confidence.

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thanks for the update, some guy here said he wasnt on the project anymore but i guess he was full of shit.

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what a pathetic manchild, holy shit.

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There's a lot of it about. Just fartshit idiots telling lies to fud and buy lower. I think most of them are Indian.

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ITT: Bots and pajeets samefagging

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The CEO gives off mad Celsius vibes

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In what way?

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big nose, obsessed with AMAs to have a fake sense of "transparency", etc etc etc

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Wow, insightful take lad. Really impressive. I bow to your superior research.

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Someone tell me why everyone is ultra bullish on this project when they have failed to be adopted by any serious projects after what, 3 years? They seem to be on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to turn any profit

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They have operating funds for years, revenue coming in and a bunch of projects lined up to use tsunami and data lakes. Cope eric you turbo faggot giga nigger.

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>revenue coming in
No, they don't.

If they had any revenue coming in, staking APY would be more than 1% (80k/yr across the entire pool).

If they had any revenue coming in, Tom would have published the usage summary.

If they had any revenue coming in, Tom wouldn't have alluded to the company struggling for the past two AMAs.

>a bunch of projects lined up to use tsunami and data lakes

Just like a bunch of top projects were lined up to use IQ protocol right? Hundreds of millions of TVL and dozens of pools by Q1 and Q2, right?

Your problem is that you are a delusional faggot who keeps believing people whose job it is to sell you fairy tales. Instead of looking at reality. They have failed to deliver on every single promise ever.

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I'd love to smash your teeth in you lying wanker.

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i think i recognize your writing style, you are the guy who said that analtoy had been sacked off of the position as CTO or whatever its called.
>papsy captcha

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Yep, that's him. He's the most schizo idiot you'll ever come across.

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You couldn't reach my teeth you fucking incel

None of what I said is a lie. Otherwise you would have shown it, but you can't

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I've wasted enough of my time dispelling your nonsense you little faggot. I'd hit you with your mum.
You slipped up the other day. i'm a little step closer to doxxing you.

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Lol. Still waiting for you to state the lie. Parsiq has no revenue.

This is how every thread ends. You fucking idiot shills lose the argument and then run away