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The future of renting is here

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Holy kek,Who in their right mind would pay $400 PER WEEK to live in Adelaide?

That's more than most people make after tax in South Australia.

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We will go back to communal shitters at this rate.

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its already like that in some complexes, namely those that are on section 8 i believe

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Adelaide? This has to be in some hipster area, I was looking at Adelaide housing and it was cheap af and decent looking, but I am in Sydney right now so maybe my perception is warped because of how fucked it is here. You would pay $1000 per week for OP’s pic here lmfao

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And you will be happy

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hustle and bustle

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Looks pretty shwabian

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Autistic NEET here always live with my parents

Who is actually renting these places? Someone who could afford $400 per week would want more than that kind of lifestyle…. Right?

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The govt is probably paying "refugees" to live there

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Types who spend 2 hours a day max at home and want to spend the rest of their time in the office or eating out. Aka city bulls

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> You would be paying 1000 a week here
I keep tabs on multiple investment properties in Sydney and Uh, no u wouldn't. What the fuck is the point of lying here kek

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Boomers are pure evil.

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It's only "cheap" in comparison. Remember this is still South Australia, it's the flyover state of Australia.

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Landlords are evil

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There's gonna be a world war.

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You'd pay way more in America than Australia.

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your poorfag investment property in mt druitt doesnt count faggot

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You are like a little baby

t. Londonfag

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imagine the smell

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There is no reason to have big cities anymore.

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Lmao, welcome to third world status. Eurocucks deserve it.

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Also all Anglo trash

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Nice save retard. Anglos are true whites, cope seethe and dilate shitskin

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You vill poo in ze pod

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That's what I said.

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>anglos are white


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next up the shitter next to the couch

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just shit anywhere the dingos will eat it

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Since Australia is 90% empty grassland/desert, and work from home is a thing, can't people just build more houses outside the cities ?

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nah m8 no water, power, food anything and 40 - 50 C

You will just die or wish you did even if you have a house

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Cope shitskin

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52*400 = 20800
20800/12 ~=~ 1733.34
that is a lot of rent a month for shit place. But it sounds like a short term rental. Might even be an AirBnB

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Look mate, you're being unaustralian. It's the great Australian dream to buy a million dollar shit shack off some chinaman or boomer on a 30 year mortgage and flip it to some other dumb cunt. That's as Australian as a $5 bunnings sausage sizzle.

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You wouldn’t pay 1000 but easy 300-350. It’s quilt and unique!

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that fireplace looks cozy

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>not having your own Pittsburgh toliet

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>not shitting with your bros

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You can see where the divider was installed at one point in time. Either they tore it out for code violation like people in wheelchairs couldn't get to the toilet or fat people couldn't fit in the stall or more likely some drunk idiot just tore the fucking stall apart and they said, "Screw it, Leave it like it is."

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Romans used to shit together

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>people in wheelchairs couldn't get to the toilet
No fat people* could not shit. And they shit a lot.

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>more rentoid seething threads

just for this thread I increase the rent on my rentoids next month, keep seething serfs.

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good god the smell she produces must be euphoric

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That’s retarded. If they were that desperate they could have boarded up the fireplace and built an actual room there instead.

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back to the roots!

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finally, a his and hers toilets.
closets and sinks were popular.
it's nice to see it expanded to toilets.

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They could have made it an eco-toilet that burns the shit.

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Make sure to shit where you eat, wage.

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>pilot to co pilot
>we're opening the bombay doors

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Reminds me of Philmont. Pilot copilot, but the best one was jet fighter where you're back to back

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Oh fuck you are bring back memories. I was there the summer of 09.

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No idea. I rent a house with a couple friends.

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Work from home got cancelled because boom booms got lonely in the office.

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i never understood this either. yeah, it's easier to live on the coast, but it's not difficult to install infrastructure and make anywhere livable. plenty of deserts/wastelands in the world made livable by white men

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Not if they want running water, electricity, gas, sewer, and trash disposal.

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I don't have a problem with working in the office. But why did the Boomer put the office in the most expensive part of town. I have to drive an hour to find an affordable house.

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>why did the Boomer put the office in the most expensive part of town
Other way around big brain. The expensive parts of town were typically created by corpos setting up offices and introducing demand for services

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What a chud lmao

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It doesn't explain why all the tech companies have to be in silicon valley. They could spread out and not raise the cost of housing in one place to stupid prices.

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To be fair, at least these pods have the bathroom in the studio instead of telling people to use the communal one in the hallway. This is several levels nicer than the CaliPods.

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WTF... Is that real?

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You can't even pay a dentist to fix your teeth and you pretend to be white, lmao.

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Not with the dry heat we get. Good luck growing anything out there let alone keeping it alive during summer when it's upwards of 50°C.

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Taxes and high cost of living pushed people into the desert.

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>I like to watch my girlfriend sleep while I use the toilet. I often sit there legs angled to help my release, body turned toward my love as her chest rises and falls with her deep slumbering breaths. I dare not flush as to awaken my princess.

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$400 a week? I could get that a month in thailand

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>bombay doors


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had a good laugh thank you