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If so, how did you do it?
What did you buy and how much, and how much did you sell for?

And what's the best steps you recommend taking.. trading options? Crypto?

I would like to follow in your footsteps and be a biz elite.

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I was born in a wealthy family I just invest in crypto as a hobby. There isn’t really a way for regular people to get truly rich, That’s not how the world works. People will hold up this guy or that guy as a self made billionaire or whatever but those people are one in hundreds of millions and you probably are not.

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I own millions of lunc. So I'll be one in about a year and a half.

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Yes, Elon Musk here. Ama

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gouge the eyes of everyone who draws like this as retribution for the visual harm their "art" inflicts on the public

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Elon, wen Doge = $1?

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Made $2 million last bull run flipping shitcoins ion Uniswap. My recommendation is: get the fuck out of /biz/ . Board has been taken over by pajeets and there is nothing of value here anymore.

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Been working on my career and building a family and have bought and sold several houses along the way. Currently have 2 properties mortgage free so feeling very lucky with the market explosion last few years.

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First rule: do the opposite what biz says. Biz is still only about chainlink which is totally shit as investment. Not giving you financial advices but research projects that are gonna be massively important in few years. For example now one of the biggest problems in crypto is interoperability. Digital IDs are coming and everyone is going to love "green" cryptos.

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I agree but we fucked the system up with money printing, spending in the socialist sense, and creating surplus that only serves few (technological efficiency surplus for example).

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>If so, how did you do it?
bought Ethereum, bought LINK, bought AVAX, bought JOE
simple as

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I am. I bought $10,000 worth of shib last January

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where do you get your alpha?

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prey on the weak.
> born in argentina
> personal warehouses non-existant 8 years ago
> rented cheap and horrible but huge industrial storehouse for like 300usd/month, painted it then subdivided it into little "rooms" with wooden walls
> i then promoted myself and rented the 50 resulting rooms to normal people that are moving houses or whatnot for around 35usd/month each, had to work like a nigger for around 2 months
> hired a wageslave to do all the heavy lifting for me for 200usd/month pay but 2hr workday (just being there in case someone has to go move stuff) so dude is happy
> i now make a lot of money for argie standards so i hire someone to find the clients for me and sit back
> fastforward 2years, money steadily flowing in and im saving like a jew
> my grannys caregiver is an illiterate toilet cleaner, granny dies and she has no work now, so she is desperate and selling her recently dead fathers house which is unusable
> she doesnt have money for paperwork nor repairs so she is renting somewhere else and she sells it for stupid cheap (80k land going for 20k)
> do the paperwork for her, buy it, then hire a cheap architect to make a duplex for 15k, then sell it for 110k
> i now get 3 other similar opportunities in a row, all illiterate wageslaves that cant do paperwork so they sell the house they inherited for cheap
> i now live on my around 1000usd warehouse bullshit plus 2 rented homes, worth around 500k total
> "got into crypto" = yolo'ed into pvu, the shitty crypto game last year around august, saw the potential so i just bought a shitload of phones and made multiple accounts. got lucky and sold just before the big crash.
> million dollar networth now

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Yes. Ohm. I'm still buying

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Teach me your ways

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Yes. Buy some enrex and thank me later

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> prey on the weak
> have luck in crypto bullshit
> flip property in poor countries
i wish i had any other actual advice

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Elong Maaah

we love you!

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I admire you as a fellow Argie.

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I'm leaving my discord tag for anyone who wants to talk about biz stuff sometimes:


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Kek, I'm certain you have lost all the money on shitcoins as well. I first heard about AXS and ALGO right here on biz and I made over 500k from both. Lots of good gems I'm currently hodling SCRT, TEL, and SNX, and it's all thanks to biz. Do your damn research before investing in any gem, moron.

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Get bent Argentina, Falklands are British forever

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138k in drip and dwti in 2019 became 1mm+. 750k of GME to 2mm. Then all in uco and nrgu and gush since then. Around 5-6mm now with a peak of 9mm

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I bought a house and it tripled in price

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I got a net worth of just over 1m for now anyway. I did it with real estate. That would be my recommendation once you gain some good money in stocks and crypto

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what are you buying?

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>Not giving you financial advices but research projects that are gonna be massively important
my guy is talking about PrecogFinance (tickr PCOG) here

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I see you got your bag secured with SCRT, I also do but with Railgun because I dont have to convert my assets to use the platform and thats the shit with the rest that I know of.

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subtle everest shill.

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I was until bitcoin crahsed.

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Fuck you. I'll become rich someday, you'll see.

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>pretend to be Trans online
>make onlyfans
>use profits to make sports bets
>profit more

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>If so, how did you do it?
just be yourself bro

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what do you recommend investing in in the crypto market? (not finance advice ik)


railgun price p?

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Everest ID (ticker: ID)

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I literally just followed Ryoshi like a retarded fag.
He announced Shib and I knew he was upto something huge.
Made an easy 20x on and off. Out of literal pennies.

Now he's come back with another token claiming to wage a war on sh!b owners.
Idc if it's legit or not - I know the guy is capable of making coins pump like mad.
I'm already 2x.

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I have 19k rubic.
I will be a millionaire soon.

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Ohm. I already said it

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Nice anon

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I was until I literally gave it to a fat ukranian-american scammer larping as a fintechwizard. I fell under his khazarian spell and now I have to start from zero.

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Fuck you

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Back in 2013 I took out $20k in credit card debt and purchased 31 bitcoins. I sold for 1million.

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> go back

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Check the price for yourself on coingecko biztard...

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Dont buy anything atm or you die a poor fag. I am only looking at what the metaverse is looking like with sports creeping in there as some famous athletes like Amanda Nunes a former UFC champ will be teaching her fans how to fight in immersive 3D and will be building her first gym n the metaverse. I am a fitness enthusiast so this piques my interest. Dont buy anything pajeet, just have fun

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No but I’m bound to be. This BitDAO bag will melt faces

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Two more weeks

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yeah, inhereted a 300k house in 2009, renovated, took out a loan on it, bought another fixer upper, repeated this five times, now I own my house (850k with a 200k mortgage) plus two rentals outright (450k and 750k). between that and investments/cash i'm worth about 1.7 mil. i don't feel rich at all desu.

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multiple instances and layers of good decision making.

well earned, anon

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Who the fuck just drops $10k on an absolute meme coin? I understand it worked out for you, but I just can't understand your motivation.

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Will we get discounts on cybertruck for buying with crypto

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I started in late 2016 just dollar cost averaging into bitcoin. Idk why I even started back then. Just small amounts at the time. But it got me interested started reading reddit crypto. Bought antsharez for a few thousand dollars as a gamble. It had a buzz about it. It sky rocketed and I took some profits but not nearly as much as I could have taken. But this was a good learning lesson that set me up perfectly for what I did in the 2021 bull run. I basically bag held a lot of alts including a nice bag of eth from 2017 all the way to 2020. Started selling it off for profit too early. But I got in on meme tokens in 2021 and this time I took significant profits. My advice is to wait for the buzz to happen in an online community. Don't buy after it moons. Buy when there's a buzz but price is still low.

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You’re never gonna make it. Just hope to be born into a better caste next time

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Yes. I got a job as head chef at Wendy's... $300K/year. Put all the money I made into a high-yield savings account and here I am today.

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Essentially I just judged normie sentiment and didn't listen to most of the poorfags here. 4 million made in crypto here, 1 million made on Doge, 2 million on SHIB, and a million on a bunch of other shitcoins. I just sell when it x100s. Very easy when you put in 10k. Now I just have my money in D0bo and waiting for the market to come back for my next 4 million.

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naaa, I know too many self made millionaires for it to be that hard. Real estate played a part for most.

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So I should just kill myself?

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that's my plan, im fucked lost all my money and im unemployed my bills are due on the 13th

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Bought a house in 2010 then another as an investment in 2013. I wouldn't recommend the same today

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If you're really serious about that please reconsider. You will eventually look back and realize how small and petty this all is. Be better to yourself. You have intrinsic value. Struggle and overcome.

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No. You don’t need to be rich to have a good life

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uhhhhhhh I dont think you understand im literally fucked I have $0 I lost my last $300 today trying to make more and im fucked, im not joking here ive got 5 bullets in my revolver im fucking killing myself if I can't make a miracle happen

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Housing can barely even be factored in to net wealth when even tier 2 cities are starting to have nothing good under a million

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Half of it was buying into the real estate market back when they would give loans out to sentient fish, except I locked into a fixed rate, and wasn't retarded during the 08 stupidity, and selling the unit to my tenants about three months ago. I didn't quite catch the start, but I sure fucking caught the peak.

The other half of it was being a head-stepping careerist of a motherfucker at work with a nearly Japanese attitude to corporate drinking. I won't even call it networking, I'm just a professional alcoholic. Shit I say this, and my boss doesn't even bat an eye. If the manager says that he's going out for happy hour, I'm going to happy hour. If the happy hour is in california and I'm on the east coast, the company can fucking comp my tickets, I'll still be there. Do that for a few years and be drinking buddies with a few correct people, get to be known as the cool guy that you can do anything around and make sure that people coming back from the bar or high off their rocker on whatever pills/shitty weed that they managed to score in their client's basement are gonna make it back to the hotel room and their secret is safe with you, and you'll make middle management. Don't lose any employees to alcohol poisoning or fuck up too hard, become upper management. Enjoy your money, and ability to randomly fly off to Europe to help found companies while being a complete antisocial recluse in your personal life at all other times.

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