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Why are there so many white people that move to Japan after making it through business/crypto? Are they trying to ruin the few countries left that dont have a fuckload of human migration?

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You can't ruin a country if you move there as a wealthy white couple.
Countries can only benefit from white people

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Ukraine is not benefiting from white people

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White and non-mainland chinese asian immigrants are fine.

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Yeah but Japan deserves to stay Japanese. White people can visit but they shouldn’t live there.

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That's because it's overrun with Jews

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meant east asian obviously

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It seem like an amusement park of a country if you're rich.

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this, also you cant ruin a country that has a birth rate of 1.3 births/female. its like kicking a dinosaur, it doesnt matter

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White people are what make countries great. Other races ruin countries.

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its dick ego

white man likes to walk around asia town and think to himself, I have the biggest hog here

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It's benefitting. Housing prices have fallen in Ukraine

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Churkas and slavs are not white

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Probably so they can feel less shit about their abysmal white birth rates. Move to Japan and have two kids, and you're practically an African by comparison. Or maybe they just like living in a very clean museum full of old peopoe and ghost towns full of life sized dolls.

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They are weebs that have fallen for the influence of Japanese soft power. I mean they almost cried after landing in bugland, shows how powerful anime is.

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This is type of shit white people do when they move to your country.


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Whites made Japan great? you must be smoking meth.

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The Japanese descend from Aryans. White people are japanese

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unironically yes, japan was stuck in 1600 until the west established trade in 1860

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They have free healthcare, some of the best public transportation, world-class food, strict gun laws, extremely low violence rates

4chan will cope tho

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Yes retard.
Japs are practically the whitest Asians. They aligned with Hitler in WWII for fucks sake.

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Almost every piece of media that comes out of Japan, made by whoever, paints the country in a favourable light.

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jews aren't white

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Upper class westerners are fleeing the USA and UK and some other countries.
They go everywhere but mostly to countries that werent ruined by faggotry.

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The Japanese are barely asian. Jomon are white.

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>few countries left that dont have a fuckload of human migration?
So you are saying that these places are desirable to live? Does that answer your question? retard

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Read up on the Meiji restoration

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i dont understand why people move to japan. You will never be seen as anything other than a second class foreigner. Lots of places even forbid foreigners in.

If I were japanese I would like it, but I am not so I stay the hell away from them even online.

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Yes you can, with liberalism and pushing for immigration policies.

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>Jomon are white.
even if that were true, which it isn't, contemporary Japanese are not Jomon

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Only Jews do that

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Japan has a strict migration policy, they wont let themself get replaced. Theres not a reason to worry

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Technically I don't like how that resulted in the destruction of the samurai. But they had to modernize and they just put samurai into video games

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Wrong. Both.

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The serbian empire will conquer europe in the next century

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white skin is white

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>4chan will cope
>doesn't realize that 4chan is an image board taken after futaba
fuck off idiot.

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is his gf a tranny?
or are sweedes just funny-looking

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they allied with Hitler because that's the only allies he could get, not because they are "white". most retarded weeb addled brain ever.

I know all about it.

Japan made Japan great, Whites did zero for them except seek out ways to exploit them.

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wife's Italian

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>wife's Italian
so... italian *woman* then?
Im geniuenly confused by this.

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and who is listening to the jews? whites.

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"It will be just like in my animes"

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>Why are there so many white people that move to Japan after making it through business/crypto?
You know EXACTLY why.

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Where do white people live then?

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Hell, where you belong.

White devil.

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lol ok meanwhile in reality they were stuck literal centuries behind while isolated

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>white people
You can't have both

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Actual clowns in this thread, most of you need to pick up a history book

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White people deserve to have homogeneous white societies also, Europe, Australia, North America and anywhere they conquered should be there’s. Subhumans don’t deserve anything btw, they shouldn’t get their own countries and should be grateful that we are merciful conquerers and should just live segregated from us in the jungles or forests as tribes like they have been for thousands of years

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if anything white people add life to their sterile culture. outside of okinawa and the hinterland people are unhappy. they generally dont mind white people, its the chinese, koreans and poos that worry them.

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>Countries can only benefit from white people

sure anon.

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>Countries can only benefit from wealthy and high iq people

ftfy. No one wants white homos or white trash

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See below you stupid fucking retard

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>Gibs me those countries fo free!
Stop asking for handouts.

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We can see your skin color, maybe in the next life you'll be born in the first world little buddy

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Lack of niggers. That's literally the only reason. The only place without draconian societies (China) that is still not overrun with niggers.

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I just cant love a woman knowing shes been cummed on by other men