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Do you really own the property if you the guberment sends armed agents to evict you if you miss a property tax payment that continue forever?

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No, you're literally just renting.

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Correct, you never actually own it. If you stop paying the extortion fee they take it from you.

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Only in the countries that don't have property or land tax.

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Stop with this property tax hate meme, imagine a world with no property tax. The rich can buy up everything and hold it forever at no cost to them.

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You own the right to live on that property and store your belongings there and build on that property so long as it's within the government's guidelines. The government owns the property though

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that’s what they already do now. bill gates uses his "farmland" to make money by having the government pay him not to farm.

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No Property Tax Options:
> Croatia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Fiji
good luck anon

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No you're a sovereign citizen. You also have the right to drive a car without licence, to not take showers and to harass random people while drunk by screaming at them.

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Wait what? Croatia does not have property tax?

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i think a lot of these countries i listed have a transfer tax but no property tax

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El Salvador doesn't have property tax, I think it's one of the rare jurisdictions where you can actually own property in allodium.

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You pay the tax for the land your property is on not the property itself dumb dumb

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An acceptable consequence of freedom.
The solution would be to find new lands if the rich price you out, not tax owners and mandate shekel slavery. Invest in space exploration and colonization instead of being a dickhead full of envy. Space is cheap.

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tenancy in usufruct. the guberment is a bankruptcy administrator which can take all the fruits of your labour, including your land because they've classified you as wards of the state because you entered into joinder with them.

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Holy fuck how POOR are you that you need to complain about a few thousand
>cuck cuck you're just RENTING from the guberment!!!!
Yeah we all are asshole, you can always stop paying your taxes just get ready to deal with the consequences
Or bettter yet, property taxes didn't always exist, they're not an eternal law of governments
Maybe if you didn't worry so much about muh mean tweets we could get the fuckers enforcing this bullshit out of office
Shitholes every one of them

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It's ownership guaranteed by the state you swear fealty to. If the state didn't exist you still wouldn't own it, some other larger power would kick you off.

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Kill rich people and take their shit, lmao.

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>only first world non-meme state to not have property tax is israel
what did they mean by this?

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no you don't

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You know the answer. You are not a free man if you can’t own your property and can’t use force to remove degeneracy.

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Monopolies and rich families always go bankrupt unless the government enforces their position

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>first world
Ever actually seen the filth that is Israel?

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With this mindset nobody actually owns anything

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I'll say land should be tax free up to 10 acres. Fuck you if own more than that.

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That's the entire ethos around Bitcoin

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and you WILL be happy

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>if you’re not blackmailed by one mafia you’d be blackmailed by another
or you enter a loose confederation with every other neighbor who owns their land as well and mutually defend it.

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Or we just banish landless commie filth like you kys

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>owning property is the same as being a degenerate

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This. Property taxes (especially those which fall only on land values) are the least objectionable form of taxation. You do not create the value of your property, unlike with income taxes. Property taxes do not hurt economic output. In my opinion other taxes should be lowered and taxes on property should be increases such that speculation on land values becomes unprofitable.

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Because you’re an envious priced out rentoid

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This. I really hate this mentality that there will always be somebody on top that abuses the people. I try and tell people about Jews for example and they always revert to saying that if we get rid of them they’ll just be other evil people that take their place. It’s like these people are conditioned slaves that can’t conceptualizer a world in which they are free

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Nah because I have read Adam Smith, JS Mill, Ricardo, and other classical economists. Land ownership is perpetuity is fucking retarded, as is taxing income or sales.

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or they just don’t live in a fantasy world, dumbass. yes, they shouldn’t use that as an excuse to sit idly and take it, but they’re not wrong. power is too much of a temptation for your “free dream” to survive for long.

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>You do not create the value of your property
so why do taxes go up if I improve my house or property?

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>Property taxes do not hurt economic output
They hurt all economic output since all output uses space.
The only hope of someone who doesn't agree with all your braindead premises is to isolate himself somewhat and become self sufficient. By taxing the land you've removed that option. The only option left is violence.
That's an extreme but in general you're discouraging self sufficiency and individual responsibility while encouraging international corrupt monopolies. Not just with this retarded idea but with everything, you're programmed by those corporations to serve them absolutely. Everything retards like you say always rests on the programming they fed you.

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Speculation adds liquidity, there's no real downside, it does not cause less access. The free market doesn't solve everything but in this case if the free market was allowed to be free there would be more housing. How much is invested is controlled by zoning etc instead of the market, so the supply is limited. The demand is also controlled by policies including immigration. On both sides authorities drive up prices, probably partly because authorities are generally manned by home owners.
On the other hand if housing was completely controlled by the market despite providing more cheap housing there would also be wilder swings, less concern for the environment, more slums etc.

How much did it cost me to build a $500-600k home? $500-600k. Where did most of the money go? Workers and materials. Where is this huge global speculative housing inflation that supposedly is outpacing wages?

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Based Georgist