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How do I become a digital pimp?

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look at not-creepy as possible would be step 1

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creepy is just the roastie way of saying ugly

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that asian CHAD is breeding with her daily
white women love us asians, feels good

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imagine being this much of a cuck

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The best you can probably do is digital rapist.

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Yea it’s ultra rare to see a Chang but he’s alpha as fuck

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i almost became a real pimp in california. all you have to do is rent out a room or two, find a few girls who want to work out of those rooms, and then post ads for them. they can pay you $100-200 a day to use the room, and that's it. you are officially a pimp.

but, I am already past my degen horny phase. went through so many girls in the last 5 years, it's all the same now. normal women make me way hornier now especially since I can date 5-7 years younger than my age

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I want to have sex with that man. I crave athletic Asian cock

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A lady shouldn't speak so vulgar.

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looks like a digital simp from where im standing

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how about running onlyfans accounts? I've met a few escorts who said they would be willing to let me manage for 30%, I just have no idea how to do it.

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This isn't alpha.

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You have to write all the messages to the guys who think they're talking to her. Have you ever peered into the mouth of hell.

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Anon, I…

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I've done it, it's nice, the problem is you need to separate the talent from the comments, outsource the comment replier and have a admin assistant route big payers to the talent to annouce and run stupid contests.

I charge 45%, but it's zero work for the talent, and best of all they show off to their friends and I get a funnel of new talent all the time.

Fucked a few, but meh, it gets old.

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Explain more. Why would anyone pay $200 a day for a room?

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>the asian males true form

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Okay, I will settle for digital rapist. How do I become one then?

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Get digital whores

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tip fucking kek

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If she took a shit, would that string cleave the poo in two?

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because the girls charge 300-500 an hour to clients. with a few clients per day, all 3 parties win. the girl, the client, and me, who is taking the risk of renting the room with my info.

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Uuh hate to break it to you but this is the closest he is getting to white women. He's clearly friendzoned to shit

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The first step is to go to a salvation army or other thrift store, and find five or six long sleeved cotton shirts and pants. Also pick up a pair of shoes that are pretty well worn on the bottom, because they'll be worn to someone else's walking style and will confuse your footprints. Maybe pick up a plain backpack or duffel bag too. Wear a hat and sunglasses while you do this, and pay in cash. Next, you're going to need to pick up some nitrile gloves, some rope or cotton clothes line, and some tape. Then, you need to select your hideout. Find somewhere with joggers and lots of trees and bushes, and camp out inside one. You can probably figure out the rest from here. Basically, you just use your digits instead of your penis.

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Are you renting these rooms to escorts? How do you even advertise that?

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well you obviously have to see a lot of escorts first and gain trust with a few of them. you wouldnt want to rent to a random escort either since a lot are into drugs or have weird boyfriends.

sorry bud, it aint for you. it took 5 years of mongering to reach the point where I could be a pimp.

another option is girls who give Nuru massages, they are typically much cleaner and normal.

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I grew up be told this shit, We may be actually headed for a population collapse.


Millenials are not going to have any kids to take care of them. Maybe robot waifus and husbandos.

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that's a digital lackey anon

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Can't get enough of that HWD (huge whang dong).

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I'm thinking about downloading tiktok and making vids just so I can prove to my gf that I can get more followers than her. How can I profit from this?

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Daddy has to leave you a bunch of money

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huge wang dong!

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I really don't mind, hapa parents are smart as shit and take care of their children.

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What do the real pimps do when they find out you're stealing the girls?

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It's fine if you're a lady, pretty gay if you're a guy. Now get out there and fuck. We only have so much time on this Earth

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>that asian CHAD is breeding with her daily
If he's not making any money off her by doing this then he is a cuck and that's a stone cold fact. This move is either pimp or cuck, there is zero inbetween.

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I befriend escorts and do this for them. Fwb with sex workers is ok, they don't have "people" to discuss a lot of work shit with as other girls = competition and who would bitch to their pimp?

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How do you meet them?

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You can show off those mad digits

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He deserves to get cucked by other races for filming portrait mode.

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Not if they produced the Hunger Games.

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I think he's actually a human tripod. But eh it's all about labeling.

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I read that without an r

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he's ignoring that marilyn monroe poster at his peril

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Story time
>5 years ago
>be webdev with design background, online marketing and photog hobby
>bored of job, decide to start canvassing private whores (at this point I did not use them) for web site
>quickly discover that the reason none of the privates have web presence is because a huge % of them are fake, however to discover this I started paying for their services. There are some legit ones however
>shelved idea at this point
>fast forward about six months
>girls ask what you do - website stuff - can you make me a website anon
So this started. I provided a basic service of website, "logo" (I got them to write their name then vectorised/logo-ised it)2, copywriting (because the majority of mine were asian) and photos. I did almost nothing to get this going, simply booked them a few times, didn't act like a sperg (you can be quiet, this is ok), don't be an obese slob and you are above 95% of their clients.Most of these turned into friends type thing because had to spend a bit of time around them outside of bedroom to hammer out what they wanted/convince them to take simpler thing etc.

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No we don't.. We just have too many dead beat (sand/rice/taco/prairie)niggers leeching off our societies.

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Initially it was basically sex for maintaining websites, however I never negotiated this.. it just happened. I took it further. Here is the basic playbook for whores or massage girls.
>visit few times, don't be aforementioned sperg. I am white, if you are ugly and can't do basic conversation this won't work
>bring up work - maybe they ask about sites
>if doesn't come up I bring up photography as this is easier and less "long term" work
>do photoshoot, spend some time "outside" work
The thing to understand about whores
>cannot talk to other girls about work as competition
>cannot talk to pimp about small problems really
>cannot talk to boyfriend about work because boyfriend
So this leaves a void. After few paid visits and doing some work, if chemistry seems ok
>hey do you get horny sometimes
>yes (they all do even though they take dick all day, but its only a few days a month)
>ok well text me when you are horny next and ill make a booking
and things progress from there. With massage girls who don't offer full service as a normal option this is even better. So they call you when they are horny and you make a booking and go see them. Things are wetter than normal and better - they don't bother asking about paying because you provide a service (what the competition/pimp/bf can't) as an ear to listen to their "problems" of the industry - its mostly boring guys booking and not turning up or asking for services they state they don't provide on their website. With 5-8 girls I will get calls at least once a week and pay them occasionally. I still take photos for them because it is easy but try not to make websites unless they are super entrepreneurial.

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If you want to collect emails to use for something having an ad that links to an escort "site" which contains "private" content would be an easy way to go about doing this. One girl who has been running a site for about three years has five thousand (yes) subscriptions, obviously a lot of fake emails but scrolling through it a lot of real looking ones too. Thats about it really

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is this supposed to make me envious? he's bragging about being a modern day serf

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ok how many stds did u catch? not dissing, just legit curious
>t. aspiring whoremonger

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He literally look like saitama, but DO YOU?

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this sounds like a lot of work just to get some freebies out of a hooker i dont really get it

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no kidding I've been browsing escort ads recently and even contacted a few for curiosity and it seems like there are a lot of web dev opportunities in this particular segment. everything could be much better for both parties with a few tweaks. i even though about creating a new web app because even the local ads and sites are total crap.

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Krillen that you bro?

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except for the ones whose sons end up becoming school shooters

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kek saved

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Very interesting and I thank you for your response. Where did you find the outsourced commenters and people to send messages? What kind of contests did you run? Ya I've been fucking this escort for a while and we're just kind of clicking, so might as well go into business

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>bf of instagram/twitch/onlyfans whore
>ALWAYS is asian

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Don't go for his business, that trumpshit doesn't care at all with your motives. He will just fuck any sluts that will coome along his way and put his funds for his leisure

>what a dumb pleb

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That's an asian with dyed blonde hair. You can clearly see the asian facial structure from the side at 2 seconds in.

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Ahhh it was a good larp until about halfway, oh well nice try

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I don't get it

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I pay anyway. It is minimal work. Whore "problems" are much more straight forward than regular women, at least in my experience. I don't care for Tinder games and normal women as whores. All women are whores remember.
Why. You realise their work issues are the push aspect of push/pull.. they do half the work for me

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best reply of the thread.

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Also did the room rental thing to ethots and escorts for over a year. Made good money and then it got too spicy.

One of the girls started bringing her Latino boyfriend over. Dude was a 300 lb musclefat Mexican who looked like a Breaking Bad character. He started hassling me about storage space in my house for what had to be a cartel.

He walked in one day and threw thousand bucks rolled up right in my face while I was eating cereal in my living room. I walked the fuck out, shutdown everything, and left town for two months.

I always used to hear the girl and the Mexican laughing at Snapchats they had of some run down farm swarming with pitbulls. I still wake up afraid they will break in and clock my ass out cold. Then I'll wake up in some strange place being eaten by dogs.

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checked. also i'm glad you got out when you did, anon.

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>lives in a sterile apartment decorated by a woman that spends 100% of her time on social media

yeah nah

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>easy to cuck
>CCP money
>low aggressiveness/assertiveness allows her to do whatever she wants (see step 1)

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he's walking ducked behind a woman like a servant

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Fucking parasites. They should get a beating with remaining scars.

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Meh, Chang merely reaps the benefits of white culture.