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the internet doesnt help much
just get some standard garbage

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Thats a man

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I would do her anyways

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prove it

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if its for a decent paying job, its worth just paying someone to do it for you. might cost you a couple hundred dollars. unionically go ask on reddit.

what industry germ?

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it's called a resume
and it works exactly the same in all first world countries
just translate yours in English??

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just write it like you would in german and then translate ?
If you dont know how, here are some templates desu https://templates.office.com/en-us/CV-resume-TM00002021

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manly face
no hips
hiding his penis
obvious wig

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He pulled the old tuck n hide

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>few hundreds
lol wtf
i am jobless since a year i dont have 300 euros left
internet says its not the same as german cv
e.g. "Sep 2013 – Sep 2014 industrial engineering"
do i write it with capital letters or not?

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