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>saves you a ton of money
nothing personal

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lentil my balls bitch ass nigga

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>saves the planet while being yummy
heh nothing personal chud

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I'm not a bird

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Learn to cook it properly, whiteoid

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vegetal protein >>> animal protein

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>gives you gas such that you will never have peace again
fuck lentils, basmati rice is better

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lol vegan shill thread
enjoy your ultra low quality protein and antinutrients eating my food's food

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wyte people feeding they kids this... no wonder they cant play sports fr..

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lentils are great

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If you rinse the beans then you won't have gas retard. all it takes is a google search. thank me and buy matic

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Im praying egg's prices to not go up too much. They are literally the surviving food

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I doubt it, they're so easy to mass produce or to make locally.

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Eggs are the most nutritious single food known to man, anyone who doesn't have at least 6 laying hens IS NOT going to make it.

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I pay for no food. My fiance buys really high quality food and cooks every night. I have a mortgage instead. Less interest, I am roughly breaking even and paying down my mortgage at the same time

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based. I eat eggs everyday and I'm on a cut.
When I go back to maintenance I'll probably eat 6-10 a day.

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unfathomably based. I eat lentils daily. Also sardines.

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yo can create complete proteins by mixing things together

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>just eat 3500 kcal of food daily to get your protein goal bro
just eat proper human food

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if you need to survive on dried food: different grains + nuts = all macro you need. best survival food. you just need a source of water to boil

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beef has less prot digestability than s.oy, kek

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>Look at what they have to do to mimic a fraction of our power.
Meat eaters just can't stop winning

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than onions isolate*
this is why I posted eggs. but beef is delicious and contains many micros. and most importantly, it doesn't have the estrogens and antinutrients that soi has
just eat eggs. it's easy to have a source if you have a garden.

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>clog your toilet
>backup your system for weeks
>have to call a plumber to clean out your shit by hand
>costs $4,389 dollars
>Plus tip
Thanks Lintels

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enjoy antinutrients and becoming a woman

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Have you tried boiling the lentils before you eat them?

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I cannot even fucking believe this is a real thing

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>muh söy
>becoming a woman
that's actually a myth

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it's about humiliating the goyim

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I'm supposed to boil them?

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prawns are practically glorified cockroaches of the sea, pussy

I'm not even joking; lol; look it up

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Which veggie gives you better protein than chicken breast

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>just eat rats bro they're mammals like beef

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its weird how so many terrible opinions center around misunderstandings of biology these days.

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>free article
>4/5 authors w*men
>first author br*tish w*man
nice try glowie nigger faggot

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based fact checker

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You will live in a pod, you will own nothing, you will eat bugs and you WILL be happy

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>implying anything will happen to you

"men" like you gave to the trans

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Guess who won't be eating ze bugs because of their religion?

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>that guy was a pedo

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