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>half of biz is smarted then this dude
why does it seem like the rich people are always the most retarded? ive made several better calls then this gabillionaire retard, hell i bought bitcorn at 4k meanwhile this dude bought at 30k *laughing emoji* how dumb are these people?

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Yeah he's pretty dumb

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You dont realize he knew what he was doing? He was pumping and dumping on his own personal stack with company funds from investors.
He didn't lose shit lmao.

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His personal holdings is like 14k bitcoin at 9.8k average

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I wish I was a real woman with a real womb, with real olvaries so I could get impregnated by this man.

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He's a conman who thrives during speculative bubbles because he is willing to go above and beyond to shill with no regard for future embarrassment. And every time there are people who fall for it and give him money

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>People give him money.
>Owning shares of company gay
>Owning the company not gay
>1 BTC is gay
>Many BTC not gay
>Also people give him money like a casino.

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The supposed IT company could easily be bankrupt if it had invested in IT growth.
Instead they're shoveling money with a higher profile than a billion dollar ad budget would buy them.

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Just look at the stock price since it was offered publicly. The fact he's used bitcoin and leverage to push the stock price higher doesn't matter unless you're looking to trade on it. But then if you were going to trade it, why not just trade bitcoin, as that's likely to hold its value better if you didn't get out in time and probably offer you better volatility as well.

There are plenty of public companies that do these manipulations and shady stuff. I remember 'Riot', a microcap that was already scammy, decided to put blockchain in its name and announce they're going to do things like Bitcoin mining. You announce that at the right time, of course their stock price is going to go up. Then it doesn't matter if they never even mine a single bitcoin (in NYC of all places!) you can just sell off some of your stock at a profit and it doesn't matter what happens to the meme company.

And of course, we see the same thing with MicroStrategy:

Now Saylor also doesn't have to actually sell. He could for example just borrow against his personal stock holdings, with that as say 50% collateral. You do so when the price is nice and inflated, you now have a shitload of money. Invest it into actual assets, like real estate, whatever you want. The stock price collapses, the lender takes your collateral stock... who cares? Especially if it was crashing hard, they're doing the selling of it for you. You could probably argue some bullshit like you still 'believed' in Bitcoin and the company all the way to bankruptcy. And I reckon this is also why he's so over the top optimistic, it's not just a confidence trick, he has to stay consistent in claiming that he really believed in his company and Bitcoin really was going as high as it was, etc.

tl;dr scammy people have been playing games with publicly traded stocks and fools and their money are soon parted.

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midwit detected

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they get lucky but attribute it to skill.

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that's.... retarded anon.
He has far more to lose in micro-strategy, which is tanking.

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