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How do we stop the decentralized computing curse from completely annihilating projects? Icp, pond, sne, etc have all been disappointments to me so far. What went so horribly wrong?

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It's like smart contracts, still early days when people don't really understand it or why it should be used.

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there was a time when fax machines where some arcane concept just give time to it.

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you don't

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how long ago? 40 years? kek

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yeah 40 years ago, or w/e who cares, new technologies just need time to settle down and be around for a while so people can actually try them and trust them

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they are from the 60's ._.

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thats 70 years ago, but in the early 90's they where still something i guess anon whas right after all about new tech

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i didnt understand any of he words op said therefore i invalid him

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yeah fuck you too good morning

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they are still something in Japan NOWADAYS

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even though there are better ways to do the same and more efficiently?

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and they were never a useful thing just the new thing so

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We stop it by letting it annihilate even more projects, that way its hunger for destruction will be quelled, we should let it start with some top 100 projects

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that would be satisfying to watch

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Bruh maybe you are a child from the millennium but fax where pretty usefull when you had to send docs and you didnt have a printer or a working computer

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maybe its cheaper which is also something to take into consideration

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Because you trusted on layer 0
It's literally the most secure way to lose all your money, even memecoins are better than that (and I'm talking with actual facts)

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id like to see some of this zoomers telling typewriters where never useful lmao

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every tech has its time

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IHHHH how old are you anon

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