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Is there anyway to lie about being vaccinated and have an excuse for no proof? Like what if I say I was vaccinated in a foreign country and loss the vax certificate or whatever. Would that work for a company that wants me to be vaccinated before being hired?

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Just do the mason handshake bro

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Apparently I once did it by mistake at a social gathering with my former boss, he stopped and pointed his finger at me and asked...."you?"...and I said "what?" and asked me if I'm in the lodge, I said no and he and another guy laughed and said "don't play around with that." and I said, I don't even know what you're talking about.

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kek you live somewhere that they are still doijg this shit, op? That sucks.
Nobody in my state even cared during the height of all the nonsense.

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sounds like a scene right out of metal gear solid I love it

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